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D.O. (EXO) Profile, Bio, & Facts


D.O. (디오) is a South Korean singer and a member of the boy group EXO under SM Entertainment. He debuted solo on July 26th, 2021 with EP ‘Empathy’.

D.O. (EXO) Profile

Stage NameD.O (디오)
Birth NameDo Kyung Soo (도경수)
OccupationSinger and Actor
BirthdayJanuary 12th, 1993
Active Years2012–present
Age31 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height173 cm (5’8”)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeA

D.O. (EXO) Facts:

Early Life:

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Baekseok High School.
– He graduated from Kyunghee Cyber University.

Personal Life:

– He has one brother who is 3 years older than him.
He is a Christian.
Baekhyun has called him ‘Kyungja’ since his trainee days.
– His fan club is known as Dandanies.
– He got his cooking certification in March 2019. (GOMI)
Kai was terrified of him during trainee days and would refuse to eat with him because he thought he  glares at him every time they met. However, it was because of D.O’s astigmatism. (Knowing Brothers)
He has astigmatism.
His superpower in EXO is ‘Earth’.
His fans resemble him with a penguin.
– He was in Class B during his trainee days.
– He is the main vocalist of the group.
– He and Chanyeol share the same sense of humor. (Shot Talk)
He displayed a natural talent for music from a young age, as he started singing during his primary school years. He continued to nurture his musical abilities and participated enthusiastically in numerous singing competitions throughout his high school years.
– He got close to Chanyeol when he became a trainee.
– He is known for his doe-eyes.
His parents have been incredibly supportive of his dream to become a singer. His father’s own art business contributed to his inherited artistic side.
– He always wanted to be a singer and used to beatboxing in high school. He also joined a vocalist club at school with BTOB’s Hyunsik who was his classmate.
He enlisted in the military on July 1, 2019, and was discharged on January 25, 2021, after completing his mandatory military service.
– He wants to try cooking Japanese food. 
– He has two cats ‘Huchu’ and ‘Meokmul’.
– He is often teased by Chanyeol and Baekhyun and would smack them when they do.
– He loves his mom’s cooking.
– He prefers waking up early rather than sleeping late at night.
– His childhood dream was to become a singer-actor.
– Puppies are his favorite animals.
– He prefers a partially cooked egg over a fully cooked one. (GOMI)


– In 2010, he won a street competition of singing and got approached by SM Entertainment’s caster.
– His training period is 2 years.
– He performed ‘Anticipation’ by Na Yoon-Kwon and ‘My Story’ by Brown Eyed Soul at his audition.
– He was also featured in the ‘Goodbye Summer’ song of f(x).
– He made his acting debut in 2014 with ‘Cart’.
– He has appeared in various dramas, including “EXO Next Door” (2015) and “Be Positive” (2016).
– In terms of films, he has been part of projects like “Unforgettable/Pure Love” (2016), “My Annoying Brother” (2016), “Along With the Gods: – The Two Worlds” (2017), “Room No.7” (2017), and “Swing Kids” (2018).
– He had cameo appearances in many dramas like “To The Beautiful You” (2012) and starred in “It’s Ok, This is Love” (2014), “Hello Monster” (2015, episodes 1-2), “100 Days My Prince” (2018), and “Bad Prosecutor” (2022).
– In 2021, he released his solo album EP ‘Empathy’ which topped the Gaon charts.
– On September 18, 2023, he released his EP “Expectation”.
– On October 18, 2023, it was revealed that D.O. will be leaving SM Entertainment and joining a new company, under the name of SooSoo, owned by his long-time manager Nam Kyung-soo for his personal activities. However, he will continue his activities as EXO’s member under SM Entertainment.

Likes & Dislikes:

– His favorite number is 1.
He hates sweating and exercising.
– He really enjoys slow walks.
His favorite type of music is pop.
– He really enjoys watching english movies.
He is a fan of fantasy movies.
– He really likes illustrations and is pretty good at it.
– He doesn’t like when someone calls him cute.
– He enjoys the music of Justin Bieber.
His favorite color is black. (GOMI)

Food Preferences

– He likes mint choco. (EXO-SC Lets Play)
He loves spaghetti as his favorite food.
– His favorite filipino dish is Lechon Manok.
– He would rather have his milk served plain than flavored. (GOMI)


– He can speak English really well.
– He can draw really well.
– He can change mobile phone screen protectors with precision and also do it for his members. (Sohu)
– He can tap dance as well.

Personality & Habits

– He is known for his quiet and considerate nature.
– He often acts as a mother figure to the other members of EXO.
– He is not a person who would put meaning behind his age. (Singles Korea)
– He is sentimental, prefers cleanliness, and has a shy demeanor when it comes to strangers.
He looks intimidating but is quite funny when it comes to humor.

Major Works

– His popular songs include “I’m Gonna Love You”, “That’s Okay”, and “Rose (eng ver.)”.
– He also participated in the OST ‘Bite’ from Bad Prosecutor in which he was the main lead.


– He has won several awards including Best New Actor award, Popularity award, Mosty Popular Actor award, Artist Award – Male Solo, Solo Song of the Year award, Top Excellence award, and Actor of the Year award.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: d.o.hkyungsoo

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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