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Sunoo (ENHYPEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Sunoo (선우) is a South Korean singer and a member of the Kpop boy group ENHYPEN under BE:LIFT Lab.

Sunoo Profile

Stage NameSunoo (선우)
Birth NameKim Seon Woo (김선우)
BirthdayJune 24, 2003
Active Years2020–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height175 cm (5’9″)
Blood TypeO

Sunoo Facts:

Early Life

– Sunoo was born in Gwonseon-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
– He went to Chilbo Middle School.
– He was transferred from Chilbo High School to Hanlim Arts High School where he graduated from the Practical Dance Department.
– During middle school, he was a student council member and served as the class president.

Personal Life

– Before appearing on I-LAND, Sunoo initially thought that Heeseung didn’t like him, but it was later clarified as a misunderstanding caused by the show’s restrictions on communication before it started.
– He expressed the desire to buy land and a house if he won the lottery.
– He has an older sister who is three years older than her.
– The message he wants to give to his pre-debut self is “Stay true to yourself”.
– Sunoo and his older sister used to sing and dance together while watching music shows on TV. He developed a strong dream of becoming a singer after being inspired by the performers on stage, but his sister did not share the same aspiration.
– When he was young, he learned hapkido and piano. (Vlive)
– He wants to collaborate with IU.
– His main strength is knowing how to love himself. (Weverse Magazine)
– His motto is “To have passion all year round,”. (Self-revised profile)
– He thought he had a ‘cute face’ but when he saw his photos he was surprised as he felt he looked cold. (Weverse magazine)
– He graduated from Hanlim Arts High School in the same class as members of VERIVERY.
Heeseung described him as excellent at communication, adept at socializing and skilled in expressing his emotions. (Spur Magazine)
– He almost gave up on his dream of becoming a singer because he hit puberty and his voice started cracking.
– He is roommates with Jungwon, Ni-ki and Sunghoon.
– His hobbies included taking selfies, playing games, listening to music and watching movies.
– Sunoo liked creative activities such as playing with stickers, coloring, and paper folding in childhood.
– Solo Fandom Name: Sunshines
– The 24th of every month is celebrated as SunKi (Sunoo and Ni-ki) Day.
– His charming points include his eye smile, expressions, skin, and eye shape.
– His bucket list includes traveling around the world, going to space, and meeting aliens.
– His keywords include #cute, #desert fox, #cool, #chamber 5, #purity, and #Milk skin.
– When he goes to karaoke, he tends to sing mostly ballads. (Variety)
– His recommended songs include “Steal The Show” and “Better than this” by Lauv, and “That’s Not How This Works” by Charlie Puth. (NME)
– He often gets tired during dance practice due to his health.
– His religion is Protestantism.
– Since a young age, Sunoo enjoyed braiding his sister’s hair and even had dreams of becoming a hairdresser. He was influenced by his mom and sister who frequently engaged in activities like knitting and cross-stitching.
– He is known to eat a lot of rice and is pointed out as the member who eats the most in ENHYPEN.
Jake said that he would make him a delicious meal to cheer him up because Sunoo loves food. (British Vogue)
– Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep/Goat
– He prefers to be referred to as SUNOO in English, not SUNWOO.
– Representative Emoticon: 🦊 (fox)
– He had a lung problem when he was a child and underwent Pneumothorax surgery in 2019. He can get easily affected by the virus.
– He and Heeseung are known as ‘Spicyz’ because of their shared love for spicy food.
– Ni-ki said Sunoo would be “cheese” if he were an ingredient in a meal because everything tastes better with cheese.
– His dream collaboration would be with Charlie Puth. (Entertainment Tonight)
– He calls his mother first when he has any news to share.
– If he could travel anywhere, he wants to visit the future.


– Prior to his participation in I-LAND, he trained for ten months.
– He was the producers’ pick in the final of I-LAND, although he officially ranked eighth with 935,771 votes.
– In the first episode of I-LAND, he and Jake performed TXT‘s “Crown” alongside an eliminated contestant named Youngbin.
– His unofficial color in the group is yellow.

Likes & Dislikes

– He appreciates all seasons equally.
– He likes light and fresh scents, particularly lemon.
– He enjoys listening to music during his free time.
– He is allergic to sunlight and sneezes when exposed to it.
– He hates doing the dishes, hassles, someone eating his food, and getting ignored.
– He likes mint, purple, pink, and blue colors.
– Sunoo and Ni-ki both enjoy watching horror movies.
– He likes listening to ballads a lot.
– He doesn’t have a particular go-to karaoke song but he likes to sing calm and mellow songs. (Teen Vogue)
– His favorite animation is “Leafie: A Hen Into The Wild” (2011).
– He enjoys mellow music, scented candles, and anything calming.
– He hates ghosts.
– He enjoys mukbang videos.
– He enjoys activities such as taking selfies, eating, listening to music, playing games, and watching movies.

Food Preferences

– He considers “tteokbokki” as his soul food.
– His favorite Korean dish of all times is Korean mixed rice.
– He enjoys mint chocolate chip and Rainbow Sherbet ice cream flavors.
– He doesn’t hate pineapple pizza but doesn’t particularly like it either.
– He also enjoys eating CU Choco Blanc and Belgian Choco Waffle as snacks. (Vlive)
– His favorite go-to snack is lotus biscuits.
– He likes to eat takoyaki, spicy food, mint chocolate, and his mother’s homemade food.


– During his middle school days, Sunoo was called “three brothers and three brothers” by his juniors.
– He has several nicknames including “Ddeonu”, “Aegyo Professor”, “Gumiho”, “Milky Skin”, “Sunelope” and “Desert Fox.”
– If he were to choose a nickname for himself, Sunoo would pick “Attractive Idol.”
– His middle school classmates referred to him as “Sam-oh oppa,” which translates to “Year 3, Class 5 handsome oppa.”


– He excels at making expressions both on and off stage.
– He is skilled at taking good selfies.
– He has good vision, can handle scary things well, enjoys rides, and can handle sour food.
– He is the only member who knows how to use a straightener.
– He can play the piano.

Personality & Habits

– Sunoo said he gets really concerned when his friends look upset or depressed.
– He is an animated storyteller and often uses sound effects and hand gestures.
– He needs to be alone when he is stressed. (Elle Korea)
– When asked to select three words to describe himself, Sunoo chose “vitamin,” “charming,” and “handsome.”
– He describes himself as bright and energetic. (STATV)
– On average, he takes around 50 selfies a day, although he doesn’t frequently keep track of the exact count.
Sunghoon would describe him as the reaction master. (Buzzfeed)

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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