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Riku (NiziU) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Riku NiziU

Riku (陸/リク/리쿠) is a Japanese singer and a member of the Korean-Japanese girl group “NiziU” under JYP Entertainment. 

Riku (NiziU) Profile

Stage NameRiku (陸/リク/리쿠)
Birth NameOe Riku (大江梨久/おおえ りく)
BirthdayOctober 26, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height162 cm (5’4″)
Blood TypeAB

Riku (NiziU) Facts:

Early Life

– Her hometown is Kyoto, Japan.
– She graduated from Uji City Kohata Middle School. However, she dropped out of Kyoto City Higashiu High School.
– She used to be a member of the brass band club and played the trumpet during her middle school years.

Personal Life

– Riku possesses a talent for karate.
– Her at-home workout routine includes squats, planks, and side bends. (hello82)
– She considers her ear shape to be her most attractive feature.
– She is actively learning the Korean language.
– She used to learn dance in a K-pop academy back in Japan.
– Since her and Miihi share the same hometown, they often engage in conversations about their hometown.
– The first K-pop song she listened to was “Jumping” by KARA. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– She has a 3rd degree belt in Karate.
– She has a younger brother.
– If she were to choose another member to date, she would pick Mayuka because of Mayuka’s considerate nature, attention to detail, and their close relationship.
– Her childhood dream was to open up a cake shop and a flower shop.
– The most memorable advice she got from JYP was “It’s important to forget everything you did during practice and what you thought about when you stand on stage”. (Oricon Interview Pt1)
– She once attended a K-pop academy.
– She learns Korean by watching content from senior Korean artists. (Kstyle Interview)
– Her speech is flavored with the Kansai dialect.
– Riku wants NiziU to be a group where there is no one who doesn’t know who NiziU is. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– She is a fan of ITZY and Blackpink.
– Within NiziU, she is recognized as the energetic and cheerful squirrel.
Ayaka’s personality surprised Riku the most. Initially, she thought Ayaka was a serious and reserved person, but over time, Ayaka revealed her humorous and fun-loving side.
– The most memorable part of the “COCO! nut Fes.” tour was having an army stew with members after every concert. (hello82)
– She gets bored during the waiting time between schedules. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– She is a big fan of ITZY’s Yeji and wants to collaborate with her. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– She is among the fastest members to get ready and wait in front of the elevator along with Rio, Ayaka, and Miihi.
Miihi thinks that Riku is the life of the party of NiziU.
– If she could control Miihi, she would make her sing ballads for her whole life like a music box.
– She is closest with Miihi and they are roommates. (To NiziU Ep1)
– She thinks Miihi and her are the most similar among the members.
– She and Miihi go on spontaneous trips. (To NiziU Ep1)
– When Mayuka first saw Riku on the street, she knew right away that she was a NiziU Project participant because of her style. (To NiziU Ep5)
Mayuka would introduce her to others as a nice person because of consideration for others and positive thinking.
– People call her hands “cream buns” because they’re so small and plump.
Mayuka feels proud of her when she hits the high note in “Already Special” on stage live.
Rio and Mayuka once gifted her chips with the note “You’re going to be okay!” when she was having a hard time. (To NiziU Ep5)


– She took part in the Nizi Project.
– She ranked 6th in dance and 4th in vocal.
– In Stray Kids “Back Door” music video with fellow members Nina, Mako, Rio, Maya, Ayaka, Mayuka, and Rima.
– She debuted as a lead vocalist in “NiziU” on December 2nd, 2020.

Likes & Dislikes

– She loves to watch mukbangs.
– Her favorite Korean food is raw small octopus. (Neighbourhood Friend Kangnami)
– She likes pretty hands so she gets jealous of people who have long and slender hands. 

Personality & Habits

– She is known for her high energy and vibrant personality.
– She has a very extroverted personality.
– She has a remarkable ability to remember dates.
– She said that she laughs twice as much as other people and at trivial things. (Vogue Japan)
– She has a slightly moody personality.
– She tends to whine when she gets tired.
Miihi said that Riku is the type to say whatever’s on her mind.
– She is really bad at filling in documents.
– One of her habits includes winking her left eye while laughing.
– She is scared of deer because she tried to feed one when she was in Nara and it rushed at her.
– She doesn’t get nervous much. 

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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