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ANITEEZ Characters
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ANITEEZ is a South Korean K-pop boy group ATEEZ’s characters. They were officially revealed on January 29, 2024.


DebutJanuary 29, 2024. 
Active Years2024–present
ANITEEZ MembersJJOONGrami, DDEONGbyeoli, TYUdeongi, HETmongi, SANdeoki, bbyongMING, WOOYOnyang,  JJONGbear.
Oldest MemberDDEONGbyeoli
Youngest MemberJJONGbear 


– ANITEEZ are graphic animal chibby characters of ATEEZ members.
– The animal characters are tiger, bunny, puppies, cats, chick, and bear.
– The characters resemble SKZOO (Stray Kids characters) a lot and they are said to be cousins.
ATEEZ members actively participated in the characters’ development, with each character mirroring a member of the band. (Koreajoongang)

ANITEEZ Members Profile

1. JJONGrami

Jjongrami (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameJJOONGrami (쭝라미)
MemberHongjoong (홍중)

JJOONGrami Facts:

– JJOONGrami likes doing things properly.
– The things that are precious to him include adventure stories like Peter Pan and The Little Prince.
– He has a nick for being responsible and hates injustice.
– He is very friendly.
– He tends to stay until the problem has been dissolved.
– He’s a Captain who’s very loyal and is very nosy.
– Red, White, and Orange are his preferred colors.
– He loves film cameras.

2. DDEONGbyeoli

Ddoeongbyeoli (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameDDEONGbyeoli (떵별이)
MemberSeonghwa (성화)

DDEONGbyeoli Facts:

– DDEONGbyeoli enjoys eating.
– Chrome Silver, Pink, and Black are his preferred colors.
– He often thinks about his group members and cares very deeply for them.
– He has a calm and very friendly personality.
– His precious things are the Sea and forest’s friends and all of the star-shaped things.
– He sometimes acts playfully annoying for no apparent reason.

3. TYUdeongi

Tyudeongi (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameTYUdeongi (튜덩이)
MemberYunho (윤호)

TYUdeongi Facts:

– TYUdeongi is very serious about food and loves it dearly.
– He has a cheerful and bright personality.
– Sky Blue, White, or any bright colors are his preferred colors.
– He’s the energizer.
– He laughs a lot.
– He loves going on every kind of adventure.
– He’s kind and warm to everyone according to the group members.
– The things that are precious to him include adventure memories and happy memories.
– He likes unpredictable adventures.

4. HETmongi

Hetmongi (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameHETmongi (헷몽이)
MemberYeosang (여상)

HETmongi Facts:

– HETmongi always has his smile on, he never loses it.
– He often says whatever comes to his mind without thinking.
– The things that are precious to him include memories and vitamins.
– Red, Blue, and Black are his preferred colors.
– He’s very optimistic and bright.

5. SANdeoki

Sandeoki (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameSANdeoki (산덕이)
MemberSan (산)

SANdeoki Facts:

– SANdeoki has great reactions with a lot of cuteness.
– The things that are precious to him are food and romance.
– He’s very shy.
– Purple, White, and Black are his preferred colors.
– He likes meeting new people even though he’s a bit shy.

6. bbyongMING

Bbyongming (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NamebbyongMING (뿅밍)
MemberMingi (민기)

bbyongMING Facts:

– bbyongMING shows his cute side from time to time.
– He’s an outspoken member of the group.
– Cement, Ivory, and Gray are his preferred colors.
– He’s very straightforward.
– The things that are very precious to him are Turtles.

7. WOOYOnyang

Wooyonyang (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameWOOYOnyang (우요냥)
MemberWooyoung (우영)

WOOYOnyang Facts:

– WOOYOnyang likes playing around a lot.
– He enjoys hanging out with living things.
– Grey, Black, and Blue are his preferred colors.
– He loves all of the living things.
– He laughs a lot despite his stern and cold facial expressions.
– The things that are most precious to him are games, cats, and popcorn.

8. JJONGbear

Jjongbear (ANITEEZ Characters)
Stage NameJJONGbear (쫑베어)
MemberJongho (종호)

JJONGbear Facts:

– JJONGbear has a bold personality despite his cute appearance.
– He’s the shyest of the group members.
– Navy Blue, Purple, White, and Black are his preferred colors.
– He’s the most courageous among ANITEEZ members.
– He’s the youngest in the group.
– The things that are precious to him are watching dramas, soccer, and singing.


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