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KG (VCHA) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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KG Crown is an American singer and a member of the Kpop girl group VCHA under JYP Entertainment. She is a former contestant on the survival show A2K (America2Korea).

KG (VCHA) Profile

Stage NameKG (케이지)
Birth NameKiera Grace
BirthdayJune 17th, 2007
Active Years2023–present
Age17 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height154.9 cm (5’1″)
Blood TypeN/A

KG (VCHA) Facts

– KG Crown was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA but then moved to Michigan, Illinois, USA.
– She is from Los Angeles, California. (Sweety High)
– She started music when she was seven and was in a band with her brother for six years.
– She can play the guitar. (Teen Vogue)
– Her dream collaborations include Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, ITZY, and NMIXX. (The Knockturnal)
– She wrote and released her own music before her debut.
– She was in the lead vocals and played backup guitar and backup piano in her band.
– She released her first solo song “Porcelain Queen”.
– She can also play drums and violin.
– She started to model when she was four years.
– She is not a natural blond. (Billboard)
– She is the vocalist and rapper in VCHA.
– Her Kpop inspiration is BLACKPINK. (J-14 Magazine)
– Her favorite food is pancakes. (J-14 Magazine)

Participation in ‘A2K’

– She sang to Issues by Julia Michaels while playing the guitar for A2K auditions and passed.
– She got her pendant in episode 3.
– She received her dance stone in episode five after she performed “FEVER” by J.Y. Park.
– She was ranked 8th in Dance.
– She sang “Easy on Me” by Adele and received her vocal stone.
– She skillfully combined her own song “Porcelain Queen” with “Sneakers” by ITZY, performing both songs on the keyboard while singing and later she smoothly transitioned into showcasing her basketball dribbling skills. She received her Star Quality Stone.
– She got placed in Team A and her team included Camilla and Cristina. They were assigned to perform “Be My Baby” (Wonder Girls)
– She did not achieve a rank in the Star Quality evaluation.
– She did not pass the Character Evaluation in Episode 12.
– In Episode 15, she secured 8th place in the LA Bootcamp Rankings.
– She performed ‘Blues’ by LeAnn Rimes and earned her 1st Stone.
– During the Individual Evaluations, she achieved the 3rd position.
– In the Team Evaluations, she achieved the 6th position.
– She ranked 2nd in the final episode of the show and was included in the final lineup of the group VCHA.

KG (VCHA) Photos

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Spread the K-pop love by sharing this profile! 💖🎶 #KpopSingers
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