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The8 (SEVENTEEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts


The8 (디에잇) is a Chinese singer and a member of the K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment. He also made his solo debut on June 9, 2019 with single “Dreams Come True”.

The8 (SEVENTEEN) Profile

Stage Name The8 (디에잇)
Birth Name Xu Ming Hao (徐明浩)
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Birthday November 7, 1997
Active Years 2015–present
Age 25 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 179.8 cm (5’11″)
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)
Nationality Chinese
Blood Type O


Early Life

– The8 was born in Haicheng, China.
– He’s been practicing martial arts since he was five.
– He graduated from Beijing International Academy of Arts.

Personal Life

– The8 doesn’t have any siblings.
– His nicknames are Little 8 and Fairy.
– He’s a fan of the frog character Kermit.
– In Korea, he’s known as Seo Myung Ho.
– He danced in China for six years.
– He would want to visit Malaysia or Hawaii for vacation.
– He’s responsible for dancing in the performance team.
– He won a martial arts competition as a child.
– He does stretching before going to bed.
– He dreamed of being a superstar since he was young and auditioned in China.
– His shoe size is 260mm.
– He’s in a group chat with friends from various K-pop groups.
– The members said he looks like Squidward.
– Seventeen is like a family to him, not just work.
– He has a driver’s license.
– In June 2020, he still had his own room in the new dorm.
– The8’s ideal type is someone cute and kind.
– Additionally, there was a moment when he went to the training center at 5 a.m. and helped trainees who had been practicing all night.
– He was a dance mentor on “Idol Producer” season 2.
– He used to have his own room in the old dorm.
– Possibly because of the influence of Chinese tones, he has a slight dialect accent, regardless of where he’s from.
– He hopes to look cool and sexy on stage.
– He says, Seventeen is his youth.
– His role models are his parents and Henry from Super Junior M.
– His stage name represents the infinity symbol when the “8” is laid down.
– He wants to go diving.
– His style is hip-hop-inspired.
– He excelled in school before pursuing breakdancing seriously.
– He’s good at cooking and can cook scrambled eggs with tomatoes, egg fried rice, egg pancakes, and scrambled eggs with chives.


– In 2008, The8 appeared on a Chinese TV show called CCTV Variety Show. Later, he also appeared on another Chinese program called Day Day Up.
– In 2012, he took part in the 6th Shanghai World Dance Competition, which happened from April 27 to April 30.
– He officially debuted as a member of the South Korean boy band Seventeen when they released their first extended play, “17 Carat,” on May 29, 2015.
– He trained for one year and five months.
– In 2018, He participated in a Chinese reality TV show called Chao Yin Zhan Ji, along with his bandmate Wen Junhui.
– In 2019, he served as one of the two dance coaches, alongside Jolin Tsai, in the Chinese survival show Youth With You.
– He made his solo debut on June 9, 2019, with the single “Dreams Come True.”
– On May 4, 2020, he announced the release of his second single, “Falling Down,” which came out on May 8, 2020.
– On April 8, 2021, The8 announced his third single, “Side by Side,” which was released on April 13, 2021, in both Chinese and Korean.
– On May 4, 2021, he released a single called “Mom’s Missed Call” with his bandmate Wen Junhui.
– On March 18, 2022, He released a Chinese single called “Hai Cheng” (海城).

Likes & Dislikes

– He enjoys summer because he loves the ocean.
– His favorite colors are black, white, and bright ones.
– He’s not a fan of drinking alcohol.
– He has a strong fondness for tea and meditation.
– He likes break dancing, martial arts, and watching dramas.
– His favorite food is ‘rice.’
– He enjoys outings with his group, like riding bikes and watching movies.
– He likes sweet, woody, and heavy scents.
– He loves dishes with meat and vegetables.
– He prefers Chinese food over Korean food.


– When The8 is sad or stressed, he reads.
– He never skips meals.
– Cold foods upset his stomach, so he avoids ice cream.
– He’s open to others’ opinions and likes playing pranks on close friends.
– He’s into cleanliness and often cleans up the dorm.

Celebrity Friends

– He’s close to members of other groups like Pentagon, NCT, and more.
– He’s close to NCT‘s Winwin.

Major Work

– His most popular songs includes; “Side by Side (Korean ver)”, “Hai Cheng”, and “Side by Side (Chinese ver)”.
– The8 also took part in the OST “Maze” from The King: Eternal Monarch (Chinese ver.).

Instagram: xuminghao_o

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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