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Hwiseo (H1-KEY, EL7Z UP) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Hwiseo H1-KEY

Hwiseo (휘서) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group H1-KEY under GLG. She is also a member of the upcoming girl group EL7Z UP.

Hwiseo (H1-KEY, EL7Z UP) Profile

Stage NameHwiseo (휘서)
Birth NameJo Hwi Hyeon (조휘현)
BirthdayJuly 31, 2002
Active Years2018–present
Age21 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height169 cm (5’7″)
Blood TypeN/A

Hwiseo (H1-KEY, EL7Z UP) Facts:

Early Life

– Hwiseo was born in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
–  She graduated from Hwigyeong Girls’ Middle School.
–  She completed her education at Hanlim Multi Arts School, majoring in the Practical Dance Department.

Personal Life

– Among the H1-KEY members, Hwiseo is the only one who can drive.
– She is fascinated Yel’s unique piercings.
– Her laughter comprises three consecutive different tones.
– She has a bright and optimistic personality.
– During high school, she became friends with Yeonsu of ADYA, Dohee of cignature, and Yunjin Heo of LE SSERAFIM.
– She has a male dog named Richie, with his picture as her phone’s background image.
– She has a pet cat named “Woody”.
– Her role model is Jeon Soyeon.
– She has younger siblings.
– She crafted a friendship ring for Yel and also got a similar ring from Riina with the nickname “Hwinique” (Hwiseo + Unique).
– Seoi describes Hwiseo as the mood maker of H1-KEY.
– A favorite line in “Rose Blossom” for her is “standing strong getting by moment to moment.”
– Hwiseo doesn’t handle tense situations well.
– Riina says she is similar to the character Choigosim, noting her smiling eyes.
– She often sings the song “Slow Heartbeat” by Layone.
– Her aspirations involve becoming an all-rounder capable of lyrics, composition, and production, aiming to resonate with the public.
– The size of her index finger is 11.
– She has many idol friends, including Koeun from Purple Kiss, Doshi, Suan, Yuki, Remi from Cherry Bullet, Julie from KISS OF LIFE (a former trainee classmate), and Nien from tripleS.
– Her participation in competitions never resulted in a last-place position until the Queendom Puzzle Remix Battle.
– Her motto is: “Just do what you’ve always worked hard for. We can all do well together.”
– She owns her own car.
– In H1-KEY, Hwiseo often takes charge of preparing food or arranging fruits in the dorm.
– She considers her eyes and anti-war beauty to be her attractive points.
– Her nickname is Na Heeyong.


– Hwiseo is the main vocalist and rapper in “H1-KEY.”
– In Queendom Puzzle, she participated alongside another H1-KEY member, Riina.
– Hwiseo secured the 1st rank in episode 9 with 594,400 votes in the show “Queendom Puzzle” and was included in the project group “EL7Z UP”.
– She has nine and a half years of training, starting from 5th grade, under Source Music, The Black Label, and FNC Entertainment.
– She participated as “Picnic Place” on the show “King Of Masked Singer”.

Likes & Dislike

– Tigers are her favorite animals, even visiting a local zoo to watch tiger cubs grow.
– She also loves Capybaras.
– Hwiseo enjoys crafting, watching movies, and walking with her fellow H1-KEY members.
– She likes gazing at stars in the night sky.
– She likes colored dresses over black ones.
– Red, black, and hot pink are her favorite colors.
– Monsteras and stuckyis are her favorite plants; she believes flowers have short lifespans.

Food Preferences

– Coffee is her favorite beverage.
– She loves to eat fried chicken, hamburgers, and fruits.
– Her favorite foods include Pizza and baekseolgi (white tteokbokki).
– She enjoys spicy food.


– Hwiseo is good at Flips, splits, and beatboxing.
– She is skilled at racing video games.
– She struggles with headphone games.
– She is not scared of amusement rides.
– She is skilled in Korean folk singing.

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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