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TEMPEST Members and Group Profile


TEMPEST members are Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, LEW, Hwarang, Eunchan, and Taerae. The 7-member K-pop boy group from South Korea debuted on March 2, 2022, with the mini album “It’s Me, It’s We” under Yuehua Entertainment.


DebutMarch 2, 2022
Active Years2022–present
TEMPEST MembersHanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, LEW, Hwarang, Eunchan, Taerae
LabelYuehua Entertainment
Oldest MemberHanbin
Youngest MemberTaerae
Fandom NameiE (Pronounced as ‘eye’)
TypeKpop Boy Group



– TEMPEST is Yuehua Entertainment’s first group that doesn’t have Chinese members.
– The group was initially set to debut on February 21, 2022, but it was postponed to March 2 due to all members testing positive for COVID-19 a week before the debut.
– They are multinational group with 6 Korean members and 1 Vietnamese member (Hanbin).
– On June 8, 2021, the names “TEMPEST,” “TPST,” and “템페스트” were trademarked by Yue Hua Entertainment.
– The group’s name, TEMPEST signifies a strong storm, representing their aim to dominate the music industry with powerful performances.
– All TEMPEST members debuted as adults, with an average age of 21 at their debut.
– Each member has an official keyword connected to the group name.
– The group members’ birthdays are mostly in the first half of the year, except Hyeongseop (August).
– TEMPEST members joined the company in the following order: LEW – Hyeongseop – Hyuk – Taerae – Eunchan – Hwarang – Hanbin.
– All members of the group have siblings; none are only children.
– The group originally planned to debut in 2018 but postponed to 2022.
– The group members follow the official formation: Eunchan – Hwarang – Hyuk – LEW – Hanbin – Hyeongseob – Taerae.
– TEMPEST members have the following dorm arrangements: Hyuk and LEW are roommates, Hanbin and Hwarang are roommates, and Hyeongseop, Eunchan, and Taerae share one room.
– The group’s member, Hanbin, is the first Vietnamese male K-Pop idol that debuted in the South Korean entertainment industry.
– TEMPEST members share the vocal room of three practice rooms, the first is used by Hyuk and LEW, the second is used by Hyeongseop and Taerae, and the third is used by Hanbin, Eunchan, and Hwarang.

Appearances & Participations

– They appeared on many programs including “After School Club”, “Weekly Idol”, “Idol League” and “Idol Ability Market”.
– The group has appeared as a guest on various radio programs including “IDOL RADIO”, “BTOB’s Kiss The Radio”, “Late Night Idol” and “GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend”.
– The group has members who participated in survival shows like Produce 101 Season 2, Under Nineteen, and I-LAND.


– In 2022, they were featured in many notable magazines including “DELING”, “MAPS”, “SINGLES”, and “THE STAR”.
– They appeared in the “BEAUTY+” magazine in July 2023.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include “Bad News”, “Dangerous”, “Bad At Love” and “Can’t Stop Shining”.


– The group have won many awards including “New Wave Award – Singer”, “Male Idol Rookie of the Year”, “Best Rookie Male Idol”, and “IdolPlus New Star Award”.
– In 2023, They won two “Global Rising Artist Awards” at the Hanteo Music Awards because of their popularity in both China and Japan.

Instagram: tpst__official
Youtube: TEMPEST
Twitter: tpst__official | TPST_twt | TPST__JP
TikTok: tpstofficial_
Weibo: tempestofficial

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TEMPEST Members Profile

1. LEW

Stage NameLEW (루)
Birth NameLee Eui-woong (이의웅)
PositionLeader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Composer
BirthdayApril 5, 2001
Active Years2017–present
Age22 (in Apr 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height171 cm (5’7″)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood TypeAB

LEW Facts:

– LEW was naturally considered the leader during the group formation.
– He has a bicycling license.
– He won a gold medal in e-sports at the 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships.
– Jo Jung-suk and Kang Ha-neul are his acting role models.
– He once aspired to be a news anchor.
– His bag contains chargers, a portable massager, mouthwash, a toothbrush, wallet, and team cell phones.
– Iced Americano and Grapefruit Honey Black Tea are his Starbucks favorites.
– He’s neutral about mint chocolate.
– The Schwieburger is his preferred McDonald’s burger.
– LEW’s keyword is “PRESENT” in TEMPEST.
– Impatiens is his favorite flower.
– He participated in “Produce 101 Season 2” with Hyeongseop.
– He excels in playing the violin and rapping.
– He speaks English.
– Despite a busy schedule, he manages weight training 4-5 times a week.
– His representative emoji is 🐻.
– He got 11 casting offers from various entertainment companies after he appeared on the show “Hello Counselor”.
– He is learning piano.
– LEW is unexpectedly one of the funniest TEMPEST members.
– “Addiction” by EXO was his first practiced song as a trainee.
– His MBTI type is ENFJ.
– He joined Yuehua Entertainment after appearing on ‘Hello Counselor’.
– His favorite movie is the Iron Man series.
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2. Hanbin

Stage NameHanbin (한빈)
Birth NameNgô Ngọc Hưng
PositionLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
BirthdayJanuary 19, 1998
Active Years2020–present
Age25 (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height176 cm (5’9″)
Blood TypeA

Hanbin Facts:

– Hanbin graduated from Vietnam Yenbai Tran Nhat Duot High School.
– He studied at Vietnam Hanoi Commercial University, majoring in International Marketing.
– His favorite Korean phrase is ‘Let’s live optimistically.’
– His MBTI is ESFJ.
– He often uses the (^❤️^) emoticon.
– He said his most precious and unforgettable memory is when he was traveling alone to come to Korea.
– He enjoys fruits like green mango and custard apple during overseas schedules.
– He likes eating pineapple pizza and mint chocolate.
– His greeting is “I am Hanbin, the cute and reliable eldest of TEMPEST!”
– Photography and videography are his hobbies.
– His keyword is CHALLENGE.
– He appeared in the Forbes Magazine in 2023.
– He loves the movie “Avatar”.
– McChicken Mozzarella is his favorite at McDonald’s.
– He often sings in the shower.
– Spring is his favorite season.
– ‘Luck’ and ‘connection’ are his favorite Korean words.
– His nickname is “Bintamin” due to his joyful personality.
– Among TEMPEST members, Hanbin is considered the dorm chef.
– He holds a motorcycle license.
– His favorite Korean dishes include steamed chicken and galbijjim.
– Sky blue is his favorite color.
– He’d choose Aladdin as a movie character.
– Hanbin is known as the mood maker in the group.
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Twitter: HANBIN_twt_ (inactive)

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3. Hyeongseop

Hyeongseop TEMPEST
Stage NameHyeongseop (형섭)
Birth NameAhn Hyeong-seop (안형섭)
PositionVocalist, Dancer
BirthdayAugust 9, 1999
Active Years2017–present
Age24 (in Aug 2023)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height174 cm (5’9″)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Hyeongseop Facts:

– Hyeongseop graduated from Daedeok High School.
– As a child, he wanted to use both hands but wasn’t able to.
– He started washing dishes in 3rd grade.
– He once dreamt of being a scientist who mixed and heated liquids.
– If he had to choose between eating and sleeping, he’d pick sleep.
– He likes the McChicken Mozzarella menu at McDonald’s.
– His bag includes a diary, wallet, lyrics book, AirPods, iPad, strepsil, honey for neck care, and JLPT textbooks in his bags.
– In elementary school, he was a class vice president and later a class president.
– Hyeongseop likes the songs ‘Maroon 5- Beautiful Mistake’ and ‘Justin Bieber- As I am’.
– The movie ‘Hide and Seek’ scares him the most.
– Between cooking and food delivery, he prefers delivery.
– Amusement park rides make him nervous, so he avoids them.
– His MBTI is INFJ.
– Hyeongseop’s keyword is “PASSION” in TEMPEST.
– He avoids eating spicy pork.
– He liked taking selfies a lot during school.
– Green Tea Latte at Starbucks is a favorite.
– He’s careful with his spending.
– On ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, Hyeongseop was ranked sixth for appearance by fellow trainees.
– He’s been featured in magazines like “Céci Korea” and “W Korea”.
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4. Hyuk

Stage NameHyuk (혁)
Birth NameKoo Bon-hyuk (구본혁)
PositionMain Vocalist
BirthdayApril 17, 2000
Active Years2022–present
Age23 (in Apr 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height175 cm (5’9″)
Blood TypeA-

Hyuk Facts:

– Hyuk finished school at Neulpureun High School.
– His motto is “this too shall pass.”
– He is a former trainee at DSP Media and SM Entertainment.
– He likes eating Kaya toast or lotus waffles as snacks.
– He considers roses as his favorite flowers.
– For dogs, he likes Pomeranians and Maltese breeds.
– During his DSP trainee days, he became friends with Hwarang, who was also a trainee there.
– His official emoji is a puppy (🐶).
– Among the TEMPEST members, Hyuk is the most scared of bugs in their dorm.
– He has a hobby of fishing and he used to go fishing with his parents during his school years.
– Hyuk’s keyword is “POSSIBILITY” in TEMPEST.
– He prefers movies to dramas and enjoys watching soccer highlights.
– HONNE is his favorite musician, and he often covers their songs.
– He loves the McChicken Mozzarella menu item at McDonald’s.
– He’s skilled at jumping rope, even winning a competition in his school days.
– He really likes sashimi but dislikes eggplants.
– He often orders half and half of Taiyaki puff and red bean taiyaki.
– In the group, Hyuk is seen as the “mom” while LEW is considered the “dad.”
– He got the nickname “Ramen Boy” due to his love for ramen.
– His MBTI is ISFP.
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5. Eunchan

Stage NameEunchan (은찬)
Birth NameChoi Byeong-seop (최병섭)
BirthdayFebruary 27, 2001
Active Years2022–present
Age22 (in Feb 2023)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height187 cm (6’1″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Eunchan Facts:

– Eunchan finished school at Hanlim Multi Arts School.
– He was really good at running races in middle school.
– Among TEMPEST members, Eunchan is good at physical exercises.
– Winking is challenging for him.
– People call him “Milk Bread” because his cheeks are smooth.
– He often licks his lips.
– He really likes the Schwieburger burger at McDonald’s.
– His favorite movie is “Hello Ghost.”
– Eunchan is the tallest among all TEMPEST members.
– Soccer and swimming are his favorite sports.
– He likes autumn because he can wear stylish clothes.
– He learned to ride a bicycle backward in high school as a fun challenge.
– He likes looking out the car window instead of sleeping during travels.
– He once tried to jump rope 1500 times without stopping when he was in middle school.
– Sunflowers are his favorite flowers.
– He always carries snacks in his bag.
– He likes the colors black and white the most.
– He’s into fashion and his friends call him the “Fashion King.”
– Eunchan’s keyword is “CLASSIC” in the group.
– He enjoys listening to music, especially the Reply TV show songs, before sleeping.
– His MBTI is ESTJ.
– He considers vanilla lattes as his favorite coffee.
– He prefers Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
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6. Hwarang

Stage NameHwarang (화랑)
Birth NameSong Jae-won (송재원)
PositionMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Composer
BirthdayApril 23, 2001
Active Years2018–present
Age22 (in Apr 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height182 cm (5’11″)
Weight61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Hwarang Facts:

– Hwarang is very affectionate with the other members.
– He likes collecting shoe boxes as a hobby.
– He enjoys listening to the track ‘Raise Me Up.’
– He likes to eat the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger at McDonald’s.
– In his bag, he carries perfume, an extra T-shirt, and AirPods.
– Hwarang is the second tallest member of TEMPEST.
– He wishes to have a last sports day with iEs before the world ends.
– Initially, he used formal language with LEW before realizing they were the same age.
– He prefers not to walk alone and enjoys relaxing resort-style trips.
– He touches his head when he’s thinking out of habit.
– Hwarang is close to Eunchan in the group.
– His MBTI Type is ENFP.
– He knew Hyuk for a long time and got into the agency through Hyuk’s suggestion.
– If given the choice, he said he wouldn’t enjoy being the last person on Earth because he prefers company.
– His keyword is FREEDOM.
– He enjoys playing basketball and baseball.
– His favorite flower is the forget-me-not.
– Among the TEMPEST members, Hwarang had the longest training period of eight years.
– The movie “Catch Me If You Can” is among his favorites.
– He appreciates the poetry of Poet Yun Dong-ju.
– His late-night snack choices include gopchang or pork belly and bibim-myeon.
– He’s known as “Prince Curry” due to his love for curry.
– A TMI he shared is that his hands and face are the same size.
– On Idol Radio, he was chosen as a favorite by Hyungseob.
– Both Hwarang and Hanbin are known as the mood makers in the group.
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7. Taerae

Stage NameTaerae (태래)
Birth NameKim Tae-rae (김태래)
PositionRapper, Maknae
BirthdayMay 9, 2002
Active Years2022–present
Age21 (in May 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height181 cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeO

Taerae Facts:

– Taerae and Hwarang are the only left-handed members in TEMPEST.
– He earned the nickname “Tsuntaerae” (Tsundere + Tae-rae) because he appears indifferent but still listens to older members.
– He can imitate drone sounds.
– Taerae’s keyword in TEMPEST is HAPPINESS.
– He enjoys collecting miniatures.
– His favorite video game is Animal Crossing.
– He likes the fall season the most.
– He considers his hometown to be 50% Seoul and 50% Chungcheongnam-do.
– He avoids eating spicy food.
– His training period was short compared to the other TEMPEST members.
– He likes the Schwieburger at McDonald’s, even though he’s not a big fan of hamburgers.
– During school, he wanted to become an actor and loved theater.
– He carries minimal items in his bag and always has AirPods and snacks.
– He has a younger brother.
– Taerae is the third tallest member in TEMPEST after Eunchan.
– He enjoys Hawaiian pizza.
– He dislikes Gojuchang (Red Chilli Paste).
– He often shares stories of the group with fans.
– Taerae likes eating shaved ice and loves it in mango and melon flavors.
– He is known for being the fastest and heaviest sleeper in the group.
– His MBTI Type changed from ESFP-A to ISTJ.
– He often speaks in illeism.
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1. How old are the TEMPEST members? (oldest to youngest)

TEMPEST members’ ages and birthdays are as follows:

– Hanbin was born on January 19, 1998, and is 26 years old.
– Hyeongseop was born on August 9, 1999, and is 24 years old.
– Hyuk was born on April 17, 2000, and is 24 years old.
– Eunchan was born on February 27, 2001, and is 23 years old.
– LEW was born on April 5, 2001, and is 23 years old.
– Hwarang was born on April 23, 2001, and is 23 years old.
– Taerae was born on May 9, 2002, and is 22 years old.

TEMPEST members were of the following ages when they debuted in 2022: Hanbin was 24, Hyeongseop was 22, Hyuk was 21, Eunchan was 21, LEW was 20, and Hwarang was 20 and Taerae was 19 years old.

2. How tall are the TEMPEST members? (tallest to shortest)

TEMPEST members’ heights are the following from tallest to shortest:

– Eunchan’s height is 187 cm (6’1″).
– Hwarang’s height is 182 cm (5’11″).
– Taerae’s height is 181 cm (5’11”).
– Hanbin’s height is 176 cm (5’9″).
– Hyuk’s height is 175 cm (5’9″).
– Hyeongseop’s height is 174 cm (5’9″).
– LEW’s height is 171 cm (5’7″).

Eunchan is the tallest member in TEMPEST and LEW is the shortest in the group.

3. Who is the youngest member or maknae of TEMPEST?

Taerae is the youngest member or maknae in TEMPEST and he was born on May 9, 2002.

4. Who is the oldest member of TEMPEST?

Hanbin is the oldest member of TEMPEST and he was born on January 19, 1998.

5. Who is the leader of TEMPEST?

LEW is the leader of TEMPEST and he was naturally considered as the leader during the group’s formation.

6. Where are the TEMPEST members from? (ethnicity & nationality)

TEMPEST members’ nationality & ethnicity is as follows:

– LEW is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Hanbin is Vietnamese by ethnicity and nationality.
– Hyeongseop is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Hyuk is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Eunchan is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Hwarang is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Taerae is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.

All TEMPEST members are from South Korea except for Hanbin who is Vietnamese.

7. What are the official positions of TEMPEST members?

Following are the official TEMPEST members’ positions:

– LEW is the Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, and Composer.
– Hanbin is the Lead Vocalist and Lead Dancer.
– Hyeongseop is the Vocalist and Dancer.
– Hyuk is the Main Vocalist.
– Eunchan is the Vocalist.
– Hwarang is the Main Rapper, Main Dancer, and Composer.
– Taerae is the Rapper and Maknae.

NOTE: If you know more facts about TEMPEST members, feel free to submit them in the comments section! All submissions will be greatly appreciated!

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