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Henry (헨리) is a Chinese-Canadian singer, composer, actor, and rapper under AXIS and Monster Entertainment Group. He is a former member of the subunit  SUPER JUNIOR-M. He made his solo debut on June 7, 2013, with the mini album “Trap”.

Henry Profile

Stage NameHenry (헨리)
Birth NameLiu Xian Hua (刘宪华) | Henry Lau
Korean NameYoo Heon-hwa (유헌화)
OccupationSinger, Composer, Actor, Rapper
BirthdayOctober 11, 1989
Active Years2005–present
Age34 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight63 kg (139 lb)
Blood TypeAB

Henry Facts:

Early Life 

– Henry was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
– He transferred from Zion Heights Junior High School to North Toronto Collegiate Institute before graduating from A.Y. Jackson Secondary School.
– He later graduated from Berklee College of Music.
– He was a classical musician when he was young and he used to play violin and piano. (AsianCrush)

Personal Life 

– His mom is Taiwanese, and his dad is a Teochew who grew up in Hong Kong.
– He has an older brother named Clinton and a sister named Whitney, who was the runner-up in the Miss Toronto Chinese pageant.
– He believes that self-love means loving and taking care of the people he loves. (Men’s-folio)
– He is close with Ryeowook in Super Junior.
The first celebrity he met was Pierce Brosnan in an elevator. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He was a drummer in high school and he was a big fan of Travis Barker. The first CD he bought was a Blink-182.
– He writes most of the songs in English and then changes them into Korean or Chinese. (Billboard)
– He has a female dog named Charlie.
– He is nicknamed “Mochi” due to his fair skin and chubby cheeks during his youth.
– He professionally pursues music, choreography, acting, artwork, and restaurateur. He sometimes finds it hard to balance between them. (Kpop Concerts)
– When he first moved to Korea, Henry primarily consumed chicken soup for nearly a year as he struggled to find other foods he enjoyed.
– He is an old friend of Bazzi.
– He started learning Pop dance in junior high school. He switched from classical music to pop music and dance because all the kids, especially girls, were crazy about the pop bands in his school. (All Kpop)
– First, his father opposed him going to Korea and becoming a K-pop idol but his mother supported him and went to Korea with him. Later he convinced his father too. (Billboard)
– He always carries headphones, AirPods, a strong magnet, working tools, a neck massager, a synthesizer, and cameras.  (GQ KOREA)
– As a foreigner in Korea, he was surprised by the close physical contact among guys in Super Junior, even mistaking it for indications of being gay. He also thought Heechul, with his long hair and feminine appearance, was transgender.
– During his trainee days, he shared a dorm room with Zhoumi.
– Henry’s ideal type is described as a beautiful girl with a proportional body.
– When he was a trainee he didn’t know Korean so he used to think that the word “Chopsticks” meant “Chocolate”. He would ask for chocolate instead of chopsticks even in restaurants.  (Korea Boo)
– His first celebrity crush was Christina Aguilera. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He takes most of his time to work on melodies more than any other part of the song.
– He believes that anything is possible if one puts his mind and soul into it. Having the right team is also a key to be successful. (Men’s-folio)
– He is close friends with f(x)’s Amber, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, Lay (EXO), Jackson Wang (GOT7), and Eric Nam.


– Henry was the main dancer, lead vocalist, sub rapper in Super Junior.
– He contributed an English OST, “It’s You,” for the drama “While You Were Sleeping.”
– He appeared on “King of Masked Singer” under the alias “Moonwalk White Jackson”.
– In May 2018, his contract with SM Entertainment concluded and he left the company.
– He joined AXIS Entertainment before establishing his company, Henry’s Workshop.
– He formed his music label Monster Entertainment with his brother Clinton, who was also a musician, in 2018. (Variety)
– He played the violin for SJ’s debut album, sparking rumors of his addition to the group. However, he, along with Zhou Mi, was reserved for the Chinese sub-unit.
– He is the maknae (youngest member) in the subgroup and in all of Super Junior.
– He composed EXO’s “The Eve” and is part of the production team NoizeBank.
– He made his acting debut in 2009.
– He collaborated with Kyuhyun and Taemin (SHINee) and released the EP titled “Trap”.
– His Korean drama appearances include “Persevere, Goo Hae-Ra” (2015) and “Oh My Venus” (2016).
– He joined S.M. Entertainment through the Global Audition held in 2006 in Toronto, Canada, where he was selected from 3000 contestants.
– He acted in the movie “Final Recipe” and after that movie, he decided to pursue acting professionally. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He was a captain of one of the teams in Street Dancer China season 4.
– The director-general of the World Health Organization tweeted about his album “JOURNEY” in 2020.
– He made his Hollywood debut as Trent Mahoney in the movie “A Dog’s Journey”. 

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite color is white.
– Tennis is his favorite sport.
– He is a fan of Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.
– He likes to listen to his music while walking on the streets. He loves going on walks on the streets of Paris the most.  (ELLE Korea)
– Wang Lee Hom and Jay Chou are among his favorite musicians.
– He loves wearing crocs. (ELLE China)

Food Preferences

– His favorite snacks are Korean onion ring snacks, Fruit Gushers (they remind him of his childhood), Pop rock candy, Skittles, Oreos and milk, and Rollups.  (First We Feast)
– He doesn’t like spicy food.
– He is not a fan of Korean cuisine.
– His favorite Australian snacks are Pizza Shapes and Chocolate Kangaroo. (Andy Trieu Show)
– He likes eating lychee, sweets, and chocolate.


– Henry is multi-instrumental, playing the violin, piano, drums, and guitar. He started playing the piano at 5 and the violin at 6.
– He is proficient in English, Mandarin, Korean, French, and Cantonese.
– He can speak Thai, Japanese, and Taiwanese Chinese.

Personality & Habits

– He has a quiet personality. (ELLE Korea)
– He is a perfectionist and focuses on the small details.
– When he is stressed, he writes in his notebook.  (GQ KOREA)
– He is always looking for change and learning new things.
– He can sleep whenever he wants and wherever he wants. (Billboard)

Major Works

– His popular songs include “It’s You”, “Monster (English Version), “Radio”, and “Trap”.


– He won the “Excellence Male Award” at the 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards and “Artist of the Year” award at the 14th A-Awards by Arena Hommein 2019.
– He was awarded a silver medal for his level 10 violin skills from the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music.


Instagram: henryl89
Youtube: 헨리 Henry Lau
Twitter: henrylau89
TikTok: iamhenry
Weibo: 刘宪华Henry-Lau

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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