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Chanyeol (EXO) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Chanyeol EXO

Chanyeol (찬열) is a South Korean singer and a member of the boy group EXO under SM Entertainment. He is also a member of EXO-SC a subunit of EXO.

Chanyeol (EXO) Profile

Stage NameChanyeol (찬열)
Birth NamePark Chan Yeol (박찬열)
OccupationSinger, Song-Writer, Rapper, Actor, Model, Record Producer
BirthdayNovember 27th, 1992
Active Years2012–present
Age31 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height186 cm (6’1”)
Weight70 kg (154.3 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Chanyeol (EXO) Facts:

Early Life:

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He was enrolled in a private acting institute at the age of 16.
– He graduated from Hundai Senior High School.
– He went to Kyung Hee Cyber University majoring in Business Administration.
– He also graduated from Inha University majoring in Interior Design.
– He was in a high school band club.

Personal Life:

– He has one older sister ‘Park Yoora’ who was previously a newscaster.
– He underwent Lasik eye surgery during his trainee days.
– Chanyeol and Baekhyun used to go home together by sharing earpieces together during their trainee days.
He refers to himself as the “Reversal Voice” because his youthful appearance contrasts with his deep, manly voice.
– He keeps several things in his go-to bag including his laptop, lip balm, glasses, nail clipper, USB stick, mouthwash, and employee ID card. (Harper’s Bazaar Korea)
He is a Christian.
– He has close friendships with Zico from Block B, Jonghyun from CNBLUE, Woozi from Seventeen, Joohoney from Monsta X, and actor Choi Tae Joon.
He used to carry a handkerchief with him at all times, as he had a tendency to drool. He would use the handkerchief to wipe away any saliva, especially when someone jokingly asked him for kisses.
– His inspiration to write music comes from his sadness. (Sohu)
– He has his own recording studio called Studio 519.
– His father has previously shared that during their trainee days, D.O would frequently stay at their house for extended periods to play with him.
He is also credited with designing EXO’s hexagon logo.
– His mother used to own a restaurant, and his father owns a café.
– He can’t tolerate impoliteness and immorality. 
– He had a vocal cord surgery in 2019. (cnalifestyle)
He has a pet dog named Toben and Zzar.
He is allergic to fur and can only spend limited time with dogs.
– He had a childhood dream of becoming an astronomer.
He raised several animals in childhood including a ferret, 7 puppies, a parrot, and a cat.
He sang ‘Everglow’ by Coldplay at his sister’s wedding.
– His mother used to celebrate his birthday every year with his fans at her restaurant.
– His jersey number 61 stems from his childhood nickname, “Park Chanho.” This nickname is inspired by a renowned baseball player who wore the jersey number 61.
– During his youth, he displayed exceptional intelligence, prompting his mother to encourage him to participate in a “Gifted program for geniuses.”
– He loved brushing his teeth in his younger days.
– He revealed that he experienced a moment of emotional vulnerability after a concert and he cried alone in his car. (Star Show 360)
– He revealed to have watched his part in ‘Growl’ about 300 times.
Chanyeol enlisted in the military on March 29, 2021. During his military service, he participated in the Korean Army Musical called “메이사의노래” (Meissa’s Song).
– He once brought home an animal and his mother slapped him for that because he already had so many pets.
– He is most afraid of people because, in his opinion, human beings are the scariest creatures. (GQ KOREA)
– He is also known for helping to guide and mentor fellow EXO member Sehun, who joined SM Entertainment around the same time.
– He received a ring as a birthday gift from Chen. (iHeartRadio)
– He prefers one-to-one relationships.
– Despite his procrastination characteristics, he genuinely strives for perfection. (EXO)
– His MBTI animal is a puppy.
– Around Sehun, he feels a lot more professional. (Shot Talk)
– With inspiration from “Mozart,” he named his dog “Zzar.”
– Whenever he’s lying on his bed, his dog likes to snuggle up with him.
– His dog’s favorite toy is the Hamtory doll which Chanyeol won in a claw machine.
– He doesn’t use perfume very often.
– He always carries a notebook when traveling.
– His strength is his confidence.
– His ideal type is someone who is funny, talkative, and has the same sense of humor as him. (WKorea)
– His weakness is overconfidence. 


– He achieved second place in the 2008 Smart Model Contest, He caught the attention of SM Entertainment, leading to his selection as a trainee under the agency.
– His training tenure is 4 years.
– He made cameo appearances in TVXQ‘s “HaHaHa Song” music video, Girls’ Generation‘s “Genie (Japanese Version)” music video, and TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle” music video.
– In 2015, he made his movie debut with ‘Salut d’Amour’.
– In 2019, he released his solo song ‘SSFW’.
– He wrote the lyrics for their song “Heaven” and collaborated with Seventeen’s Woozi on the song “Give Me That.”
– He also starred in various movies and dramas, including “Salut D’Amour” (2015), “So I Married An Anti-Fan” (2016), and “Memories of the Alhambra” (2018).
– He appeared in the variety show “Roommates” in 2014 and “Law of the Jungle.”
– In 2019, he made his sub-unit EXO-SC debut with Sehun.
– In 2021, he made an appearance in the musical road film titled “The Box.”

Likes & Dislikes:

– He enjoys listening to music and playing various instruments such as the guitar, drums, African drums, and bass. (allkpop)
– His favorite genre of music is hip hop and rap.
– He enjoys playing with claw machines. (GQ KOREA)
– He enjoys snowboarding.
– He hates insects.
He really hates losing in a game.
He admires artists like Jason Mraz, Coldplay and Eminem.
– His favorite movie is “School of Rock”.
– He likes the sea more than the mountains.
His favorite number is 21.
– Among Chanyeol’s favorite webtoons are “Yumi’s Cells” and “Itaewon Class.”
– He has a fondness for the color black.
– He loves composing music and aspires to have his own compositions featured on EXO’s albums someday.
– He likes bowling and basketball. (WKorea)

Food Preferences

– His preferred foods include Galbi and Tonkatsu.
He doesn’t like mint choco.
– He is a heavy beer drinker. (GQ KOREA)
– His favorite dish is Sundaeguk.
– Abura Soba is a dish he really likes. (Shot Talk)

Personality & Habits:

– He is known for his cheerful and bright demeanor.
– He believes he is a person who makes snap decisions. (EXO)
– He claims that talking to him can lead to wonderful things.
He is very clumsy and goofy.
He is an animal lover.
– Usually, he isn’t the first to start conversations.
– He is not a show-off person.
– Being envious of others’ lives is not in his nature.
He has a habit of hitting someone when he is laughing hard.
He rarely gets angry except when he loses something.
He has a very soft heart and tends to take the words to heart.
– He is an introverted person but likes to receive attention.
– He enjoys spending time alone by himself, as does his dog.
– He is the type who lives passionately every day. (Nothin’ Y/N)


He can play Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums.
He can speak Japanese pretty well.


He has a popular nickname of ‘Happy Virus’.
He is also called ‘Yoda’ because of his big ears.


– In 2021, an alleged post surfaced online by someone claiming to be his girlfriend of 3 years and that he had cheated on her multiple times. His agency took legal actions against the user and he made a statement for his fans and apologized for the inconvenience.

Major Works:

– His popular songs include “Yours (feat. Raiden, LeeHI & CHANGMO)”, “Tomorrow” and “We Young (EXO-SC)”.
– He also participated in the OST “Stay With Me” for the drama Goblin.
– He collaborated with American band ‘Far East Movement’ for the song “Freal Luv”.


– He has won several awards including Most Popular Artist, Asia OST Popularity for his song ‘Stay With Me’, Most Popular Overseas Singer, and Hallyu Star Award.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: real__pcy
Weibo: real__pcyyyyy

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | SoundCloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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