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FIFTY FIFTY Members and Group Profile


FIFTY FIFTY is a South Korean K-pop girl group that debuted on November 18, 2022, with the mini album “The Fifty” under ATTRAKT. The group members currently consist of Keena after the company terminated Saena, Aran, and Sio’s contracts.


DebutNovember 18, 2022
Active Years2022–present
FIFTY FIFTY MembersKeena 
GenrePop/ Dance
Oldest MemberN/A
Youngest MemberN/A
Former MembersKeena, Saena, Sio
Fandom NameHUNNIES (💯🍯)


– The group’s name, FIFTY FIFTY, represents the combination of the group (50) and their fans (50), totaling 100.
– All FIFTY members dropped out of high school except Sana who passed her GED exams.
– Their fans are referred to as “Hunnies,” which is derived from the abbreviation of the number 100 and also signifies “honey”.
– The group name “FIFTY FIFTY” signifies “50 vs 50,” representing the concepts of “above” and “reality.”
– The group got famous after their English version of the single album “Cupid” went viral on Tiktok.
– Jeon Hong-joon, the CEO of Attrakt, had to sell his car to finance the production costs of the group’s debut album after he recorded it in a friend’s studio. (The Korea Economic Daily)
– The group’s official emojis are 💯(hundred) and 🍯(honey).
– FIFTY FIFTY got interviewed by “tvN Asia”, “Mashable”, “Warner Music Korea”, “Rolling Stone India”, and “FOX 13 Seattle” among many others.
– They ranked first in the Spotify playlist of K-pop girl groups on May 4, 2023.
– The group members appeared on many radio programs including “IDOL RADIO Season 3”, “Sungjae Bae’s TEN”, “RADIO’ CLOCK”, and “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show”.
– The company’s CEO revealed that they had no money for global marketing and he visited the local label companies and asked them to listen to FIFTY FIFTY’s songs at least once.
– Jeon aims to make FIFTY FIFTY become the “female version of BTS”.


– In just under four months of its debut, FIFTY FIFTY became the fastest K-pop group to enter the “US Billboard Hot 100” and “UK Singles Chart”.
– Rolling Stone India named the group as the “Best K-pop Debuts of the Year”.
– Their songs “Tell Me” and “Lovin Me” were named as the “Best K-pop Songs of 2022” by Paper and Mashable.

Lawsuit & Members Contract Termination

– On June 28, 2023, all members of the group filed a lawsuit against the company.
-On October 23, 2023, ATTRAKT terminated all of the member’s exclusive contracts except for Keena who retracted her lawsuit and apologized.
– On November 2, 2023, ATTRAKT announced that FIFTY FIFTY will have new members to fill in the former ones positions.

Majors Works

– Their popular songs include “Cupid”, “Lovin’ Me” and “Tell Me”.


Social Media Handles
Instagram: we_fiftyfifty
Youtube: FIFTY FIFTY Official
Twitter: we_fiftyfifty
TikTok: we_fiftyfifty
Facebook: we.fiftyfifty

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FIFTY FIFTY Members Profile

1. Keena

Keena (FIFTY FIFTY Members)
Stage NameKeena (키나)
Birth NameSong Jakyung (송자경)
PositionMain Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
BirthdayJuly 9, 2002
Active Years2022–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height164 cm (5’5″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiFox (🦊)

Keena Facts:

– Whenever she feels down or upset, she likes to hang out with friends at a cafe. (Femina India)
– The TikTok video that Yeoreum from WJSN posted using their music was the one that impressed her the most. (pop crave)
– She is the most skilled at forming new friendships.
– The members describe her as a Charismatic Queen and Classy.
– She talks the most in the group. She even talks to herself because she doesn’t like silence. (POPS Thailand)
– Her cat-like face is considered to be her charm. (tvN Asia)
– The artist that inspires her the most is Cardi B and Doja Cat.
– She admires Red Velvet and used to watch their performance videos while preparing for monthly evaluations as a trainee.
– She loves watching concert videos of artists like IU. (Mashable)
– She loves cooking Korean food. The members love Tuna-seaweed porridge and cinnamon apple rusk made by her. (Rolling Stone India)
– Since she regarded “Descendants of Sun” as the most romantic drama, she suggested watching it. (HelloKpop)
– She wants to have Sio’s singing voice.
– She learned to do makeup from YouTube and her mother. (E NOW)
– If the members except for her will turn into cockroaches, she kill them so that they can be reborn into something else. (WARNER MUSIC)
– She and Saena have the best chemistry together and the duo is called “Nana”. (MBC MBIC News)
– She frequently forgets song lyrics in the middle of performing. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She is consistently late for everything.
– If given the chance, she would choose to be Jennie of BLACKPINK.
– Keena is the only member remaining from the original lineup of the group.
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Former Members:

2. Saena

Saena (FIFTY FIFTY Members)
Stage NameSaena (새나)
Birth NameJeong Sehyun (정세현)
PositionLeader, Main Dancer, Sub-rapper
BirthdayMarch 12, 2004
Active Years2018–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiRabbit(🐰)

Saena Facts:

– She is considered to be the best photographer in the group.
– Her favorite versions of the hand dance challenges to their songs are the sped-up versions. (pop crave)
– She is the only group member that owns a pet. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– She is the fashionista of the group. She is good with color combinations. (India Today)
– She and Keena have the best chemistry together and the duo is called “Nana”. (MBC MBC News)
– She looks up to BLACKPINK, Itzy, and Aespa. (Mashable)
– She would rather perform on a deserted island than in the middle of the desert. (WARNER MUSIC)
– The shooting of the song ‘Login’ was the most memorable for her.
– Growing up, she saw artists on music shows, which inspired her to start her own band.
– She is the fastest at mastering the choreography.
– She looks up to Beyonce.
– The members describe her as cute and that she gives off morning vibes.
– She is also a fan of NEWJEANS.
– According to Aran, she is very bright and positive, she is like a vitamin of the group.
– Her favorite food is her mom’s food. (POPS Thailand)
– She is a morning person.
– She prefers a simple, clean, and basic style.
– Saena’s exclusive contract with ATTRAKT was terminated on October 23, 2023.
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3. Sio

Sio (FIFTY FIFTY Members)
Stage NameSio (시오)
Birth NameJeong Jiho (정지호)
PositionMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer
BirthdayOctober 6, 2004
Active Years2022–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeAB
Representative EmojiTiger(🐯)

Sio Facts:

– Sio’s favorite group is Le Sserafim.
– She is believed to have a practical way of thinking.
– She likes eating bean sprout rice soup.
– She loves watching role-playing ASMR. Her favorite ASMR YouTube channel is Massage ASMR. (Mashable)
– According to Aran, She radiates a stylish and eccentric charm.
– If she could go back in time and change something, she would want to teach her 15-year-old self how to properly do her eyebrow makeup. (E NOW)
– She would rather perform on a deserted island than in the middle of the desert. (WARNER MUSIC)
– She is considered as the happiest member of the group.
– She and Aran have the best chemistry together and the duo is called “Joa”. (MBC MBIC News)
– She wishes to be as responsible as Saena.
– She can’t remember things well. (POPS Thailand)
– She likes playing guitar, especially the electronic guitars.
– She is considered the one who is most likely to brighten up the group. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– Her go-to song is ‘Twenty-five, Twenty-one’.
– “I’m feeling lonely” is her favorite line from the song Cupid because, in her opinion, the opening choreography is adorable and fun. (pop crave)
– The members describe her as cool.
– She has a cat allergy. (Mashable)
– Her parents introduced her to 2NE1 and she has been a fan ever since. (Variety)
– Sio’s exclusive contract with ATTRAKT was terminated on October 23, 2023.
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4. Aran

Aran (FIFTY FIFTY Members)
Stage NameAran (아란)
Birth NameJeong Eunah (정은아)
PositionLead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae
BirthdayOctober 11, 2004
Active Years2022–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height162 cm (5’3¾”)
Weight44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiDog (🐶)

Aran Facts:

– Aran gets tired of talking to Sio about animations. (Femina India)
– She thinks that every object in the world has a distinct energy or mood.
– She doesn’t prefer going out and likes to stay in her bed. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– According to Keena, her smile and the way her eyes look like a half-moon are what make her so charming. (NME)
– She would rather perform in the middle of the desert than on a deserted island.
– She has the best chemistry with Sio and the duo is called “Joa”. She also has the best chemistry with Keena and the duo is called “Aki”. (MBC MBIC News)
– Her favorite food is fried chicken. (tvN Asia)
– She loves ASMR videos. She listens to it every night.
– The members describe her as pure and low voice. (India Today)
– She tends to forget things a lot.
– She grew up watching SNSD and recalled that she was once dancing to their song “Gee” while getting her hair permed at a salon.
– She believes the song that represents her is “Loving Me” because the song is about loving yourself and being confident. (India Today)
– She is a night owl.
– Among all the girls, she is the clumsiest.
– She loves watching animal videos online.
– She is a fan of Ariana Grande and loves her voice a lot. (Femina India)
– Aran’s exclusive contract with ATTRAKT was terminated on October 23, 2023.
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