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Super Junior Members Profile & Facts

Super junior Members
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Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) is a ten-member South Korean boy group that initially debuted as twelve under SM Entertainment. The group members currently consist of Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun. They debuted on November 6, 2005, with the single “Twins (Knock Out)“.

Super Junior Profile

DebutNovember 6, 2005
Active Years2005–present
Super Junior MembersLeeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
GenrePop, Dance, Ballad, R&B
LabelSM Entertainment, SJ Label
Oldest MemberLeeteuk
Youngest MemberKyuhyun
Former MembersKibum, Kangin, Hangeng
Fandom NameE.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)
Fandom ColorPearl Sapphire Blue

Super Junior Facts:

– Super Junior’s lightstick is called “Super Bong”.
– They are recognized as the first K-pop group to introduce subunits.
– Super Junior was initially planned to be a rotational group, with plans to add and remove members regularly. However, this concept faced opposition from fans who grew attached to the existing members.
– Kyuhyun was added to the group six months before the rotational idea was abandoned and it became a fixed-member group.
– On their 10th anniversary in 2015, SM Entertainment established Label SJ to independently manage Super Junior’s activities.
– The group was named “Super Junior” because as a rotational group, older members would graduate and younger members would be added in their place hence the group would always remain “junior”. After the rotational concept was dropped, the ’05’ was removed from their name.
– Their name was also rumored to be called “O.V.E.R” which stood for “Obey the Voice for Each Rhythm.”
– After Kyuhyun’s addition, Super Junior released the single “U” in 2006, exceeding 1.7 million downloads and it even crashed the server.
– The group has six subunits, Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-D&E, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M, Super Junior-Happy and Super Junior-L.S.S.
– All the group members are Christians except for Heechul who is an Atheist.
– Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun decided not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment on July 14, 2023. However, are still members of the group.


– Super Junior completed their second Asia tour on April 10, 2010, with a total of fifteen shows in seven countries, setting records as the first artists to hold a standing concert in China and the foreign artist with the largest audience.
– Their song “Mr. Simple” earned the most music show wins, and its music video reached 100 million views in 2015, making them the first SM boy group to achieve this milestone.
– They are recognized as the first Korean artists to perform 100 concerts worldwide.
– The group made history as it became the first Asian and K-pop group to hold a solo concert in Saudi Arabia as part of the Jeddah Season festival in 2019.


– The group is often referred to as the “King of Hallyu Wave” due to their significant contributions to the Korean Wave.
– All Super Junior members were included in Peru’s Top 30 ranking of The Sexiest Men in the World.
– The group’s concert in the Philippines was the biggest music event held by any Korean singers at the time in the country.

Former Members Departure

– In 2009, Kibum decided to halt his participation in group activities to focus on his acting career. Although he had been inactive since 2009, Kibum officially departed from the group in August 2015 when his contract with SM Entertainment expired.
– Hangeng faced difficulties and inequalities as a non-Korean member, leading him to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. In September 2011, the court ruled in favor of Hangeng’s lawsuit, and he officially left the group.
– Kangin took a hiatus after being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and committing a hit-and-run. In July 2019, Kangin officially departed from the group.


– On August 10, 2006, Heechul suffered injuries in a car accident, resulting in metal rods being implanted in his leg. Despite chronic pain, he continued his performance for several years. However, around 2013-2014, as his leg condition worsened, he reduced participation in live performances but remains active in recordings and music videos.
– On April 19, 2007, Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, and two managers were in the group’s van when they were involved in an accident. Leeteuk and Kyuhyun had to be hospitalized, and Kyuhyun, in particular, was in critical condition. He eventually recovered and returned to the group activities after four to five months.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include “Sorry Sorry”, “Lo Siento”, “Black Suit”, and “Mr. Simple”.


– They have won several awards throughout their extensive career including over 20 awards at the Golden Disc Awards, 13 awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, and 12 awards at the Seoul Music Awards.
– They became the first Asian artist to win the “International Artist” award at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.
– In 2019, the group won the “Artist of the Year Award” at the 14th KKBOX Music Awards in Taiwan and became the first foreign artist to receive this award in the country.


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Super Junior Members Profile

1. Leeteuk

Leeteuk Super Junior
Stage NameLeeteuk (이특)
Birth NamePark Jung Soo (박정수)
English NameDennis Park
PositionLeader, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper
BirthdayJuly 1, 1983
Active Years2005–present
Age40 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiAngel (👼)*

Leeteuk Facts:

– Leetuek is considered the most long-winded member in the group because he talks 95% of the time in the group chat. (StarHub)
– He once sold his golf kit for 650,000 wons, the customer wanted a discount and Leetuek lied to him saying that his wife wouldn’t allow him to sell it with a discount but the customer found out that he was lying. (Knowing Bros)  
– He likes cleaning because it relieves his stress.
– The word that describes his past self is “uneasiness”, his present self “happiness”, and his future self “distress”. 
– He mentioned in an interview that the members thought about disbanding a few times but they all decided to stay together in the end. (CREA 2023)
– He has watched the Super Junior documentary more than 4 times and cried each time.
– His average score in golf is over 100. (Anan Magazine)
– If he could go back and tell his pre-debut self something he would say that they are doing great and he did the best of what he could do. 
– He often talks alone and shares a lot of TMI in the group chat.
– In his opinion, the members have become funnier and more considerate now. He has the most fun with the members but also he is most stressed with them.
– Leetuek thought Yoona (SNSD) liked him because she used to call him every night even after her debut. (Strong Heart)
– If he has any difficulties with technology or machines, he always asks Shindong for help. (StarHub)
– He loves wearing specific hats that suit his style.  (ANEMONE)
– He always checks other members’ subscribers and followers.
– He constantly tries to become a better person and not let down the people who love him.
– At the start of the band’s career members were very dependent on him but now they do their own thing, which makes him relieved but also sad. (Soompi)
– He is in Super Junior’s sub-units, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-Happy.
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Instagram: @xxteukxx | xxsimkoongxx
Youtube: 이특 LEETEUK
Twitter: @special1004
TikTok: @sj.leeteuk

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2. Heechul

heechul super junior
Stage NameHeechul (희철)
Birth NameKim Hee Chul (김희철)
English NameCasey Kim
PositionSub Vocalist, Sub Rapper
BirthdayJuly 10, 1983
Active Years2005–present
Age40 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height176 cm (5’9″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeAB
Representative EmojiCherry (🍒)*

Heechul Facts:

– He used to date both younger and older women but he said he is more attracted to younger women now. (Omona Live Journal)
– In his early debut days, he only cared about his work and had no interest in others.
– He said that he rarely drinks after he promised fans that he would cut down on his drinking. When he does drink, he does it quietly. 
– He once had a huge fight with Leeteuk which is known as the “battle of Incheon”.
– He has Kim Soohyun saved on his phone as “Kim Soohyun from the star” because of his drama “My Love from the star”. (Mom’s Diary)
– He has Sunmi saved on his phone as “Gashina Sunmi”. (Mom’s Diary)
– He used to go to nightclubs with Leeteuk and Jay (TraxX) and the three of them used to go back and forth between two nightclubs in Gangnam for 2 hours a day on the weekends. (Knowing Brothers)
– People think he receives botox injections because he looks really young for his age but he has never done any medical beauty enhancements mostly because of his fear of needles. (Showterview with Jessi)
– Heechul used to be extremely sensitive about his personal space in his early debut stages but he learned to be more considerate when he realised that inconsistency in his emotions was bad for programs. (Omona Live Journal)
– Kyuhyun is his drinking buddy. (Showterview with Jessi)
– Heechul’s best friend and rival from school is Geonhee and he made an appearance on “Mom’s Diary” for Heechul.
– He is the promotional ambassador of the “Quit Smoking” program.
– He needs to have something common with others in order to get close to them. (My Little Old Boy Ep160)
– He got close with Leeteuk after play games together. (My Little Old Boy Ep160)
 He doesn’t participate in the choreographies of the group after his leg injury.
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Instagram:  kimheenim
Youtube: 김희철 KimHeeChul
Weibo: Heechul
Twitch: 김희철입니다

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3. Yesung

yesung super junior
Stage NameYESUNG (예성)
Birth NameKim Jong Woon (김종운) |  Legally changed to Kim Jong Hoon (김종훈)
English NameJerome Kim
PositionMain Vocalist
BirthdayAugust 24, 1984
Active Years2005–present
Age39 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height177 cm (5’10”)
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood TypeAB
Representative EmojiCloud (☁️)*

Yesung Facts:

-Yesung is not very tech savvy according to the members but is very precise in doing the things he likes and knows his stuff well. (Seventeen)
– He checks himself out every time he passes by a mirror and as well as on the phone screen because he cares about his looks and style a lot. (StarHub)
– He is a huge fan of Mick Jagger. (Rolling Stone)
– He likes listening to band music a lot and he often listens to The 1975’s and Travis’s songs a lot. (TMI MBC Radio)
– He weighs himself daily, works out his muscles three times a week, and runs for an hour. (1stLook)
– He loves going to the exhibitions and often buys tickets to give as a present to his friends and family. (What’s In My Bag)
– Contrary to what people think, he doesn’t like listening to ballads and loves band music so much that he was in a rock group just 7 months after joining SM Entertainment. (Yonhap)
– His must-have items items for working include vitamins and books. (TMI 인터뷰)
– He loves vintage vibes and likes listening to raw LP music a lot. (THE STAR)
– He revealed that he almost left the group after their debut album because he trained for five years and had the most parts in the songs but he couldn’t find himself in the MV even though he was present.
– He said the song “Sorry Sorry” made him the most money but his favorite song is “It has to be you” because it made him the most famous. (Soompi)
– Yesung is a huge fan of Kobe Byrant and is passionate about basketball.
– Given the choice he would wash his hair once a year over wearing wet socks forever because he’ll just shave his head. (Buzzfeed Celeb)
– He would rather live with roaches than mice.
– He said anything his partner says would make him happy but the worst words to hear from her would be “I’m tired of you” or “Let’s break up”. (“Date With” Super Junior)
– If the genie could grant him three wishes, he would wish happiness for his loved ones, would want the sick to get healthy, and wish the earth would recover from pollution. (TMI MBC Radio)
– He is in the sub-units Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-Happy.
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Instagram: yesung1106 | yesung_smtown
Youtube: @YESUNG_official | 예세이 Yessay
Twitter: shfly3424 | YESUNG_smtown
TikTok: yesung003
Threads: yesung1106

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4. Shindong

Stage NameShindong (신동)
Birth NameShin Dong Hee (신동희)
English NameMatthew Shin
PositionSub Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
BirthdaySeptember 28, 1985
Active Years2005–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height177 cm (5’10”)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiMagnifying Glass (🔎)*

Shindong Facts:

– Ryeowook said that Shindong is good at finding good restaurants abroad. (LDF Interview)
– Given the choice of going back to doing his first stage as an idol and going back to film his first video as a director, he would choose to go back in time to film his first video again. (Shorts Interview)
– He would rank himself the second most passionate member about their work after Donghae. (Anan Magazine)
– He and Eunhyuk are in charge of directing the group’s performance. (Remember15 Photoshoot)
– His house has a view overlooking the Han River. (Travelling Market)
– He would rather wear wet socks forever than wash his hair once a year. (Buzzfeed Celeb)
– He learned to do DIY home decor. (Anan Magazine)
– Shindong used to ride his pink JUUD scooter to work in his early debut days. (Alcohol Street Fighter)
– He said that the main difference between Shindong the idol and Shindong the video director is that as an idol, he focuses on himself in front of the camera and as a video director, he focuses on the artist from behind the camera. (Shorts Interview)
– He has been playing golf since 2018. His highest score in golf is 87 but on average he scores 90 (In golf, a lower score is better).
– Eunhyuk feels Shindong is the funniest member in Super Junior because whenever he is feeling down, just talking to him a little cheer him up.
– He loves sitting in front of the computer editing the videos and pictures he takes. (Shorts Interview)
– He has a studio set up in his house for editing videos.
– He said that since he was little he didn’t want to lose things and tried to achieve great ideas to get attention. (Seventeen)
– He is a fan of the girl group APRIL.
– According to his label, he is in a relationship with a non-celebrity. She is supposedly a former trainee
– He is part of the Super Junior sub-units Super Junior-T and Super Junior-Happy.
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Instagram: @earlyboysd
Youtube: 신동댕동 Shindongdengdong
Twitter:  @ShinsFriends
TikTok: shindonggg
Facebook: 신동
Twitch: walalacrew
Weibo: 神童SD928

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5. Eunhyuk

eunhyuk super junior
Stage NameEunhyuk (은혁)
Birth NameLee Hyuk Jae (이혁재)
English NameSpencer Lee
PositionMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist
BirthdayApril 4, 1986
Active Years2005–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiDiamond (💎)*

Eunhyuk Facts:

– Eunhyuk was born in the afternoon. (72초TV)
– He can solve only one side of Rubix cube.
– When he was young he wanted to name his group “Prince” and the fandom name “Princes”. (Pistachio Green)
– If he could go back in the past with a time machine without a guarantee that he’d return, he would choose not to go at all.
– He takes off his socks as soon as he gets home.
– In his opinion, the best-dressed members are Si-won, Yesung, and him. (VOGUE Taiwan)
– He likes to watch movies like “About Time” when he has no schedule.
– His manager is the person he respects the most. (72초TV)
– His first singing gig was when he was in the pre-debut dance group SRD in sixth grade.
– He uses two toothpaste at the same time because he has weak teeth. (1LDAN EUNHYUKEE Vlog)
– The catchphrase he uses the most is “Thank you and love you always”. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– The members he would like to travel with will be Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun.
– He loves sports but is only good at the ones he likes. (Seventeen)
– His most used Chinese phrase is “Chinese is as easy as eating”.  (VOGUE Taiwan)
– He can eat ramen for the rest of his life. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– His favorite memory with Donghae is when they went to Huwaii together after their promotions.
– He didn’t like his gummy smile and considered getting surgery at one point.
– Eunhyuk wants to get married soon because he is envious that fans who used to come to their concerts when they debuted in 2005 now bring their children to their concerts and fan meetings. (Kpopstarz)
– If he wasn’t a Super Junior member, he would have been a Super Junior fan. (72초TV)
– He is in multiple sub-units: Super Junior-T, Super Junior-Happy, Super Junior-M, and Super Junior-D&E.
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Instagram: be4eunhyuk
Youtube: eunhyuk
Twitter: AllRiseSilver
Weibo: haohaohyuk

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6. Siwon

Siwon Super junior
Stage NameSiwon (시원)
Birth NameChoi Si Won (최시원)
English NameDavid Joseph Choi
PositionSub Vocalist, Visual, Center
BirthdayApril 7, 1986
Active Years2005–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height183 cm (6’0″)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiHorse (🐴 )*

Siwon Facts:

Shindong feels Siwon is the funniest in the group because he can be so random. (Seventeen)
– The member he is most grateful to is Leetuek.  (Knowing Bros)
– He was the most followed Korean on Twitter in 2013. (Billboard)
– He debuted as an actor before he debuted in the group.
– He described his career as an adventure and said that everything in life is a new adventure because you can not anticipate anything.
– Siwon had a very serious fight with Ryeowook but they made up on the same day. Leetuek thinks that if they hadn’t made up after that fight they would have never talked to each other again. (CREA 2023)
– He said that the most important thing about fashion to him is confidence and expressing who he is. (Billboard)
– He hopes his future wife is someone who can understand his unstable occupation and is able to maintain the household well. (Omona Live Journal)
– He said that he likes his well mannered image but he does not want to be caged in as one image.
– Eunhyuk said that Siwon loved sports even when they were all trainees and was the best in terms of athleticism. (Seventeen)
– If he hadn’t chosen to become a singer, he would have been an office worker in a company. (ELLE Man)
– He carries a newspaper everywhere. He likes to read the newspaper while getting his hair and makeup done. (MBC WORLD)
– His personality changed from his early debut days to be more playful after being with cheerful members. (Omona Live Journal)
– He thinks a modern gentleman is someone who puts importance on inner personality and substance rather than external looks. (ELLE Man Magazine Interview)
He is a member of the Super Junior subunit Super Junior-M.
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Instagram: siwonchoi
Youtube: 최시원 Siwon Choi
Twitter: siwonchoi
TikTok: @davidsiwonchoi
Weibo: choisiwonkr

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7. Donghae

Stage NameDonghae (동해)
Birth NameLee Dong Hae (이동해)
English NameAiden Lee
PositionLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper
BirthdayOctober 15, 1986
Active Years2005–present
Age37 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiFish (🐠)

Donghae Facts:

– According to Eunhyuk, he brushes his teeth every time they are about to leave for schedule. (72초TV)
– He works out every morning right after waking up and at night he goes to the music studio to work on his music.  (1stLook)
– He likes oranges more than bananas and prefers white wine over red wine.
– He takes English lessons in the morning.
– Shindong said that Donghae exudes a passion with overflowing sexiness due to his energy.
(Anan Magazine)
– In his opinion, the best-dressed members are Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, and him. (VOGUE Taiwan)
– If he wasn’t a Super Junior member, he would have been a soccer player.
– If he could go back in the past with a time machine without a guarantee that he’d return, he would choose not to go at all.
– He likes to watch movies like “Family Man” and “Titanic” when he has no schedule.
– Eunhyuk is the person he respects the most. (72초TV)
– He thinks that ghosts and aliens both exist.
– His morning routine is that he first reads a book as soon as he wakes up, then he drinks fresh fruit juice with avocado. (MBC WORLD
– His biggest fear is waking up late in the morning, it scares him a lot. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– His favorite Super Junior (D&E) song is “About You”.
– If he goes on a date with a fan they will first exercise and then will have brunch together after that they will explore Seoul city together by visiting his favorite exhibition. (SINGLES KOREA)
– He loved going on picnics and eating Kimbap as a kid. (Smart Magazine 2018)
– He would rather meet on a date with food stuck on his teeth than meet without brushing for a week.  (Buzzfeed Celeb)
– He takes a lot of photos of members and he will post them when they are in their fifties.  (SINGLES KOREA)
– If he was not a singer he would have been a fisherman. (VOGUE Taiwan)
– According to Eunhyuk, he is good-looking but not funny.
– He is in the subunits, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-D&E.
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Instagram: leedonghae
Youtube: 이동해 Super Junior Donghae LEE
Twitter: donghae861015
TikTok: @donghaelee1015
Weibo: Donghai1015

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8. Ryeowook

Ryeowook Super Junior
Stage NameRyeowook (려욱)
Birth NameKim Ryeo Wook (김려욱)
English NameNathan Kim
PositionMain Vocalist
BirthdayJune 21, 1987
Active Years2005–present
Age37 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height170 cm (5’7”)
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiGiraffe (🦒)*

Ryeowook Facts:

– Kyuhyun thinks Ryeowook is the funniest in the group because he has the type of funny character that is hard to come across normally. (Seventeen)
– He always buys red ginseng for his parents and vitamins for himself whenever he goes abroad. (LDF Interview)
– He had mostly focused on improving his singing abilities for most of his career because Lee Sooman told him that a singer’s highest priority is to sing well.
– Yesung said that when he shared a room with Ryeowook 90% of the songs he listened to were female vocal songs. (Billboard)
– His morning routine starts with taking lactobacillus supplements then showering and taking collagen, alsystin and hyaluronic acid and then finally going to jog alongside the Han River for an hour and a half. (Remember 15 Photoshoot)
– Yesung and Kyuhyun believe he has the most aegyo in the group.
– He takes health supplements for arthritis. (Ryeowook’s AGIT)
– When he was playing the role of Sehun in “Fanletter”, his MBTI results changed to resemble the personality of the character—timid, fragile and quiet. (Yeonhap News)
– According to Shindong, Ryeowook is a man who keeps his promises and has a strong sense of duty. (With Magazine)
– His most memorable memory of Thailand is Super Junior’s concert in Pattaya. (Shopee Thailand)
– He cried watching the group’s documentary as he didn’t realize how much time had passed since their debut. (Straits Times)
– His future dream is to be known as a singer-songwriter. (Anan Magazine)
– He would regret it if he was reborn and didn’t become an idol. (CREA 2023)
– When he first joined the group, he was so nervous that when the reporter asked his name, he replied “I am the youngest”.
– He feels more comfortable as the DJ than being a guest on a radio show. (MBC Radio)
– He loves cooking a lot and has his own way of making food. (Seventeen)
– He has been dating former Tahiti member Ari since 2020.
– He is in the sub-units Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-Happy.
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Instagram: ryeo9ook
Youtube: 려욱이의 아지트
Twitter: 9ryeong9

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9. Kyuhyun

kyuhyun super junior members
Stage NameKyuhyun (규현)
Birth NameCho Kyu Hyun (조규현)
English NameMarcus Cho
PositionMain Vocalist, Maknae
BirthdayFebruary 3, 1988
Active Years2005–present
Age36 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height178 cm (5’10”)
Weight68 kg (150 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiPenguin (🐧)*

Kyuhyun Facts:

– Kyuhyun was chosen as the biggest fan of K-pop by most members because he only listens to Korean pop songs. (Seventeen)
– He served in the military as a commuting public service worker due to injuries from his accident in 2007. (Kpop Herald)
– His father owned an academy so he was always studying to get good grades so as to not disappoint his father. (Koreaboo)
– The members chose him as the smartest member.
– If Kyuhyun has kids, he would not force them to study due to his own bad experience with always having to study as a child.
– Three things he can not live without include his computer because he loves playing games, mobile phone, and ELFs. (ELF Japan Magazine)
– The vocalists that he respects and likes include Sung Sikyung and Park Hyoshin. (Billboard Magazine Interview)
– He said that he started singing because he liked to sing but now he sings to satisfy others. He has been trying to change that mindset. (Teen Vogue)
– His song “Aewol-ri” is named after the scenic region “Aewol” of Jeju Island. (Kpop Herald)
– Kyuhyun has never read any books based on love stories but he has watched love story movies. (Teen Vogue)
– He has a hard time letting go and usually juggles his album promotions, musicals and preparations for concerts at the same time. (Teen Vogue)
– He could not sleep on the last day of his military service because he was too excited to resume his dream and career. (Yonhap News Agency)
– He wants to study economics.
– Ryeowook picked him as the member who has the prettiest smile in the group because he smiles so casually. (Seventeen)
– Kyuhyun’s ultimate goal in life is to receive greater approval and become an all-rounded artist that is acknowledged by everyone. (Easy Magazine)
He is the subunits, Super Junior K.R.Y and Super Junior-T.
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KyuHyun Official WebSite

Instagram: gyuram88
Youtube: 규티비 KYUHYUN
Twitter: GaemGyu
Twitch: vzeros88
Weibo: GameGyu88

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10. Sungmin

Sungmin Super Junior
Stage NameSungmin (성민)
Birth NameLee Sung Min (이성민)
English NameVincent Lee
PositionLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual
BirthdayJanuary 1, 1986
Active Years2005–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height171 cm (5’7″)
Weight57 kg (125 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiN/A

Sungmin Facts:

– Sungmin was originally supposed to debut in a trio with Xiah (TVXQ) and Eunhyuk. (arirang)
– He looks young so he tries to change up his voice to fit a variety of characters and not be type casted to “innocent characters”.
– He can play the piano, drum and guitar.
– He had his first kiss with Eunhyuk.
– He auditioned for SM Entertainment when he was an 8th grader. (arirang)
– He still remembers the first musical he saw, it was “The Sound of Music”. 
– The musicals he would like to do include “Romeo and Juliet”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Singles”,and  “Hedwig”. (Seoul Newspaper)
– His favourite Super Junior’s song is “Believe” because he loves the melody and the lyrics written by Heechul.
– He makes New Year’s resolutions and reflects on the last year on his birthday as it falls on January 1st.
– He likes musicals because he likes singing and acting and he gets to do both with musicals. 
– To him, Super Junior is a theme park with a variety of fun rides like they have ballads like there are slow rides and they have dance songs like there are fast rides.
– His parents’ wish for him was to become a translator around the world. 
– In the gym, he always chooses songs that have an overflowing fighting spirit and aggressiveness as his background music to cheer himself up. (Anan)
– He was a musical major in school. (K-RUSH Magazine)
– He married the musical actress and beauty creator Kim Sa-eun in 2014.
– He is currently on hiatus from group activities because of his marriage controversy and has not participated in the activities since his military discharge.
– He is part of Super Junior sub-units Super Junior-T, Super Junior-H, and Super Junior-M.
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Instagram: _liustudio_
Youtube: 리우 LIUstudio
Twitter: LIU_Sungmin
TikTok:  _liustudio_ | shan_liu
Weibo: _LIUstudio_

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Super Junior-M Members:

11. Zhoumi

Zhoumi Super Junior
Stage NameZhoumi (조미)
Birth NameZhou Mi (周觅)
Korean NameJoomyuk (주멱)
PositionLead Vocalist
BirthdayApril 19th, 1986
Active Years2008–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height186 cm (6’1″)
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiN/A

Zhoumi Facts:

– He once stayed for 12 hours in the studio to correct the member’s Chinese pronunciation during the recording of their Chinese rap portion. (allkpop)
– He used to live near BTS Suga and Suga used to often come to his house without notice, even at 1 am in the night. (Koreaboo)
– If he could go back in time, he’d love to go back to high school because he really misses the time when he was studying.  (Pineapple Talk)
– He enjoys spending his Christmas alone, listening to music. (Weixin)
– His hobbies are exercising, running, and learning new languages.  (ChicFunPapa)
– His favorite food is meat. 
– When he first came to Korea, he didn’t know any Korean which is why he would talk in a formal manner even with his young members.
– He has a good sense of humor.
– He likes traveling and shopping during his free time.
– The majority of his clothes are either black or white. (ONOFF變裝)
– Thailand is like his first love. (OK Magazine Thailand)
– If he could have a superpower, it would be flying.
– When asked what he would do if a fan told him he dreamed of him, he’d ask “What dream? A nightmare?”.
– He believes that the main difference between a gentleman and a boy is that a gentleman is more understanding of others and takes care of women well. (ONOFF變裝)
– He gets his musical inspiration from his friend’s love life or by watching movies.   
– He was close friends with Youngji from KARA, and Fei and Jia from Miss A
– He and Kyuhyun’s duo is known as “KyuMi”.
– He was included in the group’s Chinese subunit Super Junior-M and are not a part of the group’s original lineup.
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Instagram: @zhouzhoumi419
Youtube: @ZHOUMIofficial
Twitter: @zhoumi_419 
Weibo: 周觅MI

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Former Members:

12. Kangin

Kangin Super Junior
Stage NameKangin (강인)
Birth NameKim Young Woon (김영운)
English NameJordan Kim
PositionSub Vocalist
BirthdayJanuary 17, 1985
Active Years2005–2019
Age39 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height178 cm (5’10”)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiN/A

Kangin Facts:

– Kangin first entered SM Entertainment as a trainee to become an actor.
– He does not have a skincare routine. He does not even put on lotion. (Dazed and Confused Interview)
– He used to film short films with his friends as a student. 
– He personally approached the director to get the part in “The Cat Funeral” after receiving the script. (Soompi)
– He is friends with G-Dragon of BIGBANG.
– During high school, he received a love letter confession from a male admirer.
– He likes acting, singing, and swimming.
– He is quick to give up on girls, jobs or things he can not get but he has no regrets.
– Heechul said that Kangin is a guy who could not stay away from a fight. He said that Kangin had guts and was not a bad guy although he made mistakes. (Afreeca TV)
– He likes kickboxing for exercise.
– He announced his departure from Super Junior on July 11, 2019 through his instagram account.
– When he left Super Junior, he said that he was not able to make his own decisions in that situation. He felt terrible and apologetic to the point that he couldn’t hold up his head. (Kpop Starz)
– He was in Super Junior’s sub-units Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H.
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Instagram: kanginnim
Youtube: @kangin1985
Twitter: himsenkangin

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13. Henry

Henry Super junior
Stage NameHenry (헨리)
Birth NameLiu Xian Hua (刘宪华) | Henry Lau
Korean NameYoo Heon-hwa (유헌화)
PositionMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper
BirthdayOctober 11, 1989
Active Years2005–present
Age34 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight63 kg (139 lb)
Blood TypeAB
Representative EmojiN/A

Henry Facts:

– Henry was 10 years old when he first performed in front of people and decided to become a performer. (All Kpop)
– His first pet was a bird named “birdy”. He wanted a pet dog but his parents refused it and bought him a bird instead. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He doesn’t get exhausted but when he does he likes to watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”. (ELLE Korea 2019)
– He associates places with melodies. (Billboard)
– His fans opened a charity school in his name for his birthday in Canada. (ELLE China)
– According to him, the three ways to increase self-love are eating well, sleeping well, and staying connected to friends and family often. (Men’s-folio)
– The first time a fan recognized him was because of his heart-shaped nostrils.  (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He is sensitive to humidity that’s why he always has a HYGROmeter. 
– He thought about quitting the showbiz but he continued for his fans. 
– He always carries his Rimowa bag and carrier everywhere. (GQ KOREA)
– He uses a ball massager and goes straight to bed after a long day. 
– He was not a part of the group’s original lineup and was included in the group’s sub-unit, Super Junior-M.
– He left SM Entertainment and Label SJ on April 30, 2018 after his contract expired and he decided not to renew it.
– He left SM Entertainment on good terms and said he wanted to be an independent artist doing his own thing. (Billboard)

Website: henry

Instagram: henryl89
Youtube: 헨리 Henry Lau
Twitter: henrylau89
TikTok: iamhenry
Weibo: 刘宪华Henry-Lau

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14. Hangeng

Hangeng Super junior
Stage NameHangeng | Hankyung (한경) 
Birth NameHan Geng (韩庚)
English NameJoshua Tan
PositionSub Vocalist, Lead Dancer
BirthdayFebruary 9, 1984
Active Years2005–present
Age40 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height181 cm (5’11″)
Weight66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiN/A

Hangeng Facts:

– Hangeng likes acting better than doing activities as a singer and performer.  (Andy Trieu Show)
– He participated in a space training program and the best experiences for him were zero gravity, high gravity and taking the impulse jet. (CRI Online)
– He would not want to act in idol dramas because he is always looking for new roles that he can do and since he is already an idol, he would get bored. (Blue Interview)
– He dedicated everything he had achieved to SM Entertainment saying that it was a blessing to him. (Soompi)
– He still keeps in touch with the members and the staff that helped him when he was a trainee. (allkpop)
– The first thing he notices in a woman are her legs, he likes women with long legs. 
– The one thing that makes a man sexy is charisma according to him. 
– He would like to work on a movie with director Michael Bay.  (Andy Trieu Show)
– He is eager to explore and understand the universe. (CRI Online)
– The advice he would give to anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps is to be persistent no matter what profession they end up choosing. (Andy Trieu Show)
– He was part of Super Junior’s sub-unit, Super Junior-M.
– After winning the lawsuit, he announced his departure from Super Junior and SM Entertainment on September 11, 2011.

Instagram: realhangeng
Twitter: realhangeng
Weibo: 韩庚

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15. Kibum

Kibum group Super junior
Stage NameKibum (기범)
Birth NameKim Ki Bum (김기범)
English NameBryan Trevor Kim
PositionLead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Face of the Group
BirthdayAugust 21, 1987
Active Years2005–present
Age36 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height179 cm (5’10.5″)
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiN/A

Kibum Facts:

– When he legally turned into an adult, Heechul took him out to a nightclub because he wanted him to have fun with a proper mindset and not have the habit of sneaking out and getting into trouble. (Kim Heechul X Kim Kibum)
– He has two pet cats.
– He contacts and takes a lot of advice from Heechul when he receives invitations to appear as a guest on programs.
– When he bought his first luxury bag, Heechul’s cat “Heebum” ruined the bag by scratching it but he forgave because he was reading a book called “forgiveness”.
– He and Heechul used to be the busiest members in the group because Super Junior had a rotational concept back then and he found it difficult to focus on group activities.
– He used to get so embarrassed about his singing that he asked them to take his part out of the song which SM started doing later. 
– He stopped promoting with the group before their “Sorry Sorry” comeback.
He officially left Super Junior and departed from SM Entertainment on August 18, 2015.
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Instagram: mub_ik_mik
Youtube: 양반 김기범 Yangban Kim Ki Bum
Twitter: ikmubmik

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