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Zior Park Profile, Bio, & Facts

Zior Park

Zior Park (지올팍) is a South Korean K-pop singer and rapper under Beautiful Noise Label. He made his debut on April 3, 2018, with the single “Benefits”.

Zior Park Profile

Stage NameZior Park (지올팍)
Birth NamePark Jie Won (박지원)
BirthdayOctober 11, 1994
Active Years2018-present
Age29 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5’9” (175 cm)
Weight74 kg (162 lbs)
Blood TypeN/A

Zior Park Facts:

Early Life

– Zior Park was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He moved to New York in his twenties and later moved to San Francisco for work.
– He studied programming when he was in high school.
– He used to work in the technological industry before he became an idol. (Arirang Radio Interview)
– He started a video production start-up like Soundcloud in Silicon Valley but it flopped and then he discovered his passion for music.
– He started making music when he was 23 years old after he moved back to South Korea.

Personal Life

– His name Zior came from the Bible, which means a small castle. (Psick Interview)
– He is great at playing piano.
– He has an optimistic, cheerful, and kind personality.
– His lyrics are inspired by his life, the Bible, art, movies, and fashion.
– He always wanted to work in Hollywood.
– He started making music with just a laptop, on which he would create new beats.
– As a teenager, he was a fan of artists like Queen, Mika, David Bowie, Prince, and Michael Jackson. (W Korea Interview)
– He first thinks about the music video of a song then starts making beats and lyrics for it.
– He relieves his stress by playing the game “Overwatch”. It is his favorite game and he sometimes plays it until 3 am. (Cosmopolitan Korea Interview)
– He thinks that ordinary is overrated which is why he gets his inspiration from unordinary fictional characters like Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, Harley Quinn, and Cruella De Vil.
– He is a big fan of football and his favorite team is EPL Club’s Arsenal F.C.
– He loves the song “Christmas Nightmare” by Tim Burton. His father used to play this song every Christmas when he was young.
– He started getting fans’ attention after his fellow rapper from his agency, Wonstein got famous after SMTM 9.


– Zior Park is a part of the SyndromeZ crew.
– He has a song with Wonderkid called “The Ellen Show”.
– He is also a music video director. He uses the name “Chet Black” as a director. It is inspired by the names of the singer Chet Baker and the actor Jack Black.
– He wants to make a music video inspired by the Middle Ages or medieval period. (Arena Interview)

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes traveling and going to new places.
– He is a big fan of BlackPink. His bias is Rose.
– His favorite fictional character is Willy Wonka from the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.
– His favorite movie director is Tim Burton.
– His favorite childhood show was “Little Teletubbies”.
– His favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor is “Chunky Monkey”.
– He likes movies with good cinematography over movies with strong stories. (W Korea)
– His favorite Bible verse is “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown” (Luke 4:24).
– Some of his favorite artists are Dominic Fike, Harry Styles, Fiona Apple, and PartyNextDoor.

Major works

– His most popular songs are “Christian”, “Magic”, and “Act!ve Volcano”.

Instagram: ziorpark
Youtube: Zior Park
TikTok: ziorpark_official

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

Zior Park Photos

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