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Jiwoo (NMIXX) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Jiwoo (지우) is a South Korean rapper, singer, and member of the Kpop girl group NMIXX under JYP Entertainment.

Jiwoo (NMIXX) Profile

Stage NameJiwoo (지우)
Birth NameKim Ji Woo (김지우)
OccupationRapper, Singer
BirthdayApril 13, 2005
Active Years2021–present
Age18 (in Dec 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height162 cm (5’3”)
Blood TypeAB

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Jiwoo (NMIXX) Facts

Early Life

– Jiwoo was born in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– She went to Chasan Elementary School Kindergarten and Donghwa Middle School.
– She attended Guri Girls’ High School but transferred to Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School in the Entertainment Department.

Personal Life

– Her MBTI type is ISTP, with her previous results being ISFP and ESFP.
– Jiwoo shares her real name with Chuu from LOONA.
– She joined the company after Kyujin.
– Alongside Haewon, Jiwoo is the shortest NMIXX member.
– She is nicknamed “Chew”.
– Her representative animal is the Puppy 🐶, her representative color is Red.
– Her older sister was born in 2001.
– To help with sleeplessness, she puts on earphones and listens to calming music.
– She revealed that her hobby is making perfumes. (Weekly Idol)
– She once deconstructed a burger to remove any vegetables and tomatoes because she hates eating vegetables.
– A TMI about her is that she changes her cell phone every year. (Weekly Idol)
– In high school, she was part of the Dance Club.
– BAE and Haewon playfully convinced her to stay in a temple due to her dislike of eating vegetables.
– During her debut, nervousness led her to introduce herself with her birth name, saying, “Hello, I’m Kim Ji-woo!” instead of her stage name.
– She shares a close friendship with Nina from NiziU. (Nina’s BUBBLE)
– Among NMIXX members, Jiwoo is known for being the least involved in dishwashing at their dorm.
– In the past, she aspired to be a supermarket owner, imagining that such a role would grant her access to snacks and ice cream.
– Her hobbies include listening to music and nail art.
– She is most confident in foot baseball.
– In NMIXX, Jiwoo is the second pickiest eater after Lily.
– She has hypermobile joints, able to flex her thumb backward into a “4” sign with the thumb resting on the index finger’s knuckle. However, she cannot rotate her hand 360 degrees.


– In 2018, she joined JYP Entertainment.
– She was a student at DASTREET DANCE.
– Jiwoo alongside Lily, Haewon, Jinni, BAE, and Kyujin, took part in the JYP Trainee Mini Showcase 2019.
– Jiwoo, Jinni, and Kyujin were unveiled as the initial three NMIXX members on August 6, 2021, through a dance performance video.
– She is the main rapper, vocalist and dancer in NMIXX.

Likes & Dislikes

– Physical Education (PE) is Jiwoo’s favorite and strongest subject.
– Titanic is her favorite movie.
– Winter is her favorite season.
– She avoids horror movies due to a dislike of surprises.
– She is a fan of Day6, her favorite song by them is “Shoot Me”, which she listens to for energy or to set a certain mood.

Food Preferences

– Her favorite food is ham kimchi stew.
– She hates vegetables.
– Her preferred colors are sky blue and green.
– Her favorite Baskin-Robbins’ ice cream flavor is “Mother is an Alien”.
– She likes sweet and sour pork.
– Among gimbap choices, she enjoys tuna gimbap and pork cutlet gimbap.
– She enjoys her cereal soggy.


– She excels in activities like running and foot-softball.
– She cannot perform whistling.
– Her typing speed is very fast, on both tablets and mobile phones.
– She can also arch her back backward unaided.
– Among NMIXX members, Jiwoo is best at ventriloquism.
– She set a new show record by achieving a low limbo height of 55cm.

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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