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Chan (iKON) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Chan (iKON)

Chan (찬), formerly known as Chanwoo, is a South Korean singer, actor and a member of the boy group iKON under 143 Entertainment. He is a former pre-debut member of i-Teen.

Chan (iKON) Profile

Stage NameChan (찬), Chanwoo (찬우)
Birth NameJung Chanwoo (정찬우)
OccupationSinger, Actor 
BirthdayJanuary 26, 1998
Active Years2008–present
Age26 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height181 cm (5’11″)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Chan (iKON) Facts:

Early Life

– He was born in Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He lived in Suji-gu Yongin, South Korea for a long time when he was young.
– He went to Seowon Elementary School and Seowon Middle School.

Personal Life

– He dropped out of Seowon High School and passed his GED.
– A secret skill he has is that he is very good at planning a trip in a detailed way so one can be very comfortable going on a trip with him. (THE STAR)
– His hobbies are watching baseball, playing games and catch ball.
– He gets scared easily.
DK said that Chan likes to watch video game videos on his phone in his spare time.
– His hometown is Suji-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– When he is feeling lonely, he calls Bobby or Song. (Hallyu Top)
– He used to be scared of B.I among the members, but now he’s most afraid of Bobby.
– His childhood best friends include Moonbin from Astro and Chani from SF9.
– Bobby describes him as clever but sly.
– If he gets a confession, he would like it to be in a cute and shy way rather than an aggressive way. (JJ Magazine 2018)
– His nicknames include ‘CHANU’, ‘CCHAN fairy’, ‘cchanu’, ‘Bokmakcchan’ and ‘Jung cchanyo’.
– His motto is ‘Let’s always live politely’.
– He would not do agyeo in front of his partner because he thinks it would burden her. (POPTEEN)
– DK said he is the most different from his first impression because his first impression was pure and nice but he turned out to be very friendly and playful. (hello82)
– Chan’s ideal type is someone who calls him “Oppa”.


– Chan is the Sub-Vocalist and Maknae in iKON.
– He’s the only member who wasn’t part of Team B on WIN.
– Previously, he was with Kids Planet Entertainment (2005-2010) and Fantagio Entertainment (2010-2014).
– He appeared as a child version of Changmin in TVXQ’s MV ‘Balloons’.
– He has played the child actor for Lee Min Ho for two dramas ‘Boys over flowers’ and ‘The Heirs’. (STUDIO JAMBOX)
– He will enlist in the mandatory military service on May 27 2024 and will get discharged on November 26, 2024.

Likes & Dislikes

– He is a fan of One Piece.  
– He likes to play online games with Jay.
– He doesn’t like white clothes and prefers black ones.
– HIs favorite color is green because it makes his eyes comfortable.  (iKON-ON : 2022)

Food Preferences

– He likes eating webfoot octopus and pork bbq.  (Hallyu Top)
– He loves to eat kimchi pancakes.
– His favorite foods include cheesy foods, spaghetti, intestines and desserts.
– If he had to eat one food forever, it would be ‘carbonara’.  
– He loves to eat desserts like pancakes and cakes.
– He hates spicy foods. 
– He always needs a beverage to accompany his food.

Personality & Habits

– He said he says what he wants to say but has a quiet personality.
– He avoids crying in front of others.
He keeps his room messy and often gets scolded by Song.
– Chan considers himself smart, realistic and has a strong desire to win.
– He said he is not the type to get nervous easily. (Nylon 2019)
– He is okay with being alone and would rest and play games.
– He is good at getting away from difficult situations. (iKON-ON : 2022)
– He is known as the cheekiest member.

Instagram: @chan_w000
Youtube: 찬우살이
Twitter: @ikon_chan_w000

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon  

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