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Nina (NiziU) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Nina NiziU

Nina (仁菜/ニナ/니나) is a Japanese singer and a member of the Korean-Japanese girl group “NiziU” under JYP Entertainment.

Nina (NiziU) Profile

Stage NameNina (仁菜/ニナ/니나)
Birth NameNina Hillman
Japanese NameMakino Nina ((牧野仁菜/牧野まきの 仁菜にな/ニナ ヒルマン)
BirthdayFebruary 27, 2005
Active Years2020–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Blood TypeO

Nina (NiziU) Facts:

Early Life

– Born in Seattle, Washington, USA, her father is American, and her mother is Japanese.
– Her childhood included taking musical theatre classes.

Personal Life

– She has an older sister.
– She has two dogs, Mochi and Kinako.
– Fluent in Japanese, Korean, English, and French, she is a multilingual talent.
– Nina became close with Rio and Rima after sharing snacks secretly in the bathroom as trainees. (hello82)
– Singing, dancing, playing piano, jet-skiing, and even playing the guitar are among her special skills.
– She said that she learned to make better facial expressions on set from Rima.
– She is left-handed.
– She is a roommate with Rima.
– Currently attending a regular Japanese middle school.
– The artist she admires and wants to collaborate with is IU. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– Her audition pieces were TWICE‘s “What Is Love?” (Japanese Ver.) and ‘Brand New Day’ by 安田レイ.
– When she lived in the States, her sister was a fan of K-pop but she wasn’t interested.
– Viewers often draw parallels between her and Somi.
– She guides Rima on her high notes and English pronunciation.
– The variety show she wants to appear on is Running Man because she wants to do something active. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– Among boy groups, Stray Kids holds a special place in her heart.
Rima takes the best photos of her.
– Her goal is to uplift everyone with her bright personality.
– Something Rima would change about Nina is that she would rather she choose what she wants to eat based on her mood on that day and not plan it.
– In NiziU, she is known as the bright youngest member.
– Whenever she makes plans with Rima, she makes 2 sets of plans; one where they carry out the plan and the other in case Rima cancels it.
– Her nickname is “Woof Woof” because of her playful and puppy-like behavior, reflected in her dog face autograph.
– Nina sometimes feels left out when the members are talking about childhood stories but she said that Rima can always relate to her experiences. (To NiziU Ep3)
– She dreams of having English lessons with her fans.
– She first got interested in K-pop after listening to “As If It’s Your Last” by Blackpink at a restaurant in Japan.
– Despite not knowing Japanese, she moved to Japan for two years before auditioning.
– Her hidden talent is moving her lips so it seems like they are being pulled by threads.
– Known as “Woof Woof,” she incorporates a dog face in her autograph.
Rima would introduce her as “weird but cool”.
– She has loved music and singing since she was young. (Korean Debut Introduction Video)
– She dreams of being able to teach English to all her fans.
– She has a small stomach so she can’t eat a lot even if she wants to eat a lot.
– She shares a close friendship with Jiwoo from NMIXX.
– According to Rima, she eats food in a way that makes people lose their appetites because she takes very small bites. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– She has her own workout routine.
Miihi said that Nina gives the best reactions and that she and her sister have the exact same reactions. (To NiziU Ep6)
– She has the same laugh as her sister.
– According to Miihi, Nina’s voice suits low-note ballads.
– If she could switch bodies with Miihi for a day, she would wear clothes that wave or flutter in the wind.
– She puts on several alarms and the ringtone is really loud. (To NiziU Ep6)
– Her charming point is her voice. 


– She started her journey as a child actress in both America and Japan.
– She successfully passed the Amuse Multilingual Audition in 2017.
– She made her 5th Avenue debut as the understudy for Mary Lennox and appeared in Book-It Theater’s production of Brothers K as Young Bet.
– An advocate for women’s empowerment, she featured in a video titled “How girls will change the world #STEM.”
– In the American TV show “Divine Shadow,” Nina played the character ‘Mieu Everest.’
– She took on roles in Japanese movies like “Shiba Park” and “Blood Friend.”
– As a reporter for NHK E TV’s variety show called Suiensā, she shared her experiences.
– She starred as “Trixie” in ACT’s (A Contemporary Theatre) production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (2015).”
– She was a contestant on “Nizi Project”.
– She ranked at 24th place in dance and 2nd place in vocals.
– She had a final ranking of 9th.
– Nina, along with Mako, Rio, Maya, Ayaka, Mayuka, Rima, and Riku, appeared in Stray Kids“Back Door” music video.
– She made her debut as a main vocalist and maknae in “NiziU” on December 2nd, 2020.

Likes & Dislikes

– She is afraid of bugs and hates them.
– Listening to music and exercising are her favorite hobbies.
– She loves Miihi’s way of singing Christmas songs.
– She likes to take pictures of things that Miihi would like and show them to her. 

Personality & Habits

– She plans her meals a week in advance.
– She likes to plan ahead and make schedules beforehand.
– She has a habit of dropping to the floor suddenly while laughing. 

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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