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Joohoney (MONSTA X) Profile, Bio, & Facts


JOOHONEY (주헌) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group MONSTA X under Starship Entertainment. He debuted solo on May 22, 2023, with the mini album “Lights”.

Joohoney (MONSTA X) Profile

Stage NameJOOHONEY (주헌)
Birth NameLee Ji-hwan (이지환)
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actor
BirthdayOctober 6, 1994
Active Years2011–present
Age29 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height179.2 cm (5’10.5″)
Weight67 kg (148 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative Emoji🐝, 🐯

Joohoney (MONSTA X) Facts:

Early Life

– Joohoney went to Seoul Banwon Elementary School.
– He was in Kyungwon Middle School.
– He attended Hyundai High School.
– He went to the International Cyber ​​University in the Department of Entertainment Studies.

Personal Life

– Joohoney’s Legal name is Lee Joo-heon (이주헌), it was also his former stage name.
– His Chinese zodiac sign is Wood Dog.
– He has a younger sibling born in 2001.
– He loves Michael Jackson.
– He owns a pet dog named Sanche.
– Despite his strong appearance, he sheds tears surprisingly often.
– His previous MBTI was ENFP.
– He can speak basic English.
– He is very innocent when it comes to dirty jokes and humor.
– He has two cats called Gucci and Yoshi.
– Some of his hobbies include going out with friends, playing the piano and drums, playing video games, and watching movies.
– Because he gets scared easily, he has a nickname called Chicken Man.
– A few of his nicknames also include Honey, Joo Kkul, Angreben, Dyaanya, etc
– He has a very loving side.
– He is known as the most handsome person in MONSTA X.
– He would be a dumpling if he was any food.
– According to him, Shownu is the best at photoshoots.
– Kissing is his favorite skinship.
– He wants to travel around with the group.
– His first coffee drink was when he was 21 years old.
– He first thought that Shownu was studying dancing in Korea and was originally from Arizona.
– He is currently in his military enlistment and will be discharged on January 23, 2025.
– He is the group’s “Menta Care”. (WIRED)
– His first big career moment was producing Gambler. (MTV News)
– He used to listen to a lot of songs as MP3 files. (BILLBOARD)
– In January 2020, he announced that he would be taking a brief leave of absence from the group due to his anxiety and focus on his mental health. (REFINERY)
– His dream job when he was little was a soccer player.
– He likes mixing different genres of music when he produces songs for the group. (CONSEQUENCE)
– According to him during their trainee days, the trainees who wanted to stay longer to practice, and some even practiced all night before going to school the next morning. (ROLLING STONE)
– His ideal type is a woman who likes hip-hop and looks good in jeans.


– Joohoney is the Main Rapper and Sub-Vocalist of MONSTA X.
– He also has released a single in collaboration with Hyorin and San E.
– He used to be in a former group of Starship Entertainment called NUBOYZ.
– Even though he was a trainee, he was still featured in Mad Clown’s single.
– He was in Show Me The Money 4 competition but was eliminated in 3rd round.
– He has been an MC for Music Core, the show, M Countdown, popular music, and Music Core.


– He has been on TV Shows like MBC Radio Star, KBS2 Public Talk Show Hello, JTBC Hip Hop Nation, MBC Weekly Idol, JTBC Hip Hop Minjok 2, tvN show! audio jockey, Mnet TMI NEWS, and many more.
– He has also been on the MBC mystery music show King of Mask Singer, JTBC Knowing Brothers, tvN Doremi Market, etc.
– He appeared on radio shows like Kiss the Radio and IDOL RADIO SEASON 2.


– Joohoney has been on covers for Singles Singles, Ganji GanGee, The Bling Magazine, CeCi, Ten Asia, BAZAAR, VOGUE, DAZED, 1st Look Magazine, on; ESQUIRE, BEAUTY+, Rolling Stone Korea, @Style Magazine, W Korea, ARENA HOMME+, etc.

Likes & Dislikes

– He loves watching horror movies with Minhyuk.
– His love for animals has a long history.
– He dislikes malicious comments.

Food Preferences

– He loves Iced Americano.
– He enjoys dumplings.
– He enjoys tteokbokki.

Major works

– Some of his major works include Freedom, Smoky, Hype Energy, Hip Hop and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Celebrity Friends

– Joohoney is friends with GOT7’s Jackson and JayB, 4TEN’s former member Tem, and EXO’s Chanyeol.
– He’s close friends with GUN, the Korean rapper.
– He is also close with IU, HIGH4, Kim Young Ok, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, TWICE’s Dahyun, and NCT’s Taeyong.

Instagram: joohoneywalker

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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