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Kim Jiwoong (ZB1) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Kim Ji Woong (김지웅) is an actor and singer from South Korea under Nest Entertainment. He is a member of the multinational group ZEROBASEONE under WAKEONE Entertainment. He participated in the survival shows “Burn Up 30” and “BOYS PLANET”.

Kim Jiwoong (ZB1) Profile

Stage NameKim Ji Woong (김지웅)
Birth NameKim Ji Woong (김지웅)
OccupationSinger, Actor
BirthdayDecember 14, 1998
Active Years2016–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height178 cm (5’10 “)
Blood TypeAB

Kim Jiwoong (ZB1) Facts:

Early Life

– Kim Jiwoong was born in Dangye-dong, Wonju, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
– He went to Pyeongwon Middle School.
– He graduated from Broadcasting Correspondence High School.
– He initially dreamt of becoming a singer but faced opposition from his parents, so he auditioned to prove himself.
– He competed in the national inline skating championship (third place) and national relay championships.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents, older brother and younger brother.
– He is the captain of the group in charge of keeping the members under control. (Halmyungsoo)
– His older brother is one year older than him, while his younger brother is ten years younger than him.
– Kim Jiwoong is the oldest member of the group “ZEROBASEONE”.
– His handwriting resembles a child’s and is complimented by fans for being cute.
– The body part he is most confident about is his heart.
– He can speak fluent Japanese and Korean.
– He has a high tolerance for dealing with heat. (Singles August Issue)
– Park Hyosun and SHINEE’s Taemin are his role models.
– He is considered to have a four-dimensional charm.
– His birth flower is Pine.
– He wants to create a dance training center under his name and also hold exhibitions.
– He decided to become an actor as he wanted to express various aspects of his personality freely.
– He said that the members are really good at keeping work and play separate. (ARENAHOMME)
– He is skilled in freestyle shoulder dance to any song and imitating the voice of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” and cm’s “Do you like spring that much, you fools”.
– His specialty is tolerating heat well.
– The motto on his left ankle tattoo is “WILL LEAD TO GREATNESS” by phosphorus.
– His ideal type is a polite and wise woman.
– Kim Jiwoong is a skilled cyclist and once cycled 400km from Wonju to Busan and back.
– His solo fandom name is “Puddle”, which he chose himself.
– His nicknames include “Kkamnyangie”, “Nabi”, “Kwiyomi”, “Doggiewoong”, and “Kkamnyangie.”
– He replays his day and thinks about the things he has done that day before going to sleep. (Elle Korea)
– Lee Dong-hwi’s acting style and presentation are something he admires.
– He was impressed by Lee Byung-hun’s thrilling performance in the movie “Master” and wants to challenge himself with such roles someday.
– He is friends with Yoon Seobin.
– He is a skilled go player.


– Kim Jiwoong is a former member of the boy group INX under the stage name Jinam.
– Before his music debut, Kim Jiwoong was part of two pre-debut groups, ATEEN (as King) and B.I.T.
– He ranked eighth and won the final round in BOYS PLANET with 1,338,984 votes.
– Kim Jiwoong trained for six years before joining the Mnet’s survival show “BOYS PLANET”.
– He made his acting debut in 2021 in the drama The Sweet Blood and has also acted in other dramas such as Don’t Lie Rahee, Kissable Lips, and Roommates of Poongduck 304.
– He is a former trainee at SM Entertainment.
– He released the OST “That Person (그런사람) for his drama Pungdeok Villa No. 304.
– He also collaborated with Seobin Yoon and released the OST “Dream of You”.
– He appeared as a supporting actor in the JTBC drama “Bad Mom” in 2023.
– He has made many music video appearances, including “Noisy U” by Wa$$up, “Number Boy” by HOLLAND and “꽃이 예뻐봤자 뭐해” by Shin Youngjae.
– In 2020, he participated in the survival show “Burn Up: Challenge to Billboard”.
– Kim Jiwoong also worked as a model and walked the ramp for Taiwan and China Fashion Week in 2019.
– He was featured in CeCi China magazine with Seobin Yoon in 2022.
– He collaborated with Kim Min Jeong and released the song “Sick of Love” in 2021.
– He was cast in the film “The Recon” in 2021.

Likes & Dislikes

– Kim Jiwoong loves the Pororo theme song.
– He doesn’t like snacks, bread and ice cream.
– He loves dogs and even goes to dog cafes.
– He is into basketball, soccer, swimming, fitness, cycling and painting.
– His favorite character is Pororo, and he often uses the character’s stickers and cones.
– He loves cycling.
– He likes perfumes.
– He enjoys reading, cooking, and watching movies as hobbies.
– He has an interest in AI and time travel in space.
– He has a neat personality and likes to keep his room clean and tidy.
– He enjoys meditating and chatting in his spare time.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: official_kimjiwoong | kimjiwoong_jp
Twitter: nest_kimjiwoong
TikTok: official_kimjiwoo

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