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Chaehyun (Kep1er) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Chaehyun Kep1er

Chaehyun (채현) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop girl group “Kep1er” under WAKEONE Entertainment and SWING Entertainment. She is also a member of Kep1er sub-unit “TAPE Unit”. 

Chaehyun (Kep1er) Profile

Stage NameChaehyun (채현)
Birth NameKim Chae Hyun (김채현)
BirthdayApril 26, 2002
Active Years2021–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Blood TypeB

Chaehyun (Kep1er) Facts:

Early Life

– She hails from Busan, South Korea.
– She went to Yeonsan Elementary School.
– She made the bold decision to drop out of middle school at the age of 13 to embark on her trainee journey. During this time, she independently passed her middle and high school examinations.
– She experimented with bleaching her hair in childhood.
– She participated in a choir during elementary school and attended an English Academy, where she was given the English name Erika.

Personal Life

– She desires to try platinum, dark blue, dark red, or smoky brown shades in the future.
– She texts the most among the members of the group chat. (Besties on Besties)
– She is a good cook.
– Her skills include singing, DIY, and proficiency in Japanese.
– The first thing she bought with her salary was a Dyson Airwrap for her mother.
– The food that she craves the most after a shoot ends is beer.
– She recognizes her appearance and singing tone as her charming points, with IU as her role model.
– If she had to write her own epitaph, she would write “Bye”. (JAYKEEOUT)
– She finds shopping to be a stress reliever.
– She regards her vocal tone and cuteness as her charming points.
– In her early debut days, she was greedy to do better but now her mindset has changed to “enjoying the present”. (Harper’s BAZAAR)
– She goes by the nicknames Chaehyun-ie and Chaerom-ie.
– She is a fan of boy groups Seventeen and Day6, as well as SNSD’s Taeyeon.
– According to her, the killing part of “WA DA DA” is “Run around and round”. (POPKORN POPTIME)
– She dreams of appearing on Running Man due to her childhood fascination with the show and her mom’s love for it.
– According to Chaehyun, the secret to success is energy.
– One thing that makes her happy about being a member of Kep1er is that there is always a lot of laughter going around. (The Star Magazine)
– She wants to learn to play the electric guitar. (The Star Magazine)
– Her Girls Planet 999 motto was “I am KIM CHAE HYUN with the looks of a rabbit and charisma of a white tiger.”
– If she were to play the role of a main character in a drama, she would like to play someone with a lot of pain so that she can experience new emotions through the character.
– She believes her charming points are her appearance, vocal tone, and overall atmosphere.
– The one phrase that has given her the greatest strength in her life is “I will be your last audience”. (Harper’s BAZAAR)
– Receiving compliments gives her positive energy.
– She copes with troubles by listening to music and jotting down her thoughts on paper.
– If she was a Kep1ian, she would fangirl over Hikaru.
– The thing she is most confident in is her voice.
– She has an extensive collection of lipsticks.
– She aspires to visit Switzerland.
– She is roommates with Xiaoting. (Showterview with Sunmi)
– She believes winter should involve experiencing its scent and consuming lots of hot chocolate.
– Her most used emojis are ❤😊.
– Something she most often says is “How was it?”. (Kep1er Debut Show)
– She defines charismatic individuals as those who are careful and interesting to talk to.
– The members she gets along with the most are Dayeon and Yujin. (POPKORN PICKTOK)
– Her mother dreamt of a little white tiger when pregnant with her, predicting she would have a baby boy, and indeed Chaehyun strongly resembles her mother.
– She would like to take a photo editing course to enhance her skill of taking photos.
– She wants to learn acting as it will be helpful to her for filming music videos.
– She is skilled in sewing and crafted a pair of gloves by herself.
– She is the perfectionist of the group along with Hikaru. (Besties on Besties)
– Her alcohol tolerance is two litres of beer.
– She desires to enjoy delicious food and hold a concert with her fans.
– The most number of drinks she has had at a time is four large cans of beer. (JAYKEEOUT)
– Chaehyun ranked first in “Girls Planet 999”. (Teen Vogue)
– She wants to learn to write professionally.
– Her happiest moment is when they won first place for the first time.
– Her goal for Kep1er is to have a dinner party. (POPKORN POPTIME)
– Whenever she asks someone their first impression of her, they always say that their first thought was that she is so pale.
Dayeon said that she looks like a bunny with her bangs down but with her bangs up she looks like a white tiger. (Kep1er Debut Show)
– She can do a Shin-Chan impression.
– According to the members, her selfie-taking skills are 100 out of 100. 


– She spent four years as a trainee under SM Entertainment and then dedicated two more years to self-training.
– She debuted as a Music Show MC on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show.’
– She was revealed to be a contestant on Girls Planet 999 on July 7th, 2021.
– She achieved 1,081,182 points in the GP999 finals.
– She is affiliated with WAKEONE Entertainment.
– She achieved a Golden II rank in League of Legends during Season 11 in 2021.
– She debuted as a main vocalist with Kep1er on January 3rd, 2021, with first mini album “First Impact”.

Likes & Dislikes

– She enjoys photography, gaming, watching movies and dramas, browsing YouTube, reading, dancing, shopping, working out, and playing the guitar.
– She favours the colour red.
– Her favourite performance from “Girls Planet 999” was the finale “Shine”. (Forbes)
– She likes white tigers, rabbits, and pandas.
– She enjoys her Polaroid camera, winter, rainy weather, phone calls, and the sea
– Her favourite song of theirs is “Love on Lock”. (Single Plus)
– Her favourites include subtly scented perfume, winter, knitwear, puppies, rainy days, taking photo strips, and Animal Crossing.
– She enjoys Disney cartoons, particularly Ralph and Tangled.
– She likes sneakers.

Food Preferences

– Chaehyun dislikes raw carrots, shellfish, bitter gourd, clams, organizing clothes, and olives.
– Her top three favorite foods: are instant iced tea, sushi, and beef.
– Her favourite treats include mint chocolate, bungeo-ppang, fried chicken, dipping sauce, onion bagels, black sugar bubble tea, and avocado sushi.
– She prefers bubble tea and chocolate smoothies for drinks and has a soft spot for “Puss in Boots” ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.
– She has a strong liking for pineapple pizza with garlic topping.
– She enjoys any sweet sauces for eating sangdae.
– Her favourite late-night snack is ramen.

Instagram: ikhiiofl

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