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Kendall (VCHA) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Kendall VCHA

Kendall Ebeling (켄달) is an American singer and a member of the Kpop girl group VCHA under JYP Entertainment. She is a former contestant on the survival show A2K (America2Korea).

Kendall (VCHA) Profile

Stage Name Kendall (켄달)
Birth Name Kendall Ebeling
Occupation Singer
Birthday June 1st, 2006
Active Years 2023–present
Age 17  (in Jun 2023)
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality American
Blood Type N/A

Kendall (VCHA) Facts

– Kendall is from Fort Worth, Texas. (Sweety High)
– She wants to collaborate with Stray Kids or specifically 3RACHA. (The Knockturnal)
– She considers music as her life.
– Ethnically, she is Vietnamese-American.
– She always sleeps with a blanket. (Billboard)
– She has experience in jazz, and theater and also did ballet for 5 years.
– She is the vocalist and dancer in VCHA.
– Her family consists of her parents and an older sister named Aimee (born 2003-2004).
– Her favorite movie is Ender’s Game. (J-14 Magazine)
– Kendall likes painting and she paints in her free time. (Tiktok)
– She made the paintings that appear in “Y.O.Universe” herself. (TV GUIDE)
– She wants to cover “Cry For Me” by TWICE as a group because it’s a powerful song and she thinks they would be really good at it. (The Knockturnal)
– Her favorite colors are light pink and grey. (J-14 Magazine)
– She originally wanted to follow her parents’ career path, working in the STEM field. (J-14 Magazine)
– She was revealed as the six member of VCHA.

Participation in ‘A2K’

– She received her pendant in Episode 1 of the show.
– In the first episode of A2K, She showcased her talent by performing “DALLA DALLA (eng ver.)” by ITZY.
– She received her dance stone in episode five after she performed “POP” by Nayeon in the LA Boot Camp.
– She was ranked 2nd in Dance.
– She performed “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston and got her vocal stone.
– In episode 9 of A2K, she displayed her knowledge of art by crafting a pendant for J.Y. Park. Her artistic skills earned her the Star Quality Stone.
– She was chosen as the leader of Team B and her team included Kaylee, Savanna, and Mischa. They were assigned to perform “Wanna be” (ITZY).
– She did not pass the Character Evaluation in Episode 12.
– In Episode 15, she secured 5th place in the LA Bootcamp Rankings.
– She performed ’24 hours’ by SUNMI and earned her 1st Stone.
– During the Individual Evaluations, she achieved the 2nd position.
– In the Team Evaluations, she achieved the 7th position.
– She ranked 6th in the final episode of the show and was included in the final lineup of the group VCHA.

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‘Y.O.Universe’ Fancam – Kendall

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