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Xen (1TEAM) Profile, Bio, and Facts

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Xen, formerly known as Jin Woo, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and a member of the boy group OMEGA X under SPIRE Entertainment. He is a former member of 1TEAM.

Stage Name: Jinwoo (진우)/ Xen
Birth Name: Lee Jin Woo (이진우)
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Birthday: February 20, 1998
Age 26 (in Jun 2024)
Active Years: 6
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

Xen Facts:

Early Life

– Xen was born in Gyeongsan- si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.
– His hometown is Daegu, South Korea.
– He went to Shiji High School.
– He studied at the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department and graduated from Global Cyber ​​University.
– He attended an art academy until the 6th grade of elementary school since his mother was an art kindergarten teacher.
– He was the student council’s vice president in the 5th grade and was appointed as the president in the 6th grade.
– He used to be a soccer player from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 2nd grade of middle school.

Personal Life

– His religion is Protestantism.
– He said he wants to collaborate with Jay Park and Justin Bieber someday.
– He dreamed of becoming a singer listening to Jung Dong-ha (Bohwa).
– He has five tattoos.
– Zayn Malik is his role model as he likes his open mind and sexy voice.
– Xen worries that his music will be different from the others.
– Eating is Xen’s way to relieve stress, which can sometimes compromise his weight control.
– His nicknames are “Donald Duck,” “ROYN,” “Noh Jin-goo,” and “Binjinu.”
– He wishes to be a Mukbang YouTuber.
– He gets shy around strangers but is comfortable around his group members.
– He often searches his name in the search engines.
– He can play the guitar and keyboard.
– He has eight ear piercings, four on each side.
– His parents, who were church choir members, influenced him to start music.
– His specialties include making the sounds of boiling water in a kettle and imitating Agumon’s and Micheal Jackson’s voices.
– He dreamed of becoming a model in school.
– He went to the same dance academy as Kevin (OMEGA X).
– Honesty is his strength, but he fears it may hurt others’ feelings.
– His vibe is “Shy Swag.”
– He always cries while watching “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “The Classic.”
– He got starstruck when he visited GODOK and saw him working in his studio.
– He was roommates with Junghoon when he was in the group “1TEAM”.
– He is capable of confidently singing “UN Village.”
– Xen said he would have been eating at home if he wasn’t a singer.
– His family consists of his parents and older sister.
– His English name is ROYN.
– His bucket list includes making his own album.
– He craves fried rice when he is dieting.
– His MBTI is INFP.
– He is skilled in making song covers, playing football, and writing songs.


– He was the main vocalist in the group “1TEAM”.
– Currently, he is a member of the boy group “OMEGA X”.
– He is considered an all-rounder in OMEGA X.
– He attended STC Academy.
– He auditioned with the song “My House” by 2PM in his former agency Liveworks Company.
– He attended Five Music & Dance Academy in Daegu.
– He wanted to be an actor but later pursued singing.
– Xen auditioned for Superstar K7 in 2015 but failed.
– In 2022, he composed and wrote the song “Control” for the OMEGA X album “Story Written in Music.”

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite song by Jay Park is “All I Wanna Do.”
– He is passionate about singing.
– He loves to watch Netflix, order delicious food, and fall asleep.
– Ramen is his favorite food.
– He loves G-Dragon and considers him his favorite artist.
– He likes his chicken half seasoned and half-baked.
– His favorite Baskin Robbins flavors are Strawberries in Love, New York Cheesecake, and Gone with the Wind.
– He likes to watch anime a lot.
– He likes to listen to music in his spare time.
– He likes tangerines.
– His favorite ramen is Jin Ramen Spicy.
– He likes to drink orange juice but drinks Coke when eating meat.
– He loves Zayn Malik’s “Fool For You” and “Drunk.”
– He doesn’t enjoy foods with lots of spices.
– He has a chocolate and sun allergy.
– His favorite snacks are Wahas Strawberry, Osatsu, and Sindang-dong Tteokbokki snacks.
– He likes Sol’s Eye drinks and is often seen drinking it.
– “BOUT U” is his favorite song by 1TEAM.
– His favorite colors are black and burgundy.
– He loves playing League of Legends.
– He is obsessed with perfumes because he thinks it leaves a strong impression on people.
– He likes woody scents.
– He is not much into desserts but loves cold brew.
– He used to enjoy ballads or rock ballads, but now he prefers hip-hop, R&B, soul, and film music.
– He likes Bernard Werber.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: _xenuis
Youtube: xenuis98

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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