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Mako (NiziU) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Mako NiziU

Mako (真子/マコ/마코) is a Japanese singer and a member of the Korean-Japanese girl group “NiziU” under JYP Entertainment. 

Mako (NiziU) Profile

Stage NameMako (真子/マコ/마코)
Birth NameYamaguchi Mako (山口真子/やまぐち まこ)
BirthdayApril 4, 2001
Active Years2020–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height159 cm (5’3″)
Blood TypeA

Mako (NiziU) Facts:

Early Life

– Mako was born in Yame City in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
– She graduated from Yame City Minami Middle School.
– Until her high school graduation, she served on the student council.
– In the eighth grade, which corresponds to the third year of junior high school, she held the position of class leader.

Personal Life

– Her older sister, Atsuko Yamaguchi, was born in 1996.
– She speaks in Fukuoka dialect.
– According to her, the member with the strongest first impression was Rio. (hello82)
– Before auditioning for the Nizi Project, Mako, Rima, Miihi, and Yuna were already trainees under JYPE.
– She became interested in wanting to become a K-pop idol after being inspired by Twice. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– Among all NiziU members, she underwent the longest training, spanning three years.
– She is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
– She had the opportunity to debut with ITZY.
– Her mother is a nurse.
– The thing she can do better than any member is eat good food more deliciously than anyone.
– A notable fact about her is that she can eat a lemon without making a sour expression.
– During the first season of the Nizi Project, she wore braces on her teeth.
– She shares a room with Ayaka.
– When she writes in her journal, she uses emojis to convey her emotions.
– Her experience with the “NiziU Project” made her become more confident in herself. (Oricon Interview Pt1)
– She is currently in the process of learning the Korean language.
– During training, she used to share a room with Yeji of ITZY.
– She has a pet Dachshund named Pana.
– Her hobbies are watching dramas, studying languages, and writing diaries.
– She has a desire to cook for her fellow group members.
– She started learning Korean in 4th grade of elementary school after becoming a fan of KARA. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– Her advice for Korean learners is to constantly speak in Korean.
– As the leader of NiziU, she aims to steer and guide the group toward success.
– The goofiest thing she’s done is buy and apply body wash thinking it was body lotion.
– Her journey to learn Korean began during her elementary school years, driven by her aspiration to become a K-pop idol.
– Her at-home workout routine mostly includes stretching. (hello82)
Ayaka couldn’t understand her when they first met because of her distinctive dialect. (Neighbourhood Friend Kangnami)
Rio’s first impression of her was that she was intimidating because she had short hair, a boyish style, and a chill vibe. She also said that Mako was like a flawless model student. (To NiziU Ep2)
– She gets nightmares if she stretches before going to sleep.
– According to Rio, she has really contrasting off-screen and on-screen personalities like she is clumsy in real life but then she speaks in perfect sentences as if there is a script in an interview.
– In dance formations, Ayaka and Maya are usually in front of her, so she always pats them from behind on stage before the song starts as a way to tell them to do well.
Rio said that she feels like an older sister to her even though they’re the same age because Mako comforts her as if comforting a child.
– She said that sometimes she feels love stronger than family love towards the members. (To NiziU Ep2)
– Her wish is to taste all the different types of chocolate in the world. 


– She achieved first place in both the initial and second seasons of NiziU’s survival show, known as the Nizi Project.
– She took part in the Tokyo audition for the Nizi Project.
– She threw the first pitch for the baseball team Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.
– In February 2017, she participated in JYPE’s audition in South Korea, where she ranked third out of 3,500 participants and took the top spot among the female contestants.
– In Stray Kids“God’s Menu” music video, you can spot Miihi, Maya, Rima, Mako, Rio, and Ayaka.
– Likewise, in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” music video, Mako, Rima, Nina, Riku, Maya, Rio, Mayuka, and Ayaka made appearances.
– She debuted as a leader with “NiziU’ on December 20th, 2020, with a single “Step and a Step”.

Likes & Dislikes

– Her favorite Korean food is the honey combo of Kyochon chicken and she can eat one whole set of it by herself. (Neighbourhood Friend Kangnami)
– She has stated that her favorite food is yogurt.
– Her favorite Korean proverbs are “Nice words for nice words” and “Even a monkey can fall from a tree”.
– She doesn’t like getting spoiled about movies and dramas because she enjoys the tension and suspense of not knowing.
– She loves having fun outdoors, going on a drive to refresh, and traveling. (Korean Debut Introduction Video)
– She enjoys designing clothes.
– The thing she loves most in the world is chocolate. 

Personality & Habits

– She does dance practices for long hours. (To NiziU Ep1)
– She stretches before going to bed when she needs to get a good sleep in a short amount of time.
– She makes up weird lyrics to songs during practice.
– She has a habit of doing random dances.
– She isn’t the type to voice her opinions so Rio usually speaks up for her. 

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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