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Mintty, also known as Mint (민트), is a singer and a former member of the group “Tiny-G” that debuted on August 3, 2012, with the single “Tiny-G” under GNG Production. She made her solo debut on April 14, 2016, with the single “Already Go Lady”.

Stage Name: Mint (민트), Mintty
Birth Name: Kunphat Phonpawiworakul (กุญช์ภัสส์ พรปวีณ์วรกุล)
Occupation: Singer, Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: June 23, 1994
Age 30 (in Jul 2024)
Active Years: 12
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 150cm (4’11”)
Weight: 42 Kg
Nationality: Thai
Blood Type: O

Mintty Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in Goonshipas Peonpaweevorakul, Thailand.
– She went to Heathfield International School.
– Mintty started dancing at age 5 and became a backup dancer for Thailand’s most famous singer, Thongchai McIntyre, at 11.

Personal Life

– Mintty is from Bangkok, Thailand.
– She can fluently speak Thai, English, and Korean.
– Her specialties include b-boying, break dance, and Thai rap.
– She comes from a wealthy background as her father seems to run several cell phone stores.
– She resembles the actress Hong Ah-reum.
– She thinks her charming point is her smile wink.
– Mintty announced on April 20, 2022, that she is getting married.
– Mint was in a relationship with Turk Kaljareuk, a Thai executive producer and director.
– Her hobbies include Wakeboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding.
– She participated in a surfing competition and won the “2016 Korea Surf Championship”.
– She finished third in the wakeboarding competition.


– In 2009, Mintty participated in a cover dance contest at “Snowy Korea,” an annual Korean festival in Thailand, and was scouted by JYP Entertainment and GNG Production. She chose to join GNG and started her career in Korea.
– She was a contestant in the show “The Unit” but was eliminated after placing 38th.
– She was the main dancer and lead rapper in the group “Tiny-G.”
– She was previously a member of Tiny-G and Tiny-G M, a subunit that was promoted in Thailand.
– She appeared as a guest in the Thai drama “Plerng Tawan” in 2015.
– She has been under Rerun Music since 2016.
– She made her solo debut on April 14, 2016, with the single “Already Go Lady” under the stage name “Mintty.”
– She joined the cast of the web drama “The Idolmaster KR” and the attached girl group “Real Girls Project” in 2017.
– In 2018, she appeared in the support role in Korean Special “Hello Stranger.”
– She released her latest song, “Thank You,” on August 7, 2018.
– Her latest song “Thank You” was arranged and written by Baek Sang Ju and CLEAUN.
– She started her own entertainment company, M.Flow Entertainment, and debuted her first girl group, MINI HEART.
– Mintty appeared in a supporting role in the Thai drama “The Tiger’s Path” in 2021.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: minntwwaranluckk
Youtube: Mintty
TikTok: @mintty366
Facebook: minttymswag

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Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music

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