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Jinni (NMIXX) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Jinni (지니) is a South Korean singer under UAP. She is a former member of NMIXX.

Jinni (NMIXX) Profile

Stage NameJinni (지니) | Jini
Birth NameChoi Yun Jin (최윤진)
BirthdayApril 16, 2004
Active Years2021–present
Age19 (in Apr 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Blood TypeA

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Jinni (NMIXX) Facts

Early Life

– Jinni was born in Busan, South Korea.
– She went to Haesong Elementary School.
– She transferred from Dongbaek Middle School to Hansan Middle School.
– She dropped out of Changdeok Girls’ High School and passed the High School Graduation Certificate Examination.

Personal Life

– In NMIXX, Jinni was the fourth tallest member.
– Despite having an MBTI type of ENFP, she is more socially introverted as an ENFP.
– During their trainee days, she and Yeji (ITZY) were roommates.
– Even in 2022, she retains a noticeable Busan accent, but she aims to reduce it over time.
– Her representative number is 16, reflecting both her birthday and the year she joined JYP (2016).
– Growing up, she enjoyed watching Running Man.
– Among dog breeds, she likes small breeds like Pomeranians or Maltese.
– She admires BLACKPINK Jennie‘s style.
– Jinni is a fan of Apink, and for her audition song, she chose “Not Alone” for the vocal test and performed a jazz dance routine for her dancing test.
– Her chosen representative animal is a baby tiger.
– Among the NMIXX members, Jinni used to wake up the earliest compared to the other members.
– Jinni has a fondness for the sea and expresses a desire to visit places like Bali or Hawaii.
– Her interest in dancing was sparked by her cousin’s enrollment in a dance academy.
– She has close friendships with ITZY’s Yeji and Fifty Fifty‘s Saena.
– During elementary school, she attended a dance academy with a friend where representatives of JYP Entertainment held an open audition. She performed “No, No, No” by Apink and a jazz dance routine.
– During her elementary school days, she named one of her dolls “Banani”.
– She enrolled in the same dance academy as her older sister.
– Jinni has a younger brother born in 2011.
– Her strong point is her captivating stage presence.
– Dancing is her specialty.


– She became a trainee at JYP Entertainment in 2016.
– She was the vocalist, rapper and dancer in NMIXX.
– Jinni participated in the JYP Trainee Mini Showcase 2018 alongside Lily, Haewon, and Kyujin.
– On August 6, 2021, Jinni, Jiwoo, and Kyujin were introduced as the initial NMIXX members through a dance performance video.
– On February 22, 2022, she made her debut as a member of NMIXX under the stage name Jinni.
– On December 9, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced that she had left NMIXX due to personal reasons and had ended her exclusive contract with the company.
– On April 14, 2023, it was revealed that she had signed with UAP.


– Jinni finds escape rooms challenging due to her poor sense of direction.
– She can’t whistle.
– She is skilled at imitating Pikachu’s voice.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite color is light pink.
– She’s a fan of the actress Han So-hee.
– She prefers phone calls over texting,
– Friday is her preferred day of the week.
– ‘Tunnel’ by Sejeong Kim is her favorite song.
– Spring is her favorite season.

Food Preferences

– She dislikes Hawaiian pizza.
– Given the choice, she prefers pizza over chicken.
– Fruit smoothies and jellies are among her favorite treats.
– She loves to eat spicy tteokbokki.
– She prefers puff cream taiyaki over red bean taiyaki, and Jjambbong over Jjajang.
– She dislikes foods such as seaweed soup, cucumber cold soup, steamed fish, and grilled fish.
– In ramen, her preferred choices are Samyang ramen, Jinjjambbong, and Shin Ramyun Black.
– She enjoys various types of seafood, including gaebul, live octopus, and sashimi like flatfish, salmon, whole fish, tuna, and squid.


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