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Nam Tae Hyun (ex. WINNER) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Nam Tae Hyun (ex. WINNER)
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Nam Tae Hyun (남태현) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor under P&B Entertainment and NoName Music. He is a former member of WINNER. He is a member of the boy band South Club.

Nam Tae Hyun (ex. WINNER) Profile

Stage NameTaehyun
Birth NameNam Tae Hyun (남태현)
OccupationSinger, Actor, Radio DJ 
BirthdayMay 10, 1994
Active Years2014–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeA

Nam Tae Hyun (WINNER) Facts:

 Early Life

– Nam Tae Hyun was born in Hanam, South Korea.
– He went to Changwoo Elementary School.
– He transferred from Shinpyeong Middle School and graduated from Hansan Middle School.
– He transferred from Korea Arts High School and graduated from Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School in the Department of Applied Music.

Personal Life

– He  is enrolled at International Cyber ​​University (Entertainment Department).
– His religion is Chirstianity.
– He is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
– His family consists of his parents and younger brother Nam Dong-hyun who is a former member of his band South Club.
– His younger brother is currently a soloist under the stage name BOYHOOD.
– He uses the acoustic guitar first when making music.
– He has a pet cat and a dog.
– He prefers dating much older women and once dated someone who was 11 years older than him.
– A year after he left WINNER, he contacted and met with YG’s Yang Hyun Suk after the chairman’s father passed away. (Spot Interview)
– After the suicide of Sulli from f(x) in October 2019, he spoke out against cyber bullying and revealed that he too had attempted suicide because of the same reason.
– He is close with Son Dambi and actress Jung Ryeowon.
– He thinks Mino and him are opposite like light and dark.
– Nam Tae Hyun’s ideal type is someone who he can respect and learn a lot from and gets more charming the more he gets to know her. Appearance wise someone similar to Sunmi.

– If he weren’t a musician he would be working in a detailed oriented career like fashion designing. (Rolling Stone India)
– He has only dated older women.
– He is also close with T.T.Ma Soy as they both live in the same neighbourhood.
– He has asthma and uses a Nebulizer. (Bagground)
– Once his cat Bali went missing in 2017 and he offered a reward for the person who finds him on his Instagram.
– He was dating the singer Jang Jaein in 2019 and she accused him of cheating which resulted in him being edited out of shows and musicals.
– He really loved subways in elementary school because the different stations and exits made him felt that he entered a different world. (ELLE Korea 2016)
– He stopped hearing with his left ear when he was 5 years old.  (Rolling Stone India)


– Nam Tae Hyun was the Main Vocalist, and Maknae in WINNER. He left the group on November 26, 2016 due differences in musical tastes
– He was recruited by YG Entertainment through a private audition in 2011.
– He founded his own label South Buyers Club after he left YG Entertainment.
– He established his band, South Club, whose name originates from his last name ‘Nam’ which means ‘South’. He recruited the members for South Club through online auditions.

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes to play tennis and ride bikes.
– He is a fan of the Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée.
– He likes to drink wine and whiskey.
– He considers his legs and long nose as his favorite body parts.
– He likes listening to music on LPs.
– He is a big fan of the movie ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’.
– He likes using suede products.
– He eats less food and prefers a meat based diet.
– He prefers eating the fat parts of chicken.
– He likes wearing female accessories.

Personality & Habits

– Nam Tae Hyun is described as sensitive and attentive by South Club members.
– He said he often becomes sentimental and emotional.
– He enjoys being alone more than being in noisy places. (ELLE Korea 2016)
– He said he spent much of his time alone because he liked different things from kids his age. (ELLE Korea 2016)

Drug Abuse, Debt & Rehabilitation

– He  used to take psychiatric medication for depression but later he turned to marijuana and then meth when he felt that he had hit rock bottom.
– While working in the idol industry, he revealed that he had to take diet pills and sleeping pills for insomnia and that eventually led him to take illegal drugs.
– He goes to Incheon DARC (drug abuse rehabilitation center) to overcome his drug addiction.
– He felt the need for rehab when he saw that people were leaving him one by one due to his constant drug abuse.
– Nam Tae Hyun revealed in 2023 that he went into a debt of 500 million won (approximately 395,000 dollars) because of his drug addiction and he sold his and his parents house but it still wasn’t enough to clear his debt. He sold all of his valuable possessions except for his guitar that he cherishes.
– He contemplated working part time at a restaurant to pay off his debt.

Instagram: @souththth
Twitter: South_Club_Real
Youtube: @nth94 | SouthClubOfficial
Threads: souththth
Twitch: taehyun_nam

 Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | SoundCloud  

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