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Rocky (ex. ASTRO) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Rocky (라키) is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actor under ONE FINE DAY ENTERTAINMENT.  He is a former member of ASTRO and its subunit Jinjin & Rocky. He will debut solo on November 22, 2023, with the mini album “Rockyst”.

Rocky (ex. ASTRO) Profile

Stage Name Rocky (라키)
Birth Name Park Min Hyuk (박민혁)
Occupation Singer, Rapper, Actor
Birthday February 25, 1999
Active Years 2016–present
Age 24 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type O

Rocky (ex. ASTRO) Facts:

Early Life

– Rocky was born in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.
– He went to Yoanara Kindergarten.
– He attended Baeyoung Elementary School and Eonbuk Middle School.
– He transferred from Seoul Practical Music High School (Vocal Department) and graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts High School.

Personal Life

– His family includes his parents and a younger brother named Jeonggeun, who is a member of the boy group HAWW.
– His darkest moment in life was when he realized he lacked social skills due to an unconventional childhood. (Koreaboo)
– He attended the same dance school as GFriend‘s SinB and WJSN‘s Eunseo.
– If he didn’t pursue a career in music, he would have considered becoming a dance teacher.
Jinjin said if one is feeling unmotivated then they need to think of Rocky as one can do anything if one lives with his mindset. (Hanryu Pia)
– He would pick five MJs over five Rockys, if given the choice.
– His life motto is “Have a desire to learn”.
– If he had to listen to one song for the rest of his life, it would be “Clap”. (Soompi TMI)
– If he were a teacher, he would teach English.
– He would choose Sanha as the member who has to style his outfits for a week.
– He used to go to the Nam River in Jinju with his little brother to spend time with him over his friends who liked to go to the internet cafes. (Issue Daily)
– If he was any animal, he would be a wolf.
Eunwoo introduced him as the one who is reliable like a rock.
– He doesn’t have a role model as he thinks it’s okay to refer to someone’s life for inspiration but one shouldn’t lose his own sense of self. (ELLE Korea)
– The movie “Judy” left an impression on him because the main character’s life was so tragic.
– Rocky’s ideal type is described as a caring, cute, and nice girl.


– Rocky was the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist in ASTRO.
– On July 14, 2011, he auditioned for TVN Korea’s Got Talent.
– He participated in the dance competition show “Hit the Stage.”
– He was in the fictional project group X-PIERS under the stage name Hwi Yeon (휘연).
– He appeared in many dramas like “Sweet Revenge”, “Find Me if You Can”, “Broke Rookie Star” and “Soul Plate”.
– He created the choreography for ASTRO’s music videos “Fireworks” and “Wake up Call.”
– He participated in writing, composing and producing all of the songs in the 1st mini album “Restore” by the subunit JinJin&Rocky. (Soompi Exclusive)
– He made his acting debut with a guest role as a trainee in the drama “Forever Young” in 2014.
– He co-wrote the track “Candy Sugar Pop” in their 3rd album “Drive to the Starry Road”. (NME)
– He was titled the 4th top Ace of 2022.
– On February 28, 2023, the company announced that after much discussion with him, it was decided that he would leave the group and the company following the expiration of his contract.
– He established his own company named “ONE FINE DAY Entertainment” in 2023.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite color is red.
– He prefers dogs over cats.
– He likes movies more than dramas.
– His favorite ASTRO song is called KNOCK.
– He prefers mineral water over sparkling water.
– His favorite season is Fall. (Soompi Soulmate)
– He likes to watch Youtube videos in his free time.

Food Preferences

– He hates eating cucumbers.
– He would choose chicken over pizza.
– His favorite Japanese food is Wagyu beef. (Cancam)
– His go-to beverage at a cafe is an Iced Tea.
– Rocky usually buys Cafe au lait and coffee milk at the convenience store.
– He likes mint chocolate. (Soompi Soulmate)


– He is nicknamed “dance idiot” and “practice bug” because of his passion for dancing.
– He has the biggest feet among the members and is nicknamed “King Feet,” according to Eunwoo.
– He is nicknamed “Chef Minhyuk” by his friends.
– He is known for his big appetite, often referred to as a “big eater” in the group.


– Fantagio staff often referred to him as the “Dancing Machine” for his impressive dance skills.
– His specialties include dancing, cooking, and choreography.
– He is skilled in Taekwondo and holds a fourth-degree black belt.

Personality & Habits

– He believes there is stubbornness in him but people consider him four dimensional.
– He relieves stress by talking to good people as he said he gets more stressed by playing games. (ELLE Korea)
– He loves to move around and doesn’t like staying still in one place.
– Jinjin said that Rocky is the “king of self-care” and is also very responsible and hardworking. (4th Year Anniversary Interview)
– He was chosen as the most tidy by the members.
– He likes cleaning his room to feel better as it makes him feel refreshed. (Hanryu Pia)

Celebrity Friends

– He has several celebrity friends, including Monsta X‘s Joohoney, Akmu‘s Suhyun, Kim Sae-Ron, and SF9‘s Chani.
– He is close friends with SEVENTEEN’s Dino and they connected when their groups had overlapping promotions. (Anan Interview)


– Rocky earned his first two “Best Actor” awards at the Seoul Webfest Film Festival and LAWEBFEST in 2022.

Instagram: @p_rocky

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | SoundCloud| Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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