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WinWin (NCT/WayV) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Winwin NCT

Winwin (윈윈) is a Chinese singer and a member of the boy group NCT under SM Entertainment. He is a member of NCT subunits, NCT 127, NCT U and WayV.

WinWin (NCT/WayV) Profile

Stage NameWinwin (윈윈)
Birth NameDong Si Cheng (董思成)
BirthdayOctober 28, 1997
Active Years2016–present
Age26 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height179 cm (5’10.5″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeB

WinWin (NCT/WayV) Facts:

Early Life

– Winwin is from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China.
– His Middle and high school is affiliated with Beijing Martial Arts Academy, and he graduated early.
– He went to Central Drama Academy, majoring in comedy performance.

Personal Life

– Winwin has an older sibling born in 1985.
– His shoe size is 270mm.
– His Korean name is Dong Sa Sung (동사성).
– His MBTI type is INFJ-A.
– He believes that “faith” is extremely vital.
– When he performed a Chinese traditional dance at his school, he got scouted.
– His role models are EXO.
– He would like to swap bodies with Johnny in order to see things from a higher perspective.
– He is a current roommate with Lucas.
– He is NCT 127’s most flexible member.
– WinWin arrived in Korea at the same time as Ten but he couldn’t speak English so he communicated with him using body language. (WayV Puppy Interview)
– The song that inspired him to pursue a career as an artist was EXO’s “Growl”.
– Winwin’s ideal type is someone with long black hair.
– He is a guitarist.
– He owns two dogs, one named Figure and the other Penny.
– He has a habit of picking at his nails to relax.
– He is an expert in traditional Chinese dancing.
– He is constantly on the phone.
– His weird habit is sleeping with his eyes open.
– He is terrified of strangers.
– His hobbies include playing the piano, watching films and swimming.
– He fluently speaks Chinese and Korean.
– Ten chose him as the most sculpture-like member of WayV. (hello82)
– Due to his distrust of strangers, he first mistrusted the SM agents and mistook them for fraudsters. SM scouted him for two years since he kept providing them with the incorrect number whenever they asked for it.
– WinWin has invisible braces which are the braces that are concealed or at the back of your teeth.
– He might be hesitant in front of the camera, but he is famous for often chatting to himself and appreciating dry humour, which makes him fairly chatty.
– His designs use his training in modern dance, emphasising a lovely and delicate dance technique.
– He has expressed an interest in traditional Korean dancing, even incorporating it into his performances.
– He regarded his choice to make his debut in Korea as 40% fate and 60% determination, using the sacrifices he made to join the company.
– He feels most like a Korean when he orders iced Americano on the coldest days of winter. (TheKstarNextDoor)
– Following his debut with WayV, he gained widespread recognition for his unique choreographic talents in “Lovely,” a part of the Rainbow V project.
– His delicate and soft voice has been described as “mong-mong” (fluffy).
– ‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘Only Human’ from WayV’s albums are two examples of his beautiful voice.
– Due to his weak competence in Korean at the time, he made appearances in NCT LIFE in SEOUL through simultaneous interpretation.
– He said that he is similar to his character, YanYue, because they’re both I-type personalities but YanYue is a lot more meaner. (Drama Tick)
– Beginning with WayV activities in 2019, he rose to popularity, exhibiting his voice and rapping abilities.
– Despite his academic performance at the time, he opted to formally join SM Entertainment in 2015 following a favorable memory of his one-month visit.
– Winwin visited Korea briefly to examine the trainee experience before returning to China during his summer vacations.
– He would prefer to play a demon killing people without blinking over a good-looking playboy. (ELLEMEN New Youth)
– He is often classified as SM ‘s traditional ‘deer-like’ handsome man due to his handsome appearance.
– He is very lively and cute, but also mature and serious.
– He is a self-proclaimed four-dimensional person.
– He can’t tolerate embarrassment very well.


– Winwin serves as a Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, and Visual of NCT.
– He is in the subunits NCT 127, NCT U, and WayV.
– He is placed 99th on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces”.
– On January 5, 2016, Winwin was presented as a member of SMROOKIES.
– He participated in the following teasers for NCT before his debut, The Origin, 7th Sense, and NCT U’s WITHOUT YOU mv.
– On April 9, 2016, he performed with members of NCT U at the ’16th Top Chinese Music Awards.’
– His debuts were on July 7, 2016, in NCT 127, February 22, 2018, in NCT U, and January 17, 2019, in WayV.
– He acted in dramas as a main character in 25 Hours of Love and Yeowol.
– His Shoulder width is 55cm.


– He has appeared on TV Shows like Heavenly Improvement, A College Student Has Arrived, Hedon Daebonyeong, Korean Foreigner, Distribution Faction season 9, Star Chaser 2, and Zhejiang Satellite TV annual reunion.
– He was an MC for “It’s a very familiar taste”.
– He made his appearances on radio shows including On Kangta’s Starry Night, NCT’s Night Night!, Akdong Seoul, Listening#Louis200, and Under the Star Sky.

Magazines & Advertisements

– Winwin has been on many magazine covers including Vogue KOREA, Céci China, CHICTEEN, ARENA Home Plus, Ginger’s Story, Madame Figaro Mode, NYLON, ELLEMEN New Blue Year, LEON, Fine Color OK, Wonderland, and ESQUIRE fine.
– He has advertised for Shenyang Heavy Ice Viscous Food Co., Ltd., Wow Ventures, Ciga Long, Estee Lauder, P&G, loreal, Swatch Group, and Valentino.


– He was a public interest ambassador for Rayli.
– He has been Charlotte Tilbury’s ambassador.
– He is also an ambassador for Longines and Sina Weibo.

Likes & Dislikes

– Black and white are his favourite colours.
– Shu Qi is his favourite actress.
– He adores Babies and pets.
– “Pursuit of Happiness” is his favourite film
– Kim Soo Hyun is his favourite actor.
– His favourite emoji is 👍. (ELLEMEN New Youth)
– New Zealand, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and amusement parks are among his favourite spots.
– He adores NCTzens.
– He likes vacations.
– EXO and Jay Chou are two of his favourite idols.
– He adores going shopping.
– He enjoys the snow.
– He enjoys sleeping so much.
– He hates planes, heights and skinship.
– His favourite colours are blue and yellow.
– His favourite season is winter.
– He likes to often watch movies of a calm and warm genre.
– His favourite film director is Hirokazu Kore-eda.

Food Preferences

– He enjoys soda water.
– He loves Caramel Macchiato.
– He occasionally drinks orange juice.
– He likes mushrooms.
– He loves Samgyeopsal.


– Winwin has many nicknames including Bleak, Byungari, SM Innocence, Szelcheong, Don Shicheong, Xiaohua, Huahua, nice guy, handsome guy, Dongwinwin, Win Win Kkeok, Winnie, Dongyeoju, Miyungye, Winchaco, Agigyul, and Dongjin.

Celebrity Friends

– He is friend with The8 from SEVENTEEN.
– He is very close with NCT DREAM‘s Renjun.

Instagram: wwiinn_7
Weibo: |

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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