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Sehun (EXO) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Sehun EXO

Sehun (세훈) is a South Korean singer and a member of the boy group EXO under SM Entertainment. He is also a member of EXO-SC, a subunit of EXO.

Sehun (EXO) Profile

Stage NameSehun (세훈)
Birth NameOh Se Hun (오세훈)
OccupationSinger, Actor, Model, Dancer
BirthdayApril 12th, 1994
Active Years2012–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height183 cm (6’0”)
Weight66 kg (145.5 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Sehun (EXO) Facts:

Early Life:

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Mangwoo Elementary School.
– He graduated from Shinhyeon High School.

Personal Life:

– He has one older brother who is three years older than him.
– He is the maknae in EXO.
– He used to be an Ulzzang.
He is scared of being in an elevator alone.
His ideal type is a kind woman who is clean, neat and has a cheerful personality.
His role model is BoA.
– He has a pet dog ‘ViVi’.
Chanyeol used to fetch Sehun from school when they were trainees.
He has the power of ‘Wind’ in the group.
– According to Suho, he has a small appetite and doesn’t eat much.
– He prefers his hair short. (Huya)
– His hair is very light and thin (GQ KOREA)
He plans to get married after the age of 30 and desires a wife who will treat his parents well and handle household chores.
– According to their manager, during trainee days they would tease him by saying there were jewels falling from his eyes whenever he would be crying.
According to F(x)’s Amber, he has transformed from a young boy into a mature and manly man, making him her ideal type.
– Owl is his MBTI animal. (EXO)
– During trainee days, he didn’t have enough money to ride a bus so he would walk.
– He is a baby of the group and all other members tend to take care of him.
During his trainee days, the f(x) members would ask him to secretly buy food for them as they were on a strict diet.
– Suho gave him an anycall phone during their trainee days.
– He used to give Suho a piggyback ride because of Suho’s knee injury during their trainee days.
– According to Chanyeol, Sehun acts like a typical dad. (RadioStar)
He is also close with Wanna One’s Kuanlin, who mentions that he never lets him pay when they eat together.
– He used to take a subway home with Xiumin during their trainee days.
– He used to sleep at Chanyeol’s house during trainee days.
He purchased a “Deer” necklace for Luhan once while they were in London.
He is a high school friend of Daeun from the girl group 2Eyes.
He says that if he could, he would steal Baekhyun‘s sense of humor, Chanyeol’s happy personality, D.O‘s smile, and Suho’s assertiveness but not Suho’s stiff body
– His fan club is called ‘Xunqi’ which means ‘Knights’ that protect him.
– He doesn’t use body lotions. (ELLE Korea)
He used to wear braces and still wears retainers after having them removed.
He is known for his white skin and got the nickname ‘Baekgu’ means white dog.
He has one of the biggest fanbases in China among the members.
Suho is one of Sehun’s closest friends, and they have known each other for 16 years.
– He has a stuffed toy ‘Pinku Pinku’.
– His Chinese name is ‘Wu Shixun’.
– He drives an Audi R8.
– Listening to the song ‘Chingu’ by Ahn Jae-wook puts him in a good mood.
– Because coloring his hair so frequently damaged his scalp, he made his decision about never doing it again. (ESQUIRE Korea)
– He is scared of cockroaches the most. (GQ KOREA)
– Earphones are an essential item for him to carry and he gets nervous if he forgets them.
– He finds it hard to finish even a single can of beer.
– Going to the sauna is his hangover cure.
– He once sent 5 snack trucks to Suho’s filming location to show his support. (RadioStar)
– He started his mandatory military service on December 21st, 2023.


– He was discovered on the streets when he was just 12 years old by SM representative and Sehun kept running from him for 30 minutes thinking that it is a scam.
– He trained for 4 years.
– He went through 4 auditions in the span of two years.
– He played the lead role in the Korean web film “Dokgo Rewind” in 2018 and has made cameo appearances in several Korean dramas.
– He is a regular cast member on the variety show “Busted”
– He ranked 15th on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018.”
– He modeled for Berluti’s Spring/Summer collection for men in 2020.
– In 2017 and 2018, he was announced as the best-dressed man for Louis Vuitton.
– In 2023, he appeared in the drama “All That We Loved”.

Magazines & Endorsements:

– In 2017, he was featured in a pictorial of Vogue Korea.
– In 2018, he featured on the cover of Vogue Korea for its 22nd anniversary, becoming the second South Korean male idol to do so after G Dragon. This particular issue turned out to be a major success, as it became the best-selling edition in the magazine’s history since its establishment in 1996.


– He was appointed as the ambassador for the clothing line XXX of the prestigious Italian luxury fashion house, Zegna in 2018.
– In 2020, he became the brand face of Dior and the first man to become a global ambassador for Dior in 2021.

Likes & Dislikes:

– He enjoys listening to music, acting, and dancing.
His favorite genre of music is Hip Hop, and he prefers action movies.
– He used to like Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’ during trainee days.
White and black are his favorite colors.
He has a fondness for the numbers 3, 5, and 7.

Food Preferences

He really likes chocolate flavor.
– He doesn’t like spicy rice cakes.
He really likes to eat the food that D.O cooks.
His favorite foods are meat, sushi, and bubble tea.
– He is not fond of bagels or bread. (ESQUIRE Korea)
His favorite bubble tea place was ‘Cafioca’. 
He likes to drink the melon bubble tea latte and dislikes misutgaru latte.
– Whenever he’s hungover, he prefers eating buckwheat noodles and pork cutlets from ‘Haru’.
– Instead of drinking while eating, he prefers drinking once he’s done with his meal.
– His favorite summertime food is Ok Dak Baeksukk.
– He prefers tea over coffee. 

Personality & Habits:

– He is known for being shy, mischievous, sincere, considerate, and becomes more lively as you get to know him.
– Playing golf is his hobby. (ESQUIRE Korea)
According to Chanyeol, Sehun is very loud when he plays games.
– He has a habit of sticking out his tongue and struggles with pronouncing the letter “S.”


– He has won several awards including Most Popular Artist, Global Icon, Best Idol Actor, Overseas Male Artist Award, and Starplay

Popularity Award

– He received a Weibo Star Award as voted by users of the Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo at the 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

Social Media Handles
Instagram: oohsehun

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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