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LOOSSEMBLE Members Profile & Facts


LOOSSEMBLE is a five-member girl group that debuted on September 15, 2023, with the mini album “Loossemble” under CTDENM. The group consists of members Hyunjin, Yeojin, ViVi, Gowon, and Hyeju.


DebutSeptember 15, 2023
Active Years2023–present
LOOSSEMBLE MembersHyunjin, Yeojin, ViVi, Gowon, Hyeju
Oldest MemberVivi
Youngest MemberHyeju
Fandom NameOrbits
TypeKpop Girl Group


– LOOSSEMBLE was about to be named Loona/Luna Assemble but Hyunjin gave them the idea to shorten the words and create the group’s current name.
– The group’s name, LOOSSEMBLE, is a compound word of the words “LOONA” and “ASSEMBLE” and it means that the members are coming together as one.
– All members of the group were born in November except for ViVi.
– The group first announced its name during the first free fan meeting “Run Orbit” on July 29, 2023.
– CTDENM, was founded by Eric Yun who is a former executive at BlockBerry Creative, which is also the members’ former company.

Instagram: loossemble.official
Youtube: @Loossemble_official
Twitter: Loossemble_twt
TikTok: @loossemble_official

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LOOSSEMBLE Members Profile

1. Hyunjin

Stage NameHyunjin (현진)
Birth NameKim Hyunjin (김현진)
PositionCrew Commander, Vocalist, Dancer, Visual
BirthdayNovember 15, 2000
Active Years2016–present
Age23 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height163 cm (5’4″)
Weight47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood TypeAB

Hyunjin Facts:

– Hyunjin gives a lot of importance to blood types to see compatibility.
– Her MBTI type is ESTP.
– Her nicknames include “BbangJIn” (bread Hyunjin) and “BaCheeNyang” (basque cheesecake-loving cat). (Re-writing Profiles Ep1)
– According to Yeojin, Hyunjin’s habits include sighing and touching her side bangs.
– She used to look old when she was young so she said that 10 years later she will look young.
– She loves shopping the most.
– Something she wants to say to the members is “I want us all to be strong and do our best”.
– She has changed the most according to Yeonjin.
– Hyunjin signed to CTD Entertainment because they were willing to sign other members. (Newsis)
– Her visual point for “Sensitive” is the stage because it shows her personal colors. (ET News)
– She was the one who gave the company the idea to merge “LOONA” and “ASSEMBLE” and make the group’s name LOOSSEMBLE.
– She would like Orbits to call her “Baby cat.”
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Instagram: hyunjinab

2. Vivi

Stage NameVivi (비비)
Birth NameWong Kahei (黃嘉熙)
PositionVocalist, Rapper
BirthdayDecember 9, 1996
Active Years2017–present
Age27 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Vivi Facts:

– Vivi is the oldest member of LOOSSEMBLE.
– According to Yeonjin, she has consistently remained the same.

– The thing she hates the most is excessive skinship. (Re-writing Profiles Ep2)
– Her MBTI is INFP.
– She writes in her diary once a week.
– Her hobby is cooking.
Gowon would choose Vivi to be the member that suits “Sensitive” the best.
– Her favorite thing to do is watch movies.
– 10 years later, she would open a cafe at the seaside and drink tea there. (Re-writing Profiles Ep2)
– She said that Loossemble is like a unit of LOONA.
– The most impactful message she’s heard after debuting in Loossemble was told to her by fans “Thanks for coming together”.
– Her nickname is “Watergirl”.
– Something she wants to say to the members is ‘Let’s all keep fighting together”. 
– Her habit is being slow.
– She is a part of LOONA’s sub-unit “LOONA 1/3”.
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Instagram: vivikhvv

3. Gowon

Stage NameGo Won (고원)
Birth NamePark Chaewon (박채원)
PositionRapper, Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayNovember 19, 2000
Active Years2017–present
Age23 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Weight44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Gowon Facts:

– She likes talking about MBTIs. (Re-writing Profiles Ep1)
– Her MBTI is INFP.
– Her nickname is “princess”.
– The thing she likes the most is decaffeinated coffee.
– 10 years later, she would be CTD Entertainment’s CEO.
– Her habit is making an I-don’t-know face.
– Her hobby is listening to music.
– She was worried about debuting separately from LOONA because they had built up their own image as LOONA and she was worried the fans wouldn’t want to see them as a separate unit. (Newsis)
– Yeojin said that Gowon is the joke-fairy because of her way of talking with silliness. (ET News)
– Her movements are slow, and her fellow group members playfully tease that it takes her three hours to finish a meal. (59Manual)
– She is a homebody and doesn’t frequently go out.
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Instagram: novvog

4. Hyeju

Stage NameOlivia Hye (올리비아 혜) / HyeJu (혜주)
Birth NameSon Hyeju (손혜주)
PositionRapper, Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayNovember 13, 2001
Active Years2017–present
Age22 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height165 cm (5’4″)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Hyeju Facts:

– She likes doing house chores and keeping her home clean in her spare time.
– Her habit is making her mouth shape a flat line like “:|”. (Re-writing Profiles Ep2)
– She hates giving greetings the most.
– Something she wants to tell the members is “Take care of yourselves”.
– She gained strength from the words of fans who said “It’s okay to take a break and come back” during the lawsuit. (Newsis)
– She is the only member in LOOSSEMBLE who dropped out of high school and successfully passed her GED.
– Her MBTI is ISTP.
– Her nickname is “rock” because she was told she was a steady rock at a fortune telling meaning she doesn’t get affected by her surroundings. (Re-writing Profiles Ep2)
Hyunjin would choose Hyeju to be the member that suits “Sensitive” the best because of the refined vibe of her “sanpaku” eyes.
– She said that she is in charge of attracting female fans.
– The future that she would like to create for Loossemble is that she hopes to have opportunities for all of them to develop as singers individually until all 12 members of LOONA can be together again.
– She is a member of the sub-unit yyxy.
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Instagram: lnxexu

5. Yeojin

Stage NameYeojin (여진)
Birth NameIm Yeojin (임여진)
English NameRuna
PositionVocalist, Rapper, Maknae
BirthdayNovember 11, 2002
Active Years2017–present
Age21 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height149 cm (4’10”)
Weight40 kg (88 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Yeojin Facts:

– Her habit is touching her face in a massaging motion.
– She likes designing phone cases in her spare time.
– Something she wants to say to the members is “Let’s do well”.
– Her MBTI type is ISFP. 
– She loves to get nail art done on her nails.
– She wasn’t nervous or worried about her debut in Loossemble because of her previous experiences. (360° Pre-debut Interview)
– The members said that she looks like she’s going through adolescence.
– She has been taking acting lessons recently. (Newsis)
– The most impactful message she’s heard is “No matter what path you’re on, we’ll support you”. (ET News)
Yeojin is the shortest member in LOOSSEMBLE.
The nickname she wants Orbits to call her is “Yeojing, Jin-ah~”
She has poor memory, sometimes even forgetting her phone in the fridge.
She prefers sitting on the floor rather than on stools.
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Instagram: yeojin._.o_x


1. How old are the LOOSSEMBLE members? (oldest to youngest)

LOOSSEMBLE members’ ages and birthdays are as follows:

– Vivi was born on December 9, 1996, and is 27 years old.
– Hyunjin was born on November 15, 2000, and is 23 years old.
– Gowon was born on November 19, 2000, and is 23 years old.
– Hyeju was born on November 13, 2001, and is 22 years old.
– Yeojin was born on November 11, 2002, and is 21 years old.

2. How tall are the LOOSSEMBLE members? (tallest to shortest)

LOOSSEMBLE members’ heights are the following from tallest to shortest:

– Hyeju’s height is 165 cm (5’4″).
– Hyunjin’s height is 163 cm (5’3″).
– Vivi’s height is 160 cm (5’2″).
– Gowon’s height is 160 cm (5’2″).
– Yeojin’s height is 149 cm (4’9”).

Hyeju is the tallest in the group and Yeojin is the shortest in height.

3. Where are the LOOSSEMBLE members from? (ethnicity & nationality)

All members are from South Korea except for Vivi who is Chinese.

4. What are the official positions of LOOSSEMBLE members?

Following are the official positions of the group members

– Hyunjin is the crew commander, vocalist, dancer, and visual.
– Vivi is the rapper and vocalist.
– Gowon is the rapper, dancer, and vocalist.
– Hyeju is the rapper, dancer, and vocalist.
– Yeojin is the vocalist, rapper, and maknae.

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