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SUPERKIND Members Profile & Facts

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SUPERKIND is a South Korean 7-member Kpop girl group under Deep Studio Entertainment. The group members consist of Daemon, Eugene, Geon, SAEJiN, SiO, Seung and JDV. They debuted on June 20, 2022 with the single “Watch Out“.


DebutJune 20, 2022
Active Years2020–present
SUPERKIND MembersDaemon, Eugene, Geon, SAEJiN, SiO, Seung, JDV.
GenreK-POP , dance , rap/hip-hop , pop
LabelDeep Studio
Oldest MemberEugene
Youngest MemberSeung
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NamePlayers


– SUPERKIND is an anagram of NUKE, PRID, and S.
– The NUKE is for virtual members, SAEJiN and Seung, PRID is for human members, and S is the mysterious object they’ll cooperate to find even though they are rivals.
– The group is known as the first decentralized K-pop entertainment.
– The fans, “Players” get to decide what concept the group will release next.
– Their Discord asks fans to perform a test to find out what kind they are before joining the official Discord server.
– The members, Daemon, SAEJiN, and Geon are former members of YOURS.
– Their distributor is Kakao M.
– Their opening line is “(Two, three) Dimensions, Assemble! Hello. It’s SUPERKIND!”.
– The group comprised entirely of Koreans and Korean technology.

Instagram: playsuperkind
Twitter: playsuperkind
TikTok: playsuperkind
Facebook: Deepstudio Entertainment

SUPERKIND Members Profile

1. Daemon

Daemon (SUPERKIND Members)
Stage NameDaemon (대이먼)
Birth NameGo Daeyun (고대윤)
Position Leader, Main Dancer, Rapper, Sub Vocalist
BirthdayApril 10, 2001
Active Years2022–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height181 cm (5’11″)
Weight66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Daemon Facts:

– Daemon is from Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul, South Korea.
– He trained for a year and 6 months.
– His kind is PRID-E.
– He is learning Spanish, and Japanese, and already speaks English and Korean.
– Kurt Cobain is his role model.
– Some of his favorite K-pop groups and idols are LOONA, ITZY, VERIVERY, Stray Kids’ Felix, BTS, EXO, SuperM, GDragon, SEVENTEEN, and NCT.
– His report ID is 000003 for the SUPERKIND Test Examine Score Report.
– “Finished the test in 12 minutes. Tried to take the questionnaire sheet.”, were his public notes.
– He studies at the Sejong University.
– He went to Bulgok Elementary School, Gumi Middle School, and attended Yatap High School.
– He is in charge of group’s choreographies.
– He was second in line to be revealed.
– He has a sister.
– Beatboxing is his hidden skill.
– AI member, SAEJiN is a good friend according to him.
– He wants fans to be active producers of SUPERKIND and not just consumers.
– His trainee announcement date was May 15th, 2020.
– He has a total of three tattoos.
– Michael Jackson is his favorite Western artist.
– He is said to be good at writing lyrics and composing music.
– He went to the same Bundang Move Dance school as ATBO Oh Junseok.
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TikTok: iamdaemon14

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2. Eugene

Eugene (SUPERKIND Members)
Stage NameEugene (유진)
Birth NameGil Gisung (길기성)
PositionRapper, Vocalist
BirthdaySeptember 20, 1999
Active Years2022–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height177 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Eugene Facts:

– Eugene is the Rapper and Vocalist of SUPERKIND.
– He is PRID-R kind.
– His public notes on his report were “Finished the test in two hours and forty-nine minutes, the test had a lot of questions”.
– His report ID is 000004 for the SUPERKIND Test Examine Score Report.
– He was third in line to be announced on March 23, 2022.
– AI member, SAEJiN is the cutest according to him.
– Cold Americano is his preferred drink.
– He practiced dancing and writing lyrics a lot.
– Zootopia is his favorite DISNEY movie.
– He attends Global Cyber University.
– Colors like light purple, white, black, and sky blue are his favorite.
– He has cats named Tori and Minari.
– His nickname is Judy.
– He is a former BigHit trainee.
– He resembles Lia from the girl group ITZY.
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3. Geon

Geon (SUPERKIND Members)
Stage NameGeon (건)
Birth NameJung Geon (정건)
Position Vocalist
BirthdayJanuary 10, 2000 
Active Years2022–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height178 cm (5’10″)
Weight76 kg (167 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Geon Facts:

– Geon was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– His Kind is PRID-M.
– He has been a trainee for 4 years.
– His Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.
WONHO is his role model.
– His favorite K-pop group is MONSTA X.
– His report ID is 000005 for the SUPERKIND Test Examine Score Report.
– “Refused to take the test at first. Seemed uncomfortable throughout the test.”, were his public notes.
– He likes BTS, NCT’s Shotaro, and Stray Kids.
– He possesses professional-level athletic skills.
– In a media interview, he said that what he envies about SAEJiN is that he “doesn’t get hurt.”
– Among PRID members, he is the only one who uses his real name as his activity name.
– SAEJiN is his rival and role model at the same time.
– He owns a blackbelt in Taewondo.
– Dragon is his favorite animal.
– He enjoys dancing and exercising whenever he’s stressed.
– Just because he thought the word “deep” was cool, he joined DEEPSTUDIO.
– On the one side of the cheek, he has a dimple.
– Let pull down, deadlift, sitted row, and dumbbell curl is his workout routine.
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TikTok: superkindgeon 


Stage NameSAEJiN (세진)
Birth NameJung Sae Jin (정세진)
PositionMain Vocalist, Rapper
BirthdayMarch 7, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height182cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeA

SAEJiN Facts:

– SAEJiN is the Main Vocalist and Rapper of the group.
– He is the NUKE’s leader.
– His kind is NUKE-E.
– His notes in his report said, “Didn’t have an ID card, didn’t say anything”.
– He was first in line to be revealed on November 29, 2021.
– He is a virtual idol.
– His report ID is 000002 for the SUPERKIND Test Examine Score Report.
– His training period is 3 years.
– He is the first of a KPOP boy group to be working as a virtual human idol.
– He is a former member of YOURS, he left the group on June 17, 2021.
– His first video on SUPERKIND’s YouTube channel is an admiration of viral KPOP music video scenes.
– He once said, “You can like someone even if they aren’t a real person.”
– He is a high-tone vocalist and is responsible for the largest portion of the debut song WATCH OUT.
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5. SiO

Stage NameSiO (시오)
Birth NameHong Sukyoung (홍석영)
Positon Vocalist
BirthdayFebruary 6, 2004
Active Years2022–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height179.8 cm (5’10”)
Weight66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood TypeA

SiO Facts:

– SiO’s Kind is PRID-M.
– He is the Vocalist of the group.
– He trained for three years and three months.
– He has a funny habit of wriggling his toes whenever he gets scolded by someone.
– Because he talks stiffly over text, Daemon jokingly asks him if he’s mad.
– His first thought when he heard of SUPERKIND was, “Is this a K-pop agency or an IT company?”
– He eats every kind of food.
– He gets cold easily.
– According to him, PRID and NUKE complement each other well, it sparks a friendly rivalry and he doesn’t feel a sense of crisis towards them.
– He practices taking selfies.
– Since middle school, he traveled from Jeonnam to Seoul every weekend to live as a trainee.
– He took the College Scholastic Ability Test for the 2023 school year.
– He wore a Snow White costume in his high school yearbook.
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TikTok: supersiooo0 

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6. Seung

Seung (SUPERKIND Members)
Stage NameSeung (승)
Birth NameSo Hui Seung (소희승)
BirthdayFebruary 29, 1481
Active Years2022–present
Age543 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height185 cm (6’1″)
Weight74 kg (162 lbs)
Blood TypeN/A

Seung Facts:

– Seung is a virtual idol.
– He was revealed on December 8, 2022.
– His birth year is 1481 according to the lore, making him 543 years old.
– His favorite ATEEZ song is Say My Name.
– He had a dating scandal with MAVE’s Zena.
– He resembles RIIZE’s WonBin.
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7. JDV

Stage NameJDV (Juchan.D.Vector)
Birth NameLee Juchan (이주찬)
BirthdayJune 1, 2004
Active Years2022–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height177 cm (5’9½”)
Weight60.8 kg (134 lb)
Blood TypeO

JDV Facts:

– JDV’s Kind if PRID-R.
– His Chinese zodiac sign is Monkey.
– He was born in Gyeonggido Bucheon.
– His report ID is 000008 for the SUPERKIND Test Examine Score Report.
– Kept silent during the test. Checked the answer sheet five times.”, were his public notes.
– He appeared in the first MV playing on his phone in the last scene.
– He enjoys collecting Pokemon stickers.
– Working out is his hobby.
– He stretches his neck and brushes his teeth first thing in the morning.
– Since he was a secret member, the rest of the SUPERKIND members always tried hard to hide him.
– SHINee’s Taemin is his role model.
– He began dancing when he saw SHINee’s Taemin.
– He attended Seongsu High School (Seoul).
– He prepared for the national shooting team when he was in middle school.
– He was very popular during middle and high school.
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TikTok: juchan_lee 


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