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Iroha (ILLIT) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Iroha (이로하) is a Japanese singer and a member of the K-pop girl group ILLIT under BE:LIFT Labs. She participated in the survival show “R U NEXT?”.

Iroha (ILLIT) Profile

Stage NameIroha (이로하)
Birth NameHokazono Iroha (外園 いろは)
BirthdayFebruary 4, 2008
Active Years2023–present
Age16 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Blood TypeA

Iroha (ILLIT) Facts:

Early Life

– Iroha was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– She went to a private academy for dance when she was three and started learning properly around fifth grade of elementary school. (Weekly Idol)

Personal Life

– She is also known as Roha.
– She has a perfectionist nature.
– Her representative emojis is turtle 🐢.
– Iroha had the best first impression of Yunah because Yunah toured her around the rooms after she arrived in Korea.  (I’LL (SHOW) IT)
– She is close with Idol School‘s Kim Eunkyul and former LIGHTSUM‘s Jian.
– Her motto is “The results come out as much as you work hard”.
– She has a habit of moving with the rhythm.
– She is roommates with Moka.
– She spends more time on the sofa in the living room than on her bed.
– Her name, ‘Hokazono Iroha’, signifies flying around the world with beautiful wings.
– She is close with NMIXX and NiziU.
– She frequently uses the phrases “I can do anything” and “It can’t be helped”.
Yunah said Iroha might be the youngest but she had a strong mentality and takes care of the older members.  (Weekly Idol Self Profile)
– She used to eat karaage for lunch in school.  (‘ILLIT Ready’ EP.1)
– She likes Minju because she takes care of the members well.
– She would choose Taeyeon‘s ‘날개 (Feel So Fine)’ as a background for her life.
– Members like to call her ‘baby chick’.
– She was roommates with Youngseo in the master bedroom.


– Iroha was ranked 4th in R U Next and was included in the final lineup of ILLIT.
– She was a trainee at JYP Entertainment.
– She used to take dance classes at STUDIO MARU Kyoto.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite manga series include Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan, and Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun.
– Cats are her favorite animals.
– She likes singing ‘Lowkey’ by NIKI at the karaoke.
– Green is her favorite color.

Food Preferences

– She loves to drink bubble tea.
– Her favorite dessert is Tiramisu. (‘ILLIT Ready’ EP.2)
– She prefers flour cake over rice cake.
– Tiramisu is her preferred dessert.
– She likes mint chocolate.
– She prefers rice over noodles.  (‘ILLIT Ready’ EP.1)

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