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WE-SAY Members Profile & Facts

WE-SAY Members

WE-SAY members are U Hee, Xindy, Loa, Lina, and Sara. The five-member girl group is under Liz Entertainment. They will debut on December 5, 2023.

WE-SAY Profile

Debut December 5, 2023
Active Years 2020-present
WE-SAY Members U Hee, Xindy, Loa, Lina, Sara
Genre Pop/Dance
Status Pre-debut
Label Liz Entertainment
Oldest Member U Hee
Youngest Member Sara
Former Member N/A
Fandom Name N/A

WE-SAY Facts:

– The group was formerly known as ZeroSix. Liz Entertainment had fans vote to decide their group name.
– The group was originally set to debut in February 2021 with the initial line up.
– They had their first concert held along with Liz Ent.’s other girl group, ICU, on August 29 2021.
– As ZeroSix, they released a pre-debut carol named “White Christmas Fall in Love” on December 18th 2020 with ICU and Chic Angel.
– In August 2023, the group’s name was changed to WE-SAY.
– On September 14, 2023, the group released their first pre-debut digital single “Same or Different”, featuring Xindy and new member Lina.
– The group was inactive for about a year.
– Later, Loa and Sara were revealed to have become part of WE-SAY. Additionally, U Hee was also added to the group.
– Xindy is the most popular reminder of WE-SAY.
– WE-SAY’s Former Members are SeoA, Davin, Ye Hwa, and Byeolha.

Instagram: wesay_lizent
Twitter: Zer0Sixofficial

WE-SAY Members Profile

1. U Hee

U Hee
Stage Name U Hee (유희)
Birth Name N/A
Position Vocalist
Birthday January 3, 1993
Active Years 2017–present
Age 30 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height 5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight 50 kg (110.2 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A

U Hee Facts:

– U Hee was born in South Korea.
– She is an ambassador for the E-Sports association. (CS times article)
– She was introduced as a member and the leader of Chic Angel in 2017, with the stage name Soyeon.
– She is also a former member of the group Chic&I’s.
– She made her solo debut with the digital single “Stay” on December 14, 2018.
– She made her first solo comeback with the song “Mystery”, composed by Laeun.
– She and Lina have the same height.
– She’s modest, calm, spirited and passionate.
– She thinks she can be even more dependable because she’s the leader of both Chic&I’s and Chic Angel.

Instagram: angel_u_h22_
Twitter: VllVaoR7FWYhka6

2. Xindy

Xindy WE-SAY
Stage Name Xindy (신디)
Birth Name Lee Chae Won (이채원)
Position Leader, Main Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday August 23, 1997
Active Years 2019-present
Age 26 (in Aug 2023)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 5’6” (167 cm).
Weight 49kg (108 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A

Xindy Facts:

– Xindy was born in South Korea.
– She started university in 2016 at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts in applied K-pop.
– She went to the same university along with the former WE-SAY members SeoA and Byeolha.
– Her favorite colors are blue and purple.
– One thing she likes most about herself is her voice and a habit she does not like is biting her nails.
– She avoids horror movies because gets nightmares afterwards.
– She prefers winters over summers.
– Her drinks of choice are green tea frappe, Coke Zero and Pepsi.
– Her biggest inspiration is IU.
– She likes to write and compose music in her free time.
– Her favorite hobby is bowling.
– She is great at swimming, she was a swimmer in her school.
– Her favorite dishes are shabu-shabu, chicken, especially Nene Chicken.
– She loves Baskin Robbins ice creams, especially mint chocolate, gone with the wind and rainbow sorbet.
– She performed God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande and Icy by ITZY at her audition.
– She was first introduced as a member of the girl groups DPOP Friends, in 2019. she left the company after the group disbanded.
– She made her debut with Daydream in February 2020, with the stage name “Chae Ha”.
– She was a pre-debut member of the girl group MIDNIGHT.
– She is also a member of Chic Angel.
– She is a member of Chic&I’s along with Lina, Loa, and Sara.
– She was in a duo called Check Mate with GARD€N.
– She made her solo debut with the stage name “Chaeon”, on May 30, 2022 with the digital single “Mermaid”.
– She released the digital single “Magical Christmas” across several music platforms in December 2022, but the company never promoted the song’s release.
– She released a song “Blah Blah” in 2019.
– She has been featured on “No Matter What OST” with Laeun.

Instagram: timeofxindy_
Youtube: DIdi
Twitter: Xindy_sdate
TikTok: timeofxindy_

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

3. Loa

Stage Name Loa (로아)
Birth Name N/A
Position Rapper
Birthday 2000
Active Years 2023–present
Age 23 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height 5’9” (174 cm)
Weight 52 kg (115 lb)
Nationality Japanese 
Blood Type A

Loa Facts:

– Loa was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
– She completed her studies from Nippon Engineering College at the dance performance department.
– She loves watching movies and anime.
– She is great at basketball
– She also is very good at acrobatics.
– She is also known as Roa.
– She is a member of Chic&I’s along with Lina, Xindy, and Sara.

Instagram: i_m_loa

4. Lina

Stage Name Lina (린아)
Birth Name N/A
Position Lead Dancer
Birthday 2005
Active Years 2023–present
Age 18 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height 5’7” (170 cm)
Weight 52 kg (114 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type A

Lina Facts:

– Lina was born in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.
– Her favorite color is blue.
– She likes to go on walks and she loves cooking.
– Her favorite food is deserts.
– She can speak Russian, Korean and English.
– Her specialty is aerobics.
– If she could be an animal she’ll be a tiger.
– She is a member of Chic&I’s along with Loa, Sara, and Xindy.
– Her mother is Russian and father is korean.
– She graduated from Daekyung Culture Arts High School, Department of Practical Dance.
– She collaborated with Xindy on a song “Appetizer”.
– She is very funny and loves to make other WE-SAY members laugh.
– She and U Hee have the same height in the group.

Instagram: leenaxxnaya

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

5. Sara

Stage Name Sara (사라)
Birth Name N/A
Position Main Dancer, Maknae
Birthday N/A
Active Years 2023–present
Age N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A

Sara Facts:

– Sara was born in South Korea.
– She is a great dancer.
– She is a member of Chic&I’s along with Loa, Lina, and Xindy.
– In September 2023, she was confirmed to be a member of WE-SAY.

Instagram: sara.with.u

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