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Mino (WINNER) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Mino (민호) is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and a member of the boy group WINNER under YG Entertainment. He debuted solo on November 26, 2018 with his first full-length album ‘XX’. He is a former member of the subunit MOBB and the band BoM.

Mino (WINNER) Profile

Stage NameMino (민호)
Birth NameSong Min Ho (송민호)
OccupationRapper, Songwriter  
BirthdayMarch 30, 1993
Active Years2014–present
Age31 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height182 cm (6’0″)
Weight57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Mino (WINNER) Facts:

Early Life

– Mino was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– He went to Hansol Elementary School and Yongin Baekhyun Middle School.
– He graduated from Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School in 2011.

Personal Life

– His Chinese zodiac sign is the rooster.
– His younger sister Danah was a part of the girl group New F.O.
– He was schoolmates with EunB, a late member of Ladies’ Code.
– He received his bachelor’s from International Cyber ​​University (Entertainment Department).
– He is a Protestant Chirstian.
– His father passed away in 2022.
– He used to share a dorm with Jinu.
– His family consists of his mother (born in 1969) and his younger sister (born in 1994) Song Danah.
– He enjoys activities like drawing, playing basketball, writing lyrics, composing music, and photography.
– He always wanted to be an extrovert as a child. (GQ Korea)
– One of the things that scare him alot if a lack of curiosity.
– He said he likes to stand out but doesn’t like things that stand out too much.
– His cousin #Gun, is a hip hop rapper who debuted in 2016.
– Mino is known as ‘Ohnim’ in art circles which is just his name spelled backwards.
– He can only start to write music if he has three bottles of water, his phone on DND and comfortable pants and shoes on.  (Nylon Korea)
– As a child he appeared as an extrovert on the outside but was very introverted and timid inside.  
– He has a Munchkin cat named Johnny and a pet bird named ‘Chipi.’
– He is fluent in Japanese and Korean.
– His morning routine includes waking up at 7am eating and sleeping then waking up again properly, drinking coffee and doing painting work. (ESQUIRE Korea)
– He is childhood friends with Block B‘s P.O.
– Fans think he looks like a mix of Big Bang‘s Taeyang and G-Dragon.
– He said the fundamental meanings behind all of his lyrics are ‘Please comfort me’ and ‘Please understand what I am saying.’ (GQ Korea)
– He is scared of bugs.
– His must-carry items in his bag are sanitizer, perfume, airpods and wallet.
– He used to take charge of fashion in his high school and even carried around a pocket watch in his uniform. (Marie Claire Korea)
– Mino’s ideal type is someone who enjoys food, takes care of themselves, and can share silly moments with him.
– He is close with GOT7’s Jackson Wang.
– He was considered a candidate for being the group’s leader.
Yoon describes his style as ‘Grandpa’. (Allure)
– His inspirations include 50 Cent, Dynamic Duo and Kendrick Lamar.


– Mino is the Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group in WINNER.
– He was once an underground rapper known as ‘Hugeboy Mino’ and collaborated with artists like Block B‘s Zico and P.O, as well as M.I.B’s SIMS.
– He almost became a member of Block B but opted out at the last minute.
– He appeared in the drama “K-pop – The Ultimate Survival.”
– He enlisted in the military in March 2023 as a social service agent.
– He was a part of the hip hop duo MOBB with iKON’s Bobby.
– He was a member of B.o.M under the stage name ‘Tagoon’ under Y2Y Contents Company. He debuted with them in 2011 and left in 2013 after the band’s disbandment.
– During his time in BoM, he wrote five songs among their releases but their CEO did not credit his contributions and faked another person’s name for the royalties.
– He was scouted by YG Entertainment after he covered BIGBANG’s La La La on ‘The Strongest K-POP Survival’ in 2012.
– In 2012, Mino participated in the acting project “K-pop – The Ultimate Survival” and was included in the main cast.
– He was featured in Epik High’s ‘Haters Birth’ along with B.I, Bobby (iKON), Beenizo and Verbal Jint.
– He was included in the producer team alongside Gray on the rap show ‘Show Me The Money 10’.
– He rose to fame after he was ranked as the runner up of Show Me the Money 4 and his solo ‘Fear’ became one of the show’s best selling artists.
– His songs frequently chart high on Korea’s domestic charts.
– He launched his own brand named ‘Sensorama’

Likes & Dislikes

– He is a fan of the movie “Fight Club.”
– Tteokbokki is his go-to comfort food.
– His favorite painter was Egon Schiele when he was young.
– He likes sewing and received a sewing machine as a gift from Jinu.
– His favorite photographer is Vivian Maier.
– He likes to wear laid back and casual clothes. (입어VOGUE)
– His favorite flower is sunflowers. (Marie Claire Korea)
– He loves camping. (Tatler)
– He enjoys painting whenever he gets free time. 
– He loves pictures and portraits.

Personality & Habits

– Mino often used to drink with Taehyun in the dorm and watched him over like a parent. (ELLE Korea 2016)
– He said he used to fool around a lot but now has become more sensitive and quiet as he has gotten older.
– He said he is the type of person that is positive no matter what situation he faces.
– He has a habit of heading over to the bathroom whenever he gets stuck writing music as he gets a lot of new ideas there.


– His tattoos include Blue roses, Sewol ferry ribbons, Hahoe masks, upside-down crowns, . ‘be nice, be kind’, ‘right posture and clear mind’, ‘love’,  butterfly,  ‘soloist’ . 
(GQ Korea)

Mental Health

– Mino said he suffered from panic disorder due to overthinking and having many responsibilities.  
– He was diagnosed with BPD and panic disorder in 2017 and takes medicine for them.
– He said he first experienced a panic attack when his solo song got viral and also started gaining recognition for his art skills. He revealed that he would cry where no one would watch after the filming stopped and then go back filming.
– He described that his life felt like a tragedy and he stopped sharing his difficulties because he was afraid people would not understand the reason he is feeling this way and would criticize him for being ungrateful. (채널A 캔버스)

Major Works

– His popular songs include ‘Okay Dokey’, ‘FIANCE’, ‘Body’ and ‘Run away’.


– He has won several awards in the Hip-Hop category and has also won the ‘Best Producer’ and ‘Best Male Artist’ award.

Instagram: realllllmino
Twitter: official_mino_

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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