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AleXa (알렉사) is an American singer-songwriter and dancer under ZB Label. She made her debut on October 21, 2019 with the digital single “Bomb”.

 AleXa Profile

Stage NameAleXa (알렉사)
Birth NameAlexaundra Christine Schneiderman
Korean NameKim Se Ri (김세리)
BirthdayDecember 9, 1996
Active Years2019–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height149 cm (4’10”)
Weight41 kg (90 lbs)
Blood TypeA

 AleXa Facts:

Early Life

– AleXa was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.
– She started dancing at the age of 2.
– She went to Jenks High School and was a part of the choir.
– She graduated from Tulsa Community College and studied musical theater.
– She did studio dancing until the age of 14 and was part of a competitive dance team in high school.

Personal Life

– Her family consists of her parents and older brother.
– Her mom is Korean and she was adopted in Gyeongi-do, South Korea by an American family from Texas when she was five years old.
– She is Christian.
– She is of mixed heritage, with a Russian father and a Korean mother.
– She also studied basic Japanese in college.
– She said that the most shocking thing about her is her small height which is 4”11”.
– She has never been to Europe.
– She looks up to HyunA, SHINee’s Taemin, Jannet Jackson and her mother. (Seventeen)
– The first kpop group she met and was starstruck was A.C.E
–  His dad is from Queen’s New York and he met her mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (KPDB Ep. #84)
– AleXa faced racism in America and once quit her job because her boss used a slander word for her eyes as a joke. (KPDB Ep. #84)
– When she was a baby, her father faced a racist incident when he was shopping in the supermarket and a lady saw her as a baby and told her dad that it’s a sin to mix races.
– She has a pet bunny MONROE AMIDALA.
SHINee was the first K-Pop group she became a fan of.
– His younger brother is two years younger than her and has a twitch channel.
– Something she never regrets is moving to Korea to debut as a Kpop idol. (Seventeen)
– One thing she always does is eat late at night.
– She is close friends with Day6’s Jay, and Secret Number’s Jinny and Denise.
– She has a pet dog in the states called River.
– AleXa got into kpop in 2008 through her best friend in school where they both took Chinese classes together. They once had to do a C-pop project and her friend introduced her to Henry from Super Junior M and later introduced the whole group which piqued her interest in Kpop.  (KPDB Ep. #84)
– She aims to find her mother’s birth family.
– Her childhood dreams included being a performer or a translator for the CIA. 
– Her most used apps are her Youtube and notes.
– She would like to collaborate with HyunA, SHINee’s Taemin, ASHNIKKO, and Doja Cat. (Seventeen)
– She worked at LUSH for three years in America.
– The cost for her debut was around $300k.
– She has about 14 piercings on her ear.
– She has tattooed a line from the musical Les Misérables on her left shoulder “And rain will make the flowers grow”.

Pre-debut Journey

– AleXa started performing dance covers on social media in high school and accumulated a fanbase of about 60,000 fans.
– Her friend later submitted one of her dance videos in the competition “Rising Legends” in 2015 which she won and got a chance to visit Toronto for an audition with JYP but failed.
– She participated in the competition and won again in 2017 where she got the chance to visit Korea for a week and audition with Cube.   (KPDB Ep. #84)
– She worked with Zany Bros during her week-long stay in Korea and while she failed Cube’s audition she was invited to sign as the first artist under Zany Bros which she accepted.


– AleXa won the “American Song Contest” in 2022.
– During her time on Produce 101, she used the name Alex Christine.
– She participated in Produce 48 and finished in 82nd place.
– She has a training period of 2 years and 9 months.
– In ‘Rising Legends Season 1’ in 2016, she won the dancer’s category and she won the full competition by winning the Grand Prize in 2017.
– She debuted as an actor in 2022 on Goedam 2 / Urban Myths: Tooth Worms”.
– She released the MV “Strike It Up” prior to her debut.
– She has appeared in many MVs including MAMAMOO’s “gogobebe”, ONEWE’s “End of Spring” and 1THE9‘s “The Story”.
– She appeared in the documentary “K-Pop Idols: Inside the Hit Factory” by BBC.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite movies include “Dead Poets Society”, “Big Fish”, “Beetlejuice”,  “Labyrinth”, and “Edward Scissorhands”.
– She likes the spring season.
– Her favorite Studio Gibli movie is “Howl’s Moving Castle” and she also likes Naruto.
– She considers “Venomous” by Christopher Krovatin as her favorite book.
– She likes Ariel among all Disney princesses.
– Her favorite songs include “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx, “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga, “I would” by Day6 and “Welcome to Burlesque” by Cher. (Kpopconcerts)
– She likes wrestling among all sports.
– Orchids and Tulips are her favorite flowers.
– She enjoys watching Drag Race by RuPaul.
– She likes listening to artists like NCT, 7Senses, Raja Kumari, Frankie Valli, Dadaroma, The Four Seasons, Slipknot, Billie Eilish, Rob Zombie, Dolly Parton.
– 9 is her favorite number.
– She is a fan of the Korean drama ‘Something In The Rain’.

Food Preferences

– Her guilty pleasure is eating a lot of bread.
– She likes to eat Pringles.
– She is lactose intolerant and dislikes cheese.
– She likes the Indian dish Vindaloo.
– She loves to eat pasta and spaghetti made by her dad.


– AleXa is skilled in learning choreography.
– Her specialties are ballet, jazz dance, and acrobatics.
– Her father taught her how to write prose and poetry when she was young.
– She can speak Korean, English and basic Japanese.

Personality & Habits

– She has a bright, talkative and fun personality.
– She said she is like an open book and often says a bit too much without thinking. (Genius)
– AleXa has struggled with mental illness since she was 16 and is diagnosed as bipolar. (Genius)
– She likes staying up at night.

Major Works

– Her popular songs include “Wonderland”, “Bomb” and “Rule the World”.


– She has won many awards including “Next Artist Award” at the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, “Icon Award – Singer” at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, and “K-Global Music Icon Award” at the 2023 K-Global Heart Dream Awards.

Instagram: @alexa_zbofficial
YouTube: AleXa • ZB Label
Twitter: @AleXa_ZB
Tiktok: @alexa_zbofficial

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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