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Keeho (P1Harmony) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Keeho P1Harmony

Keeho (기호) is a Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter and a member of the boy group “P1Harmony” under FNC Entertainment.

Keeho (P1Harmony) Profile

Stage Name: Keeho (기호)
Birth Name: Yoon Keeho (윤기호)
Occupation: Singer-songwriter
Birthday: September 27, 2001
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 22 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 179 cm (5’10″)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean-Canadian
Blood Type: A

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Keeho (P1Harmony) Facts

Early Life

– Keeho was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
– He spent his school years in Canada.
– He transferred from Unionville Art High School and graduated from Gyeonggi High School.

Personal Life

– He has an older sister named Yoon Haeun/Kiha/Anna (born in 2000) and a younger brother named Timothy.
– Keeho’s mother used to be a musician, and his father used to work at a university as a counselor. (Billboard Interview)
– His English name is Stephen Yoon.
– He is close with Jiung and they went through similar training periods.
Soul likes to call him by his nickname, Steph.
– He graduated from the same high school as Intak.
– Photography and drawing are his hobbies.
– He was chosen as the member who took care of Jongseob the best when they joined the company.
– He said starring in the film P1H: The Beginning of a New World helped him become more comfortable in front of the cameras.
– During the holidays, when the Korean members visit their families, he spends the day with Soul, who is unable to return home to Japan.
– His bucket list artists to collaborate with is Ariana Grande.
– He doesn’t like long nails and keeps his nails short.
– He doesn’t cry easily and there isn’t a movie that has made him cry.
– If he could “steal” a trait from another member, he would choose Intak’s dance skills.
– Drawing is one of his passions.
– His life motto is “Don’t take life too seriously.”
– The name Keeho means “to excel” and “big.”
– He would like to see Beyoncé in concert.
– He finds the song “If You Call Me” from Disharmony: Break Out the most meaningful because all six members worked on it together.
– His audition song “All Of Me” by Michael Bublé.
– Keeho advises his pre-debut self not to worry too much and work harder.
– His top item on his professional bucket list is to win a Grammy.
– He said his hometown shaped him by helping him gain confidence, learn the importance of manners, and expose him to different vocal styles. (Bill Board Interview)
– During his time in Canada, he had a basic understanding of Korean conversation but lacked reading and writing skills. Living as a trainee in – Korea improved his Korean proficiency.
– He and The Boyz’s Jacob used to study at the same vocal academy in Toronto.
– His nicknames include Stephen Yoon, Kiho, Wolf, Steph, and Kyo.
– Keeho’s karaoke go-to song is Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”
– He has many favorite artists including Daniel Caesar, H.E.R, SZA, SiR, Frank Ocean, Yebba, and Tori Kelly.
– Ariana Grande’s The Listening Session was the first concert he attended.


– In P1Harmony, Keeho was the first member to be revealed.
– He is the leader and vocalist in the group “P1Harmony”.
– He had a training period of two years and nine months.
– Keeho is also a lyricist and composer and has written many P1Harmony songs including “If You Call Me”, “Follow Me”, “That’s It (이거지)” and “More Than Words”.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite movie is “500 Days of Summer.”
– He considers steak as his favorite food.
– He likes fashion items such as a crossbody bag with a small wallet attached and a phone with a charger.
– He loves to eat Salad.
– Yellow, green, and blue are his favorite colors.
– Keeho has a collection of specs and sunglasses.
– He loves to eat raw vegetables like celery and carrots.
– He hates mint chocolate.


– Singing is his specialty.
– Keeho and Intak are known as the best photographers in the group.
– He is not good at winking.

Personality & Habits

– Keeho has a strong sense of self-love and high self-esteem.
– He sometimes talks in his sleep.
– Due to his cold and fierce appearance, Keeho is often mistaken for a rapper position.
– He rarely cries.
– Before his room often used to be in a mess with clothes all over the place and his roommate Jiung would urge him to clean up.
– He enjoys doing skinship (physical affection) with the younger members.
– His MBTI personality type is ENFP.
– Keeho describes himself as patient, kind, funny, and optimistic.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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