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Mashiro (Kep1er) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Mashiro Kep1er
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Mashiro (마시로) is a Japanese singer and a member of the K-pop girl group “Kep1er” under WAKEONE Entertainment and SWING Entertainment. She is also a member of Kep1er sub-unit “TAPE Unit”. 

Mashiro (Kep1er) Profile

Stage NameMashiro (마시로)
Birth NameSakamoto Mashiro (坂本 舞白)
BirthdayDecember 16, 1999
Active Years2016–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height158 cm (5’2″)
Blood TypeAB

Mashiro (Kep1er) Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Personal Life

– She is an only child.
– Something that she has never done but wants to try with the members is going on a trip to Jeju Island. (Besties on Besties)
– She has poor eyesight.
– Her hobbies include playing with her cat and walking.
– Her specialities are cooking, dancing, and the art of doing nothing.
– Her charming point is her dimples.
– The animal she resembles is a raccoon.
– She is fluent in Korean.
Yujin said that the member who feels older than herself is Mashiro because she takes care of the members well. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– She’s currently learning Mandarin.
– The one word she would choose to describe Kep1ian is “inspiration”.
– Her happiest moment was their debut day.
– If she were a Kep1ian, she would fangirl over Yeseo. (POPKORN POPTIME)
– She has acrophobia.
– Her strong point is that she laughs easily.
– Her nicknames include “Siro” and “Siroguri”.
– Her speciality is waking up early.
– Her alcohol tolerance is one glass. (JAYKEEOUT)
– She is often chosen as a leader in GP999 teams.
– BLACKPINK is her role model.
– She looks like Yeseo when she smiles. (Kep1er Debut Show)
– She finds solace in sleeping.
– She said that her music taste resembles Hikaru’s music taste in terms of hip hop, Bahiyyih’s music taste in terms of RnB or acoustics and Chaehyun’s music taste in terms of Kpop.
– She believes her dimple is a charming point.
– Her habits include plugging airpods in her ears.
– Known as Shiro and Mashmallow, she trained with ITZY for two years and is close to its members.
– She would describe her personality as friendly. (Weekly Idol Self Profile)
– Her dream appearances include Knowing Bros and Amazing Saturday.
– She desires fan meetings, fan signs, and travels with fans.
– Her weak point is that she can not hold her laugh.
– She does not feel good if she does not have her airpods with her.
– The part of the workout that she is most confident in is stretching.
– Yeseo said that Mashiro is a person who keeps her composure in any situation and she plays the role of neutrality when the members are sensitive. (The Star Magazine)
– Some things she often says are “Mom!”, “Kang Yeseo!”, and “We have to do it everyone”. (Kep1er Debut Show)
– She has fears of heights, ghosts, scary things, and bugs.
– Her GP999 motto was “Charming marshmallow from overseas.”
– The emojis she uses the most are 🙂😮.
– She shares a close bond with Itzy members Ryujin, Yeji, and Lia, having trained with them for two years.
– The member who shares a similar sense of humour with her is Youngeun. (OSEN LINE VOOM)
– There were plans for her to debut in a girl group, a collaboration between Stone Music and Pledis, alongside Lee Gaeun, Huh Yunjin, Natty, Lee Haein, Bae Eunyoung, and Lee Sian.
– The members chose the “Unnie Line” to be the most romantic in the group, which includes her.
– According to the members, she is the most photogenic. (Besties on Besties)
– Hikaru enjoys Mashiro’s food the most, especially her Gratin.
– She made a short appearance on the survival show “Stay Kids”. (Teen Vogue)
– Yeseo has the exact opposite taste in music from Mashiro. (Harper’s BAZAAR Korea)
– According to Bahiyyih, Mashiro has no shortcomings and is the best at resolving conflicts by listening to both sides and suggesting compromises. (Single Plus)
– The thing she is most confident in is translating Japanese to Korean for the members.
– According to herself, the killing part of “WA DA DA” is “Kep1 going WA DA DA DA”. (POPKORN POPTIME)
– She is roommates with Yeseo. (Showterview with Sunmi)
– Her hobbies include looking up new songs to listen to and half body baths.


– She trained at JYP for two years.
– After training at JYP Entertainment from 2016 to 2018 and Pledis Entertainment from 2019 to 2020, she joined 143 Entertainment in 2021.
– On July 7, 2021, she was revealed to take part in Girls Planet 999.
– She scored 708,149 points in the GP999 finals.
– She is currently affiliated with 143 Entertainment.
– She secured a spot at JYP through the 12th annual public auditions, earning second place.
– Before her debut, she was a member of the pre-debut group Girls 2TEAM at JYP Entertainment.
– She debuted as a co-leader with Kep1er on January 3rd, 2022, with her debut mini album “First Impact”.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favourite colors are purple and blue.
– She has a love for cats.
– Her favourite season is winter.
– She likes ring beads, bracelets, and pillows.

Food Preferences

– Mint chocolate and fried chicken are among her favourite things.
– When she gets stressed, her comfort food is waffles. (JAYKEEOUT)
– Omelets, fish cutlets, and sandwiches are her top food choices.
– She dislikes sea urchin roe, acorn, and jelly salad coriander.
– Her favourite Korean food is pork kimchi stew.
– She likes soft peaches.
– She likes Margherita Pizza and Gorgonzola Pizza.

Instagram: mashiro12160143

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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