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Wheein (MAMAMOO) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Wheein (MAMAMOO)
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Wheein (휘인) is a South Korean singer under The L1ve. She is a member of the girl group MAMAMOO. She made her solo debut on April 17, 2018 with the digital single “Magnolia“.

Wheein (MAMAMOO) Profile

Stage NameWheein (휘인)
Birth NameJung Whee In (정휘인)
BirthdayApril 17, 1995
Active Years2014–present
Age29 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height162 cm ( 5 ft 3¾ in) | Actual Height: 158.9 cm (5’3″)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeB (RH-)

Wheein (MAMAMOO) Facts:

Early Life

– Wheein was born in Jeonju, South Korea.
– She went to Jeonju Yangji Elementary School and Jeonju Sungsim Girls’ Middle School.

Personal Life

– She has a younger brother.
– She graduated from Wonkwang Information Arts High School.
– She is good at drawing.
– She has a very good memory and can remember choreographies from years ago, according to Moonbyul. (Modelpress Interview)

– The butterfly is her symbol and it’s a symbol she got from her mom because her mom used to compare her to the butterfly a lot. (Pinkvilla)
– She believes that she is always funny and one thing she’d never do is to be afraid of falling down.
– She was a fan girl in her school.
– A song that inspires her is ‘Stuck’ by Stacie Orrico as she sang this song at the audition. (SINGLES KOREA)

– She has a cat named Ggomo/Kkomo.
– She was roommates with Moonbyul but now has her own place.
– Her advice for her 17-year-old self would be not to lose her inner balance, to trust herself, and to live to the fullest.
– Her first celebrity crushes were Chakra and Lee Jung-hyun. (Seventeen Read Receipts)
– Something she’ll never regret is starting a career she loves.
– Her most memorable performance was playing drums for MAMAMOO’s concert.
– She keeps listening to those songs where she shares good memories with her mom as she believes she can never get tired of those songs. (Seventeen)
– Her interests include meeting friends, talking, drinking and eating with people she loves.
– She said she didn’t have enough objectivity in her when she wasn’t famous but now can see herself more objectively and realistically. (Seventeen)
– Her mom used to call her Wheein which means ‘a shining person’.
– She would rather know when she’ll die than know how she’ll die. (solarsido)
– Her most memorable OST is when she sang for the drama ‘Hospital Playlist.
– She would rather live alone her whole life than live with the group members every day until death.
Solar said Wheein is responsible for adding color and personality to the group’s music.
– She doesn’t have a driver’s license. (SELF-ON KODE)
– Her favorite thing about herself is that she can cover various vocal styles and work along a wide spectrum of music.
– If she could be with only one person, she would rather spend her whole life with someone who loves her over someone who she loves. (EXTREME BALANCE GAME)
– She thinks she is her own musical inspiration as she gets inspired by discovering her charms and passions. (Seventeen)
– Wheein’s ideal type is Beenzino.


– Wheein is the vocalist in MAMAMOO.
– She was featured as a vocalist in Phantom’s “Under Age’s Song,” B1A4’s Sandeul’s “Hey!,” and MONSTA X’s “Ex Girl.”
– She participated in JTBC’s Secret Unnie (2018), paired with SNSD’s Hyoyeon.
– She left RBW on June 11, 2021, but will continue promoting with MAMAMOO.
– She signed an exclusive contract with The L1ve on August 31, 2021.
– She appeared on King of Masked Singer as “Half Moon.”
– She was a trainee under MBK Entertainment.

Likes & Dislikes

– She prefers only eating meat over only eating vegetables. 
– She likes to buy key rings. (ESQUIRE Korea)
– She prefers a soju bar over a wine bar.
– She loves watching mukbangs and enjoys  Coach Yoon’s channel. (SELF-ON KODE)
– She would rather have daylight over having night every day.
– She loves the sound of electric guitar.  (Pinkvilla)

– She is a fan of vintage stuff. 
– She loves band music.  (ABS-CBN)
– Her favourite artists include Kehlani and Ariana Grande.
– Her favorite song is ‘By Your Side’ by Sade. (SINGLES KOREA


– She has a lot of dog-related nicknames like ‘Mung-Mung-Whee’, ‘Mung-Goo’ ‘Malleng-Kongdduck-pup’, ‘pup’, and ‘Daeng-Daeng-Whee’. (ESQUIRE Korea Interview)
– She calls herself “Snack Queen”.


– She has 12 tattoos, including two friendship tattoos shared with Hwasa.
– She has a mongnolia tattoo on the upper side of her arm which represents her birth dream. (Pinkvilla)
– Her favorite tattoo is the butterfly tattoo on her arm.

Personality & Habits

– She loves to joke around a lot and people often call her cheeky and playful. (ESQUIRE Korea)
– Wheein relieves her stress and boosts her self-esteem by talking to her friends.
– One thing people would be surprised to learn about her is that she becomes uncontrollably energetic when she is with people she loves. (Seventeen)
– She describes herself in three words as ‘wide’, ‘lively’ and ‘warm’.
– The weird thing about her is now and then she would get really fixated on something and sometimes act or speak randomly. (Seventeen Read Receipts)

Celebrity Friends

– She and Hwasa have been best friends since middle school. (SINGLE LIFE)
– She is friends with SONAMOO‘s Newsun and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon.
– She is also with BIGSTAR‘s Jude and IMFACT‘s Taeho.

Instagram: whee_inthemood /@wheein_from.paeyong
Youtube: 휘인 Whee In

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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