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Rima (NiziU) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Rima NiziU

Rima (りま/リマ/리마) is a Japanese singer and a member of the Korean-Japanese girl group “NiziU” under JYP Entertainment. 

Rima (NiziU) Profile

Stage NameRima (りま/リマ/리마)
Birth NameYokoi Rima (横井りま/よこい りま)
Legal NameNakabayashi Rima (中林里茉/なかばやし りま)
BirthdayMarch 26, 2004
Active Years2020–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height160 cm (5’3″)
Blood TypeO

Rima (NiziU) Facts:

Early Life

– She attended Aoba Japan International School and the International School of the Sacred Heart but left the latter to join the Nizi Project.
– She started attending an international school at the young age of 2.
– Until she turned 10, she participated in family photo shoots.
– It was not uncommon for her to oversleep during her elementary school days.

Personal Life

– Leaving school was a decision she made to be part of the Nizi Project.
– She is left-handed.
– Her dad is a rapper, and her mom is the model Nakabayashi Miwa.
– The member she wants to take care of the most is Riku. (hello82)
– Her paternal great-grandfather is Hideki Yokoi, a former president of Hotel New Japan.
– Her maternal grandfather is an architect working in Tokyo Midtown.
– The hardest word for her to pronounce is “accessories” in a Korean accent. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– She has two half-brothers and a sister.
– She is close friends with NMIXX’s Bae.
– Fluent in Japanese, English, and Korean, she is trilingual.
– According to Riku and Ayaka, Rima is a big eater even though she does not appear to be.
– Surprisingly, English comes more naturally to her than Japanese.
– JYP Entertainment welcomed her in February 2019.
– She is roommates with Mayuka. (NiziU Special Interview)
– Known for her charming voice, she stands out in NiziU.
Riku thinks Rima looks cute when she cries. (To NiziU Ep1)
– An artist she admires is Billie Eilish. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– Her short hair showcases her cool side, a style she embraces.
Nina said that she likes Rima’s look better without makeup. 
– She has been attending international schools since she turned two.
Nina would introduce Rima as “awkward but fun once you get to know her”. (To NiziU Ep3)
– Due to her parents’ divorce and her mother gaining custody of her and her sister, she legally changed her name.
– She aspires to both wake up early and stay up late.
– The “NiziU Project” taught her to enjoy performing more than stressing about it being perfect. (Oricon Interview Pt1)
Rio‘s hugs bring Rima a lot of joy, and she wishes for them often.
– She learns singing and new English phrases from Nina.
– She can not cook anything besides instant noodles. (hello82)
– In NiziU, she is the third youngest member.
Riku said that Rima once ate 2 servings of pasta in 4 bites.
– Something Nina would change about Rima is to make her confident all day instead of just in the morning when she is feeling most energetic.
– She was cast in Twice’s concert in 2018. (Source)
– Her father is a renowned rapper ZEEBRA in Japan, and her brothers are named Ren and Kento.
– She only works when Nina is there because she has to follow her workout routine otherwise she won’t exercise that day. (To NiziU Ep3)
– The artist she wants to collaborate with is Twice. (Oricon Interview Pt2)
– Her bias in Twice is Tzuyu. (Source)
– Her personal goal is to always be nice to the members and get along with them. (hello82 Friend Request)


– She was a contestant on “Nizi Project”.
– She was ranked in 7th place in both dance and vocal.
– Her final ranking for debut was at 3rd place.
– Rima along with Riku, Nina, Mako, Rio, Maya, Ayaka, and Mayuka all made appearances in Stray Kids “Back Door” music video.
– She debuted as a main rapper in “NiziU” on December 2nd, 2020.

Likes & Dislikes

– She loves putting makeup on herself and trying new styles. (Korean Debut Introduction Video)
– She enjoys drawing herself and relaxing during the weekends.
– She hates layering clothes.
– Her favorite food is noodles. (Korean Debut Introduction Video)

Personality & Habits

– Skincare, makeup, and games are her go-to hobbies.
– She can’t wear padded jackets no matter how cold it gets because she doesn’t like the feeling of putting her arms in the sleeves. (Complaint Manager HUR)
– For her to wake up, she needs to be woken up 6 times.
– She tends to cancel plans on the day off and especially plans with Nina.
– She is really shy and the most introverted member of the group. (hello82 Friend Request)
– She has the tendency to be confident at the start of the day and become more and more embarrassed as the day progresses.
– Drawing herself on weekends is a relaxing hobby she enjoys.– She eats noodles in mouthfuls and likes the feeling of swallowing them without biting. (NiziU Special Interview)

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon 

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