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Renjun (NCT) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Renjun NCT

Renjun (런쥔) is a Chinese singer, DJ, actor, lyricist, and a member of the boy group NCT under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the NCT subunits, NCT Dream and NCT U.

Renjun (NCT) Profile

Stage NameRenjun (런쥔)
Birth NameHuang Ren Jun (黄仁俊)
Korean NameHwang In Joon (황인준)
OccupationSinger, Actor, Lyricist, DJ
BirthdayMarch 23, 2000
Active Years2016–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height171 cm (5’7″)
Weight57 kg (125 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Renjun (NCT) Profile

Early Life

– He was born in Jilin, People’s Republic of China.
– He completed his elementary and middle education in Jilin, China.
– He attended the Beijing Contemporary Music School.

Personal Life

– His representative emoji is 🦊.
– He doesn’t have any siblings.
– He has a birthmark on the back of his hand and used to have a snaggletooth.
– He currently wears lingual braces and has a small dimple.
– He described the album ‘Glitch Mode in 3 words: Buffering, Love, Chic
– His favorite NCT song is ‘Never Goodbye’. (INQUIRER INTERVIEW)
– He likes scents a lot, but he said he is the kind of person who doesn’t remember the names of scents. (INQUIRER INTERVIEW)
– He said that spring makes him think about orange and green colors.
– His bag includes a power bank, candies, a toothbrush, and wallet.
– He wasn’t much talkative during his debut but he is becoming more and more animated. (Arena Homme+)
– He is close to Winwin.
Mark initially thought Renjun was older when they first met.
– The song “Don’t Go” by EXO inspired him to become an artist.
– He said summer reminds him of the red color as he feels extremely hot. (INQUIRER INTERVIEW)
– He mentioned that he only acts innocent because his managers encourage it.
– In the NCT Dream dorm, he has his own room.
– He is part of NCT’s “innocent line” along with Winwin and Jungwoo.
– He believes in fate. (Arena Homme+ Korea)
– He loves to draw.
– He said it was fate that he came to Korea because he applied for the audition but gave up because he didn’t get the call. Later he got the call when he was eating and screamed on the spot. He then immediately bought a ticket and participated in the global audition. (Arena Homme+ Korea)
– He enjoys Ariana Grande’s music.
– His favorite place in Seoul is the Moomin cafe.
– He has an interest in fashion.
– He is more active during nighttime rather than in the early morning.
– He admires Lay from EXO.
– He shares his birthday with Yunho (ATEEZ) and Kangnam (M.I.B).
– He is close with Chenle and together they are good friends with Seventeen‘s Chinese members, Jun and The8.
– He had already expressed “Don’t Go” and “Angel” by EXO as his favorite songs even before he started training at SM Entertainment.
– Before going to sleep, he imagines a space and forms characters and stories in his mind. (Arena Homme+ Korea)
– He revealed that when he first entered SM, he always thought about how people looked at him and thought of him but now thinks that he should just go his own way. (Arena Homme+ Korea)
– He is sensitive to heat.
– He personally coined his solo fandom name, “Injeolmi.”
– In a scenario of ruling his own country, he would opt for a population residing in trees or a day where everyone wore old clothes.


– Renjun is a vocalist and dancer in NCT.
– He has a training period of one year.
– His entry into SM Entertainment occurred via the 2015 Shenyang SM Global Audition held in China in July.
– he became a part of SM Entertainment in 2015 and debuted in 2016.
– Initially, he showcased his dance skills during an online audition for SM Entertainment.

Likes & Dislikes

– Korean is his favorite school subject.
– His favorite animal is the fox.
– He loves Marvel.
– Renjun is a fan of sci-fi movies like Avengers and Avatar.
– He prefers to keep the light on while sleeping.
– His favorite fashion item is caps and sunglasses.
– He loves to watch movies in the dorm.
– His favorite flower is cherry blossoms and white roses.

Food Preferences

– He loves to eat malatang. (INQUIRER INTERVIEW)
– He eats haidilao every week.
– His favorite hot pot dipping sauce is a seafood soy sauce, with added chili and green onion, a bit of vinegar, white sugar, sesame oil, and laoganma.
– He likes pineapple on pizza.
– He likes savory foods over sweet foods.
– Hot pot, especially with beef, is his favorite food.


– He has practiced ballet and contemporary dance.
– He can speak Mandarin, Korean, and basic English.
– He likes running around while hula-hooping.

Personality & Habits

– He is a sensitive person and while watching movies, he gets immersed very easily and cries a lot. (INQUIRER INTERVIEW)
– He was the “just go” type when he was younger but now is a more laid-back type.
– He is the type of person who prepares for the worst beforehand.
– Renjun didn’t do the MBTI test after once on purpose because he wants to be seen as he is. (Arena Homme+ Korea)
– He is someone who needs alone time but before he was someone who wanted to be with a lot of people. (Arena Homme+ Korea)

Instagram: yellow_3to3

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