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Maya (NiziU) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Maya NiziU
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Maya (まや/マヤ/마야) is a Japanese singer and a member of the Korean-Japanese girl group “NiziU” under JYP Entertainment. 

Maya (NiziU) Profile

Stage NameMaya (まや/マヤ/마야) 
Birth NameKatsumura Maya (勝村摩耶/かつむら まや)
BirthdayApril 8, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height158 cm (5’2″)
Blood TypeO

Maya (NiziU) Facts:

Early Life

– Maya hails from Hakusan City in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
– She attended Hakusan City Hoku Elementary School and later Hakusan City Hikarino Junior High School.
– During her school days, she was a member of the track and field club.

Personal Life

– She has an older brother.
Riku said that Maya is a really good cook. (hello82)
– To pursue her dream of becoming a YG trainee, she relocated to Tokyo and trained for one year.
– She has a pet dog.
– She wanted to become an idol because K-pop was in trend at her school and she did many K-pop choreographies in festivals at school at that time.
– Currently, she is dedicated to learning the Korean language.
– She loves coffee but her body is weak in handling caffeine. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– Her specialty lies in cooking.
Rima said that Maya does good impersonations.
– Given the nickname “Cowl Chan” (warm tone) by their dance trainer, she is often referred to as the “swan” of NiziU.
– She uses the Ishikawa prefecture dialect.
– She uses her own ratio of sugar and soy sauce in “tamagoyaki” (Japanese rolled omelet). (NiziU Special Interview)
– Her hidden talent is taking selfies with her toes.
– If she could swap abilities with any other member, she would choose Mako, admiring her diverse dance skills.
Ayaka said that usually, she doesn’t seem like an older sister because she acts like a kid.
– She claims to be the best at impersonating the other members’ parts in “Make You Happy”. (NiziU Special Interview)
– Her initial impression of Mako evolved over time. She initially thought of Mako as a flawless leader and a highly composed person, but as they became friends, she discovered Mako’s endearing qualities.
– Many people believe she resembles MINA from TWICE.
– She can swim, however, Riku said she is not good at it.
– She excels in cooking, particularly when it comes to making tamagoyaki.
– She is mostly seen with Ayaka.
– Maya can cook omurice really well and often makes it for the members. (hello82)
– The artist she wants to collaborate and perform with is Twice.
– The “NiziU Project” to her, was a bridge to her dreams. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– She said that the one who matches her sense of humor the best is Ayaka. (To NiziU Ep4)
– She wants to form a sub-unit with Ayaka one day. (To NiziU Ep4)
– She is among the fastest members to get ready and wait in front of the elevator along with Riku, Ayaka, and Miihi. (To NiziU Ep1)
– Her charming point is her crescent moon eyes.
– She has a dog named Pooh-chan who has white fur on his paws so it looks like he’s wearing socks.
– She likes to do at-home training workouts and she is very dedicated. (Korean Debut Introduction Video)
– She is a former YG Japan trainee. (Source)
– She is skilled in using facial expressions well for photoshoots.
– She started wearing blue clothes after she received blue clothes as a birthday present from Rio. 


– She was previously a trainee with YG Japan.
– She also participated in the Tokyo auditions.
– She took part in the Nizi Project.
– She ranked 12th in both dance and vocal.
– In Stray Kids‘ “God’s Menu” music video, you can see Mako, Rio, Maya, Ayaka, Rima, and Miihi.
– Additionally, in Stray Kids’ “Back Door” music video, you’ll find Riku, Nina, Mako, Rio, Maya, Ayaka, Mayuka, and Rima making appearances.
– She debuted as a Sub Vocalist in “NiziU” on December 2nd, 2020.

Likes & Dislikes

– She likes making bread.
– She likes to make beads bracelet.
– Maya loves baking and she is most confident in making salted butter rolls. (Korean Debut Introduction Video)
– She likes round eyes which is why she is jealous of Rio. (To NiziU Ep7)

Personality & Habits

– Her hobbies are drawing and collecting skincare.
Rima said that Maya groans things like “Wow” in her sleep. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– She doesn’t get angry easily and even when she does it is a quiet anger.
– She talks to herself when she gets bored. (To NiziU Ep4)
– She said that she became more of a positive thinker and more tolerant because of Ayaka.
– She is very good at expressing emotions.
– She seems like a calm girl from her appearance but she is actually very bubbly.
– She is the type to take good care of her friends by listening to their worries.
– Maya always goes to the same shops to buy clothes and she always buys white, black, or brown clothes.
– She is not good at noticing or sensing other people’s feelings. It would be difficult for her to notice if someone was having a hard time. (To NiziU Ep7)

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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