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Jiung (P1Harmony) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Jiung P1Harmony
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Jiung (지웅) is a South Korean singer, rapper, and a member of the boy group “P1Harmony” under FNC Entertainment.

Jiung (P1Harmony) Profile

Stage Name: Jiung (지웅)
Birth Name: Choi Jiung (최지웅)
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, rapper
Birthday: October 7, 2001
Active Years: 2020–present
Age 22 (in Jul 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

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Jiung (P1Harmony) Facts

Early Life

– Jiung was born in Seoul but considers Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, as his hometown.
– He did not graduate from high school but obtained his high school diploma through the GED test.

Personal Life

– Jiung passed the audition after only four months of learning to dance.
– His family consists of his parents and younger brother born in 2008.
– Listening to ASMR helps him relax before sleeping.
– He has various nicknames, including “All-round squirrel,” “woong,” and “rat.”
– He wanted to become a singer after performing at a festival in school and enjoyed the feeling of being on stage.
– Jiung is considered the all-rounder in P1Harmony.
– He asks his pre-debut self if he is truly sincere. (Bill Board Interview)
– His mother used to be a banker, and his father used to work at National Tax Service.
– In P1Harmony’s songs, he and Theo often handle the high-note parts.
– He shares the exact same birthday as his younger brother.
– He avoids listening to music as it prevents him from falling asleep due to analyzing it.
– Jiung is known as one of the P1Harmony members who sweats the most, alongside Intak.
– He caught the attention of an FNC staff member at his dance academy, which led to him becoming a trainee.
– His bucket list artist to collaborate with is Ty Dolla $ign.
– He gets emotional when listening to the Korean traditional children’s song “Daddy Cheer Up.”
– He and Theo have been close friends for a long time.
– He wanted to become a veterinarian when he was a child.
– He is scared of cockroaches.
– He has an interest in liberal arts, as well as math and science. He likes solving difficult math problems.
– He and Intak used to go to a tunnel near the Han River to dance after their practice sessions as trainees.
– He realized he could be an artist full-time through his rap and vocal coach.
– He said his hometown provides him with mental stability and relaxation. (Billboard Interview)
– During his free time, he often reflects on his life or watches videos on YouTube.
– He learned rapping after joining the agency.
– He would like to see Lee Sun Hee in concert.
– Jiung finds the song “Pyramid” from Disharmony: Break Out the most meaningful as it helps him feel like the best and aligns with his mindset.
– He has an tiny head and can still wear a cap he’s had since elementary school.
– His top item on his professional bucket list is to perform in front of a million people.
– Some of the things he wants to do include going camping by himself, buying an island and building a house, backpacking around the world, and becoming an adult.
– The name Jiung means “to be a wise man.”
– He has an interest in fashion and likes all accessories.
– He is a big fan of CNBLUE, and their song “I Don’t Know Why” is his go-to song to sing in karaoke.
– Fans think his face resembles a hamster.


– He was the third member to be revealed in P1Harmony.
– Jisung is the rapper, vocalist, and dancer in the group “P1Harmony.”
– He joined FNC after passing the audition during his high school years and debuted after three years of training, similar to Keeho.
– He has participated in writing many P1Harmony’s songs “Intro; Breakthrough (틀)”, “That’s It (이거지)” and ” Breakthrough (틀) (Full Version)” along with Keeho and Theo.

Likes & Dislikes

– Jiung enjoys emotional movies such as ‘Little Forest’, ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Before Sunset’, and ‘About Time’.
– Yankee Candle Black Cherry is one of his favorite scents.
– He enjoys wearing hats, especially beret hats.
– Bruno Major, 92914, Post Malone, 6lack, Bon Iver, Bloo, and Civilian are among his favorite artists.
– He has a strong interest in philosophy and enjoys studying it.
– “You are you, I am me” is his favorite phrase.
– Jiung’s favorite facial feature is his nose.
– He prefers fruit scents over flower scents and does not use perfumes.

Food Preferences

– He doesn’t enjoy carbonated drinks, so he shakes Coke to remove the fizz before drinking it.
– His favorite foods include rosé pasta, garlic bread, and potatoes.
– The only food he dislikes is cucumbers. He removes them from the gimbap and avoids eating kimchi.
– Jiung loves all kinds of sauces, from strawberry jam and syrup to mayonnaise, and he enjoys dipping his food in them.
– He doesn’t particularly like or dislike mint chocolate, so he doesn’t go out of his way to buy it.
– He likes drinking milk tea, iced tea, and Americano.
– He likes green tea and chocolate.


– He considers dancing as his specialty.
– He has the ability to quickly memorize choreography.
– Jiung is skilled in freestyle dance, particularly popping.
– He can tumble with Soul.

Personality & Habits

– He has a habit of writing memos.
– Jiung enjoys learning new things.
– He is neat and likes to organize things.
– He will scold anyone in their dorm who doesn’t do the cleaning.
– He grinds his teeth while sleeping.
– He has a habit of taking notes to organize his thoughts and enjoys daydreaming.
– He listens to natural ASMR sounds like crickets or campfire sounds before sleeping.
– His MBTI type is INTJ.
– Jiung has a habit of unintentionally chewing the inside of his mouth. (Billboard Interview)

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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P1Harmony JIUNG(지웅) ‘JUMP’

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