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ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) Members Profile & Facts


ZEROBASEONE (제로베이스원), ZB1, is a multinational project boy group that debuted on July 10, 2023, with the EP “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” under WAKEONE Entertainment. The group members consist of, Kim Jiwoong, Zhang Hao, Sung Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Kim Taerae, Ricky, Kim Gyuvin, Park Gunwook, and Han Yujin. The group was formed on the survival show “BOYS PLANET”.


DebutJuly 10, 2023
Active Years2023–present
Zerobaseone MembersKim Jiwoong, Zhang Hao, Sung Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Kim Taerae, Ricky, Kim Gyuvin, Park Gunwook, Han Yujin
LabelWAKEONE Entertainment
Oldest MemberKim Jiwoong
Youngest MemberHan Yujin
Former MembersN/A
Fandom NameZEROSE (제로즈)


– ZEROBASEONE was formed on Mnet’s survival show “Boys Planet” in 2023.
– All the ZB1 members are signed under different agencies and will perform as a band for two and a half years under WAKEONE and will return to their agencies after the contract is over in January 2026.
– The group’s first official stage was in Japan at the “KCON JAPAN 2023” concert in May 2023.
– ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) members were among the 98 contestants that participated in the show worldwide.
– On April 24, 2023, WAKEONE Entertainment stated that the group was preparing to debut in the mid of 2023.
– The name, ZEROBASEONE, means “nine members starting from zero and being one after debut”.
– Sung Han Bin is the leader while Han Yujin is the maknae of the group.
– The group’s name received mixed reactions from the public because of its difficulty in pronouncing the name and confusing syllables.
– WAKEONE said in a statement that the group was selected by people in the final stage from 184 countries who cast 9.4 million votes in favor of ZEROBASEONE members.
– Their instagram account reached one million followers in just six days.
– Their debut EP “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” sold more than a million copies in pre-orders and they have become the first K-pop artist that managed to reach the million-seller milestone with their first release.
– The group performed in KCON Japan 2023 before their debut and also had their own reality show “Campe ZEROBASEONE” aired on Mnet in June 2023.

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ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) Members Profile

1. Sung Han Bin

Sung Han Bin
Stage NameSung Hanbin (성한빈)
Birth NameSung Hanbin (성한빈)
BirthdayJune 13, 2001
Active Years2022–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height179.6 cm (5’10”)
Blood TypeN/A

Sung Han Bin Facts:

– Sung Han Bin participated in Boys Planet and was ranked second in the final round.
– He is skilled in Waacking and won many dance competitions in his middle school.
His first impression of the members was that everyone was gentle and he doesn’t think anyone has changed much since then. (ARENAHOMME)
– His younger sister is four years younger than him.
– His mother runs a cafe called “Ludia Cafe” in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
The emoji that represents him is ☁ because clouds keep changing and that expresses his current emotional state. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He worked for four months in his mom’s cafe.
– He has a kind and calm personality.
– His favorite hashtags would be “#hamzzi #soft #sharpangles.
– He has two pet dogs.
– He can speak basic Chinese and English.
– His younger sister is on the national sports climbing team.
– He said his Indian dimples are his charming points.
– Sung Han Bin loves to dance.
He said that the members have a deep understanding and don’t really argue or have fights. (NME)
– Metamon is his favorite character.
– He is fond of wearing Diptyque perfume.
– NCT is his favorite group.
– He is best friends with Seok Matthew because they trained together in Cube Entertainment.
Writer of the book “My Wife’s Boxes” wants Hanbin to read her books in his voice someday. (Twitter)
He was chosen to be the leader of ZB1 through personality tests. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He wants the search term “gentleman” for his name.
– He formerly worked as a dance teacher.
– He has a barista license.
Jiwoong said that unlike his public image, Hanbin is cute and innocent in reality. (Elle Korea)
– He cries easily and is the official crybaby in ZEROBASEONE (ZB1).
– He loves to laugh a lot.
– He is confident about his leg length and shoulders.
– He thinks he looks similar to a cat.
He said that Hao is his other half and he has never met anyone else who gets along with him as well as Hao. (First Look Magazine)
– He majored in K-pop at Dong-A University of Broadcasting and Arts.
– He dreamed of becoming an elementary school teacher or psychological counselor when he was a child.
– His nicknames include “Buddha,” “Puffy,” “Bini,” and “Sunlight.”
– Sung Han Bin is training under Studio GL1DE.
He would like to tell his past self to work hard and live as you are right now. (ARENAHOMME)
– He was the Visual F4 in Boys Planet and was featured in the show’s promotional posters before the first episode.
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2. Kim Jiwoong

Kim Jiwoong
Stage NameKim Ji Woong (김지웅)
Birth NameKim Ji Woong (김지웅)
BirthdayDecember 14, 1998
Active Years2016–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height178 cm (5’10 “)
Blood TypeAB

Kim Jiwoong Facts:

– Kim Jiwoong participated in Boys Planet and was ranked eighth in the final round.
– His parents were against his dream of becoming a singer, so he auditioned to prove himself.
The emoji that represents him is 🦋because he thinks the process of becoming a butterfly is amazing. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He is the oldest member of ZB1.
– He is fluent in Japanese.
– Fans consider his handwriting cute because it looks like a child’s handwriting.
He said the one thing he cannot live without is his fans’ love. (Teen Vogue)
He has really bad eyesight. (Halmyungsoo)
He was chosen to be ZB1’s photographer. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– Pine is his birth flower.
– He is regarded as a four-dimensional member.
– Tolerating hot things well is his specialty.
He trusts those who do their best even in the small things hence he tries to do the smallest things so that members can have a trustworthy image of him. (Singles August Issue)
– His fandom’s name is Puddle.
– He is confident about his heart.
He wants to hold an art exhibition to show off his paintings to fans. (ARENAHOMME)
– He is a middle child and has an older and younger brother.
– He is ten years older than his younger brother.
Gyuvin said that Jiwoong sometimes adds random words to sentences that is unlike his image as the oldest. (Elle Korea)
– He tattooed the motto “Will Lead To Greatness” on his left ankle.
– Kim Jiwoong’s ideal type of woman is someone who is polite and wise.
– He wants his will to learn and develop to remain unchanged throughout time. (Singles August Issue)
– His favourite character is Pororo. (Elle Korea)
– He is an actor and appeared in many South Korean dramas, including Don’t Lie Rahee, Kissable Lips, and The Sweet Blood.
– He used to train at SM Entertainment.
– He likes to wear perfumes.
He was a fan of Infinite Challenge and wanted to appear on it but since it stopped airing, he would like to go on a show that tests the limits of humans. (Halmyungsoo)
– His hobbies include watching movies, cooking, and reading.
– He likes to keep his room clean and tidy.
– He likes the winter season.
– He formerly debuted in INX under the name “Jinam” in 2016.
– He is a skilled cyclist.
He thinks trust is the secret to good teamwork. (Singles August Issue)
– He is not fond of eating snacks like bread and ice cream.
– He is training under Nest Entertainment.
He wants to be a presence like a reliable tree so that fans, members and family can lean on him in hard times. (Elle Korea)
– Kim Jiwoong loves to read about AI and space-time travel.
– He loves Pororo and uses the character’s stickers.
– He worked as a model for Taiwan and China Fashion Week in 2019.
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Instagram: official_kimjiwoong | kimjiwoong_jp
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3. Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao
Stage NameZhang Hao (章昊 / 장하오)
Birth NameZhang Hao (章昊 / 장하오)
BirthdayJuly 25, 2000
Active Years2022–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height180.5 cm (5’11”)
Weight64 kg (141 lb)
Blood TypeO

Zhang Hao Facts:

– Zhang Hao participated in Boys Planet and was ranked first in the final round.
– He majored in violin and graduated from Fujian Normal University.
– His nicknames are “Django,” “Cjangguri,” “Bichon,” and “Prince.”
– His interest grew in K-pop when he was in high school, and he started taking dance lessons after school.
He is the first non-Korean member to win first place in a group formed through a Mnet survival program. (NME)
– He was born in Fujian, China.
– He was famous in school for his handsome appearance.
– He is skilled in playing the violin and considers it his specialty.
– His fandom’s name is “Rojidan.”
– His biggest flaw is that he can’t function in the morning. (Teen Vogue)
– He thinks a person should be daring enough to experiment to be able to achieve their dreams. (ARENAHOMME)
– He usually wears glasses because of poor eyesight.
– He is the center of ZB1.
🥰 is the emoji that represents because he wants to express his love to fans in case words aren’t enough. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He is fluent in Chinese, English, and Korean.
– Zhang Hao is a fan of GOT7 and considers it his role model.
– He is studying for TOPIK, which is a Korean proficiency test.
He said that ZB1 and ZEROES are like Coke Zero and ice cubes that are good on their own but when combined turn into a perfect drink meaning they both encourage each other. (ARENAHOMME)
– He is shy but gets talkative when he is close to someone.
– He is an ISFP.
– He likes to swim, walk and travel in his spare time.
He was chosen to be the Snack Director of the group. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He was previously enrolled in the China University of Geology and was majoring in science when he decided to pursue a degree in music.
– He likes to drink milk tea.
– He is a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment.
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4. Seok Matthew

Seok Matthew ZEROBASONE (ZB1)
Seok Matthew
Stage NameSeok Matthew (석매튜)
Birth NameSeok Woohyun (석우현)
BirthdayMay 28, 2002
Active Years2022–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height170 cm (5’7″)
Blood TypeN/A

Seok Matthew Facts:

– Seok Matthew participated in Boys Planet and was ranked third in the final round.
– He is close to Sung Han Bin because they used to train together in Cube Entertainment and lived in the same dorms.
– His fandom name is “Pomegranate.”
– He is fond of wearing accessories like bracelets, rings, and pendants.
– His nicknames are “Canada Jammin,” “Seokmaechu,” “Lil Spice,” and “Happy Virus.”
He said that debuting through a survival show was more beneficial than a normal debut process to them because the members improved skill-wise quickly and it helped create a family-like bond between them. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He wants to be the best choice for his fans and said #favorite #bias would be his favorite search terms.
– He moved to South Korea from Canada to pursue his dream of becoming an idol.
– He would like to do a TikTok challenge with Mark of NCT. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– Jiwoong said that Matthew can sleep instantly. (Elle Korea)
– His bright face when smiling and eye smiles are his charming points.
– His older sister, Seok Ye-bin, works as a dancer.
– He used to attend Just Jerk dance studios to learn dancing.
– His vocal teacher thought he looked like Xiumin from EXO and nicknamed him “Minseok Matthew.”
– Whenever he wanted to give up, he called his mom and her words made him realise that he would have regrets if he were to give up hence he could go on without giving up. (Singles August Issue)
– He got interested in K-pop because of Jay Park.
– Jay Park is his role model.
– He can speak in French, Korean, and English.
The emoji that represents him is 📖 because he is a very curious person and likes to learn new things.
He was chosen to be the life of the party for the group. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– His hobbies include playing games, working out, and trying different restaurants.
– He has a Howl’s Moving Castle tattoo on the inside of his right arm.
– “Let’s play without regrets” is his motto.
One thing that’s different after for him is that his path has become clearer. (Single August Issue)
– He used to attend a dance academy in Canada.
– He is training under MNH Entertainment.
– His sister has a Tiktok account, ‘Yaeby_s’, and she often uploads about him on her account.
– His sister made a Tiktok to promote him during his time in BOYS PLANET, and the video went viral on TikTok.
– His fans call his sister ‘Noona’ because she is very supportive of her brother’s dream.
– He used to practice dancing with his sister in Canada.
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5. Kim Taerae

Kim Taerae
Stage NameKim Tae Rae (김태래)
Birth NameKim Tae Rae (김태래)
BirthdayJuly 14, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height174 cm (5’8½”)
Blood TypeN/A

Kim Taerae Facts:

– Kim Taerae participated in Boys Planet and was ranked sixth in the final round.
– He took a leave of absence from Yongin University.
He is the most agile of the group. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He was active as a vocalist in his school band and also won several singing competitions.
Taeyong (NCT 127) is his role model. (TODAY show)
– Kim Taerae held the position of vice president of the student council in school.
ZB1 to him is a challenge and an unforgettable memory. (DICON)
– His older sister is eight years older than him.
– He wanted to be a ballet dancer when he was young.
Gyuvin said that Taerae can fit any size hamburger in his mouth. (Elle Korea)
– He is called “Mok” because of his puppy face.
– He considers his hands and mouth as his charming points.
– He often uses illeism.
– He was named as the summer’s face of youth by Dazed. (Dazed)
– If he were to have a superpower, he would want the ability to detect lies. (Single Issue)
– Taeyong (NCT) is his role model.
– He became interested in K-pop when he was in high school.
– He gets up in the morning and makes his bed even if he has nothing to do because he always wants to live diligently. (First Look)
– He loves mint chocolate.
– He listens to Park Hyoshin’s songs when he is feeling down which gives him strength. (First Look)
– He is confident about his hands.
– He likes to wear shirts in primary colors like yellow and green.
– Kim Taerae used to train at SM Entertainment.
He wants to appear on a radio show with Park Myungsoo. (Halmyungsoo)
– He is training under WAKEONE Entertainment.
The emoji that represents him is 👽. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He has a habit of avoiding hands when singing.
– He used the nickname “Mother Taeraesa” in the game Battlegrounds.
– He can sing in a high pitched voice.
The most memorable stage for him was the final stage of “Boys Planet”. (ARENAHOMME)
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6. Ricky

Stage NameRicky (리키)
Birth NameShen Quanrui (沈泉锐)
BirthdayMay 20, 2004
Active Years2022–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height183.9 cm (6’0″)
Blood TypeN/A

Ricky Facts:

– Ricky participated in Boys Planet and was ranked fourth in the final round.
– He is not very talkative and has a calm personality.
– He is good at managing himself.
😎 is the emoji that represents him because he wants to create a cool image for himself. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He is the only one in ZB1 to use a stage name.
– He loves to drink strawberry beverages.
He said that it was difficult to mold himself to different concepts on “Boys Planet” and the concept that showcased his true self was “Over Me”. (NME)
– He grew up in Los Angeles, California.
– He was born in Shanghai, China.
Gunwook said that if he had to take a trait of Ricky’s, he would like his confidence. (Elle Korea)
– G-Dragon is his role model.
– He was called “Richy” in the US for his wealthy background.
– Ricky dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol since he was a child.
He got chosen to be the All-Rounder of the group. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He traveled to Korea alone at the age of 17 to pursue his dream.
– He loves to eat pizza.
He said his calm personality is probably due to his upbringing and that it’s better to be calm than overly emotional in some situations so as not to aggravate the situation further. (ARENAHOMME)
– He likes to shop, play basketball and try different restaurants in his spare time.
– His favorite dish in Korea is “Supreme Seasoned Chicken.”
– He attended a dance academy when he was 14 years old.
Baekhyun (EXO) is his role model. (TODAY show)
– He is fluent in Korean, Chinese, and English.
– He is the tallest member of the group.
– He moved to the US when he was in the second grade of elementary school.
– Ricky’s fandom name is “Rookiedan”.
– He is a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment.
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7. Kim Gyu Vin

Kim Gyu Vin
Stage NameGyuvin
Birth NameKim Gyu Vin (김규빈)
BirthdayAugust 30, 2004
Active Years2022–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height182 cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeN/A

Kim Gyu Vin Facts:

– Kim Gyu Vin participated in Boys Planet and was ranked seventh in the final round.
– He was considered the Visual F4 in Boys Planet for his looks.
– He is good at taking selfies.
He had to pull consecutive all-nighters to perfect a sudden rearranged choreography on “Boys Planet”. (NME)
– He likes to eat yummy food and play games in his spare time.
San, Hongjoong (ATEEZ), and Kai are his role models.
– He laughs a lot.
The variety show he wants to do appear on is Running Man. (Halmyungsoo)
– He was famous in school for his good looks.
– His legs are huge, and his hands are small in comparison.
– He is known for his pretty smile.
The killing part of “In Bloom”, in his opinion, is the pre-chorus “to not lose you, I chase”. (Vanity Teen)
– “If I Can’t have you” by Shawn Mendes is his favorite song.
– He has a pet dog (Italian Greyhound).
He was chosen to be the PE Director of the group. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He tends to lose on rock-paper-scissors a lot.
– He is the oldest in the family and has two younger brothers and one younger sister.
When he’s having a hard time, he overcomes it by talking to the members. (ARENAHOMME)
– He can also choreograph songs.
– Monkey is his Chinese zodiac.
– He is good at table tennis and snowboarding.
– Kim Gyu used to train at YG Entertainment.
The emoji that represents him is 😏 because it’s his most used emoji. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– “Kick It” by NCT is his favorite song.
– The body parts he is most confident about are his mouth, eyes, nose and arms and legs.
– He can speak basic English.
– He is a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment.
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8. Park Gun Wook

Park Gun Wook
Stage NamePark Gunwook (박건욱)
Birth NamePark Gunwook (박건욱)
BirthdayJanuary 10, 2005
Active Years2021–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height183 cm (6’0″)
Blood TypeN/A

Park Gun Wook Facts:

– Park Gun Wook participated in Boys Planet and was ranked fifth in the final round.
– He was active in sports during middle and elementary school.
– He considers Jay Park as his role model.
The variety show he wants to do is Yoo Quiz On The Block. (Halmyungsoo)
– He has a wide vocal range and can sing in a high-pitched voice.
– He bites his lip when he is concentrating or feeling nervous.
– He wants to learn how to play the piano.
He calls himself Yujin’s dad because he seems like his child. (Mnet History M)
– His eyes, hands, and eyebrows are his charming points.
– He said if he could eat anything before he died, it would be braised spicy chicken cooked by Mom.
❣️ is the emoji that represents him because it’s unique from an ordinary heart and emphasises his love for fans. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He was a president or vice president throughout his school years.
– He can speak English.
Taerae said that Gunwook’s first impression was a bit scary but he just turned out to be like a little brother and a giant baby. (ARENAHOMME)
– He participated in “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol” in 2021.
– He is a fan of the winter season.
– Park Gun Wook likes to watch thrillers and action movies.
– Red is his favorite color.
He was chosen as the Recreation Director for being the best at Song Quiz. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He likes to eat chocolate ice cream as a snack.
– He eats delicious food when he feels stressed.
– He said ZB1 and ZEROES exist because of each other and each is like a missing piece to the other. (ARENAHOMME)
– He is friends with Geum Joon-Hyun from Boys Planet.
– He thinks his features resemble a tiger.
– He is a trainee at Jellyfish Entertainment.
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9. Yujin

Stage NameHan Yu Jin (한유진)
Birth NameHan Yu Jin (한유진)
BirthdayMarch 20, 2007
Active Years2022–present
Age17 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height177 cm (5’9½”)
Blood TypeO

Yujin Facts:

– Han Yu Jin participated in Boys Planet and was ranked ninth in the final round.
– He is the maknae in ZEROBASEONE.
He was chosen to be the cutest among ZB1 members. (ZB1’s 9 Elements)
– He has deep knowledge of motor systems, and he considers it his specialty.
– He has a younger brother.
The emoji that represents him is 😶 because he uses it a lot. (FOX 13 Seattle)
– He was popular in school for his handsome looks.
– He is a soccer player and was also on the soccer team in elementary school.
He thinks the most important part of a song is the opening because it sets the tone of the song. (Vanity Teen)
– His mom got attention for her beauty when she appeared in the survival show for Yujin.
One quality that he wants fans to know about him is that he keeps on challenging himself with new things. (Vanity Teen)
– Pig is his Chinese zodiac.
– He can also write songs.
– His nicknames are “Baby Lion,” “Baby Rabbit,” and “Peach.”
– He got inspired to become an idol after watching Taemin and Kai perform on stage.
He said that the toy boat scene from “Back to ZEROBASE” was the most fun to shoot. (ARENAHOMME)
– The body parts he is confident about are his eyes, nose, and mouth.
– He likes to play soccer, eat and play games in his spare time.
– Yujin has a habit of keeping his eyes open when he is sleeping.
– Taemin (Shinee), Kai (EXO) and Hyunjin (Stray Kids) are his role models.
Hanbin thinks that Yujin would boss around the members if he were the oldest for one day. (Elle Korea)
– He is currently studying in the Department of Practical Dance in high school.
– He is a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment.
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