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Lee Seoyeon (fromis_9) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Lee Seoyeon fromis_9

Lee Seoyeon (서연) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9 under Pledis Entertainment.

Lee Seoyeon (fromis_9) Profile

Stage NameSeoyeon (서연)
Birth NameLee Seo Yeon (이서연)
BirthdayJanuary 22, 2000
Active Years2010–present
Age23 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height158 cm (5’2″)
Weight47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood TypeA


Lee Seoyeon (fromis_9) Facts

Early Life:

– Lee Seoyeon is from Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– She went to Seoul Janggok Elementary School.
– Her middle school was Majeon Middle School but she dropped out.
– She transferred to Seongsan Middle School.
– She attended Seoul Performing Arts High School in the Department of Applied Music but later dropped out.

Personal Life:

– Lee Seoyeon’s MBTI type is ISTJ.
– She has a unique nutty smile.
– Her representative animal is Panda.
– She is in charge of cuteness within the group.
– She has the ability to pop dance.
– She has a habit of talking to herself.
– Lee Seoyeon has two older siblings.
– Hobbies: cling to members and Talking about dreams.
– He is “Bbang Bbang”’s oldest Unnie.
– She was once known as the main rapper because of her nickname of being the only swagger.
– She owns a lot of chokers.
– She said that she usually wears contact lenses because she has poor eyesight just like the other members.
– Lee Seoyeon is very quick in learning choreographies.
– She resembles Bada, Kim Sae-Ron, and Seo Hwi-min.
– She has aquaphobia.
– She is a talented all-rounder with excellent vocal, rap, and dance skills as well as lyricist and composition skills.
– She doesn’t have a SNS account due to her father’s strict restrictions.
– She never cries.
– Lee Seoyeon once almost burnt the group’s dorm during a FB live.
– Her personal colour is orange-red.
– She was 7th in rank with 61,083 votes.
– She relies on Saerom a lot.
– She helped to compose “My Little Society”, “Midnight Guest” and “Unlock My World”.
– Her bright and lively playfulness hidden under her blunt expression is her charm point.
– She owns a cat which was gifted to her by her aunt.
Chaeyoung’s first impression of Seoyeon was that she was chic.
– She tried jazz dance, art, ballet, and Sudoku as club activities in her elementary school.
– Lee Seoyeon is the most fashionable member of fromis_9 according to Jiheon.
– She likes talking about her dreams.
– She was often misunderstood that she was dozing off during her Idol School time because of her extreme dark circles.
– She was the first one to make a resident registration card.
– Whenever she writes songs, she first thinks of members which makes her think about Flovers, causing her to daydream about the fandom clapping their hands along with fromis_9 to the song.
– She has her own music studio.
– She can tolerate pain well.
– She loves when Hayoung cooks kimchi fried rice with soybean paste stew.
– She is often called Baby Panda by her group members.
– Lee Seoyeon’s second brother is hosting a game broadcast.
– She was on hiatus due to her health reason, it was announced on On October 28, 2022.
– She is the smallest member of fromis_9.


– Lee Seoyeon is Main Rapper and Vocalist in fromis_9.
– She used to be a YG Trainee.
– She was also a part of YG Entertainment’s trainee group called “Future 2NE1”.
– Her training period is 7 years and 9 months.
– Seoyen appeared in GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” mv.

Likes & Dislikes:

– She enjoys listening to Heize, Oh My Girl’s Arin, Dean, Tori Kelly and Rihanna.
– She loves watching Adventure Time, her favourite character is BMO.
– She loves the colour red and black.
– She enjoys romance, hero and animation films.
– She likes skinship.
– She doesn’t enjoy dramas a lot.
– She likes to sleep with her hands stretched over her head.
– She adores pugs.

Food Preferences:

– She loves eating gummy bears candy and milk tea.
– She doesn’t like dumplings.
– She says that she doesn’t like macarons.
– She loves to eat green onion kimchi with ramen.


– Seoyeon has man nicknames including Sleepy Head, Baby Panda, The Yeoney, The Yeon, Sean, Shenney, (Park) Laura, fleece blanket, Panda, Yangpyeong Swagger, Ghost Bride, Bear Jelly, The Little Mermaid, Scam, Tsuna, Gangeoljwi, Mt. Yonggak, stingray, Bread Seung-i, Derani.

Celebrity Friends:

– Seoyeon is friends with Moon Soo-ah, Chae In, ROYA, and YOUHA


Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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