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Yeojin (LOOSSEMBLE, LOONA) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Yeojin LOONA
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Yeojin (여진) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop girl group LOOSSEMBLE under CTDENM. She is also a member of the girl group LOONA and its subunit “LOONA 1/3”.

Yeojin (LOONA) Profile

Stage NameYeojin (여진)
Birth NameIm Yeojin (임여진)
BirthdayNovember 11, 2002
Active Years2017–present
Age21 (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height149 cm (4’9”)
Weight40 kg (88 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Yeojin (LOONA) Facts

Early Life

– Yeojin was born in Suseong District, Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea.
– She graduated from Daegu Yonggye Elementary School.
– She transferred from Deokhwa Middle School and graduated from Hanseong Girls’ Middle School.
– She attended Jeonghwa Women’s Commercial High School but transferred to Seoul Performing Arts High School and graduated from the -Practical Dance Department.

Personal Life

– Yeojin expressed her wish for the fandom name to be “Tteokbokki” (spicy rice cake).
– She is an only child.
– Many people think that Haseul and Yeojin have a resemblance and think they are siblings.
– She would want to be older than all the other 11 members if she wasn’t the maknae.
– During her audition, she met Haseul and Choerry.
– Yeojin is the shortest among all LOONA members.
– Her religion is Paganism and she was Protestant in the past.
– She considers her parents and Shinhwa as her role models.
– She has a loud speaking voice like Chuu.
– Her father was in a school band, and she learned a bit of guitar from him, but her small hands made it difficult to play chords, so she gave up learning piano for the same reason.
– She is considered Gowon’s personal photographer.
– Yeojin has a deep affection for Gowon and described her as someone she can’t live without.
– She enjoys hugging Haseul because she smells really nice.
– She enjoys making bracelets for the other members.
– Loossemble is her fourth debut. (360° Pre-debut Interview)
– She has a two pet dogs Kkamang and Tofu.
– Her first performance in front of an audience was in elementary school.
– Her most listened-to song during school was “Goodbye” by f(x) and D.O (EXO) and “Mansae” by Seventeen.
– Her most memorable story from her school days was falling into the school pool in winter.
– She named her airpods “YeoJin’s beansprout,” but Kim Lip changed the name to “Kongkongie.”
– She enjoys playing pranks on Choerry.
– She writes her diary at dawn.
– An essential item that was alwasy in her backpack during school was pencil box.
– Her favorite snacks from school days was chicken and dumplings.
– A wish she would like to make on the first day of snow is “Please let me laugh happily”.
– As a hobby, she enjoys doing nail art.
– She didn’t give up on her dream during the lawsuit against their management company because of the words of fans “I will go whichever way you go”. (Newsis)
– For her audition, Yeojin sang “Into the New World” by SNSD (Girls’ Generation).
– She likes Gowon the most among all LOONA members.
– She has a tendency to lose things, and she once lost her transportation card twice in a day.
– If given the chance, Yeojin would like to change her solo songs to Hyeju‘s “Egoist” and “Rosy.”
– She was in the same class as Weki Meki’s Lucy when she attended Seoul Performing Arts High School.
– She developed a fear of bicycles due to a traumatic experience in her younger days.
– Her specialty lies in lying down, sleeping, playing, and eating, which are also her hobbies.
– Her representative color is orange, and her representative animal is a frog. She is also associated with Taiwan as her representative country in LOONA because Taiwan was the first people she traveled to.


– Yeojin made her debut on January 15, 2017, under LOONA with the song “Kiss Later.”
– She is the vocalist, rapper, and maknae in both LOONA and LOOSSEMBLE.
– Her training period was approximately 4 months.
– She was also in the subunit “LOONA Yum Yum”.
– She represents the “/” (break) in LOONA 1/3 but is not officially part of the sub-unit; she is a sub-unit all by herself, making her the only member without an official sub-unit.
– It was announced that she had terminated her contract with BBC on June 16, 2023, after winning the lawsuit, .

Likes & Dislikes

– Yeojin likes sleeping, Orbits (LOONA’s fans), and the people around her.
– She only plays Pokemon and doesn’t play computer games.
– She enjoys Apink songs and is a fan of city pop.
– She has a strong liking for fantasy and sci-fi movies.
– She likes to go to fortune tellers a lot. (Re-writing Profiles Ep1)
– She enjoys doing nail art for herself and the other members.
– She prefers sweet scents.
– She dislikes beans, waking up in the morning, and going to school.
– She really likes clovers.

Food Preferences

– Her favorite fruits are watermelon and grape.
– Yeojin likes the mint chocolate ice cream flavor.
– She doesn’t really like cheese due to the smell and avoids greasy food.
– Her favorite Gong Cha menu is Milk Cocoa’s Smoothie with added pearls.
– She enjoys eating soybean paste stew.
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavors are “Mom is an Alien” (Puss in Boots) and “Cotton Candy Wonderland.”
– She doesn’t like vegetables like cucumber and carrots that emit a strong smell.
– She can’t tolerate spicy food well.


– Her nicknames include Lentil Bean/Bean, Bun, Aromi, Jin, Miss Peanut, and Yeojing.
– The members affectionately call her Bean or Bun.
– They also call her “Jjokomi” due to her being the shortest member in the group (5 ft).


– She is good at cooking.
– The punch machine scored 676 points.
– She has a quick learning ability for dance and once she learns the movements, she doesn’t forget them.
– She is good at long jumps and frog jumps.
– She has an excellent sense of smell.
– She can balance objects on her head.

Personality & Habits

– Yeojin’s personality is described as carefree, energetic, cute, comical, and talkative.
– She is considered the vitamin of LOONA by other members.
– Among the ODD EYE CIRCLE members, she is considered the loudest in the dorm.
– Her MBTI is ISFP.
Gowon described Yeojin as the group’s moodmaker who is full of “aegyo” no matter the location. (ET News)
– She is occasionally forgetful and tends to lose things easily.
– She considers herself the group’s troublemaker.
– Haseul said Yeojin often goes to sleep late.


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