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HOSHI (SEVENTEEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts 


HOSHI (호시) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment. He made his solo debut on April 2nd, 2021 with the mixtape “SPIDER”. He is also a member of subunits Performance Team, SVT Leaders, and BSS.


Stage Name HOSHI (호시)
Birth Name Kwon Soon Young (권순영)
Occupation Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Songwriter
Birthday June 15th, 1996
Active Years 2015–present
Age 27 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight 61 Kg (134 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type B


Early Life 

– Hoshi was born in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– He was born as a healthy 4kg baby.
– His educational journey includes Maseok High School, Dong-A University of Broadcasting Arts and Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents (Practical Music KPop Division Major).
– In his youth, he was a Taekwondo champion.

Personal Life

– He has an older sister.
– Most of Seventeen’s routines are choreographed by him.
– Although he once had braces, they have been removed.
– His shoe size falls in the range of 260-265mm (Weekly Idol Ep 342).
– S.Coups considered Hoshi as a potential leader due to his charisma.
– Choreographer Keone Madrid serves as his role model, with Hoshi aiming to be an original and stylish dancer.
– Romance isn’t a part of his past as he heeded his mother’s advice to prioritize studies in his youth and consider dating during college.
– He once performed B1A4’s ‘What is this’ at a high school festival, even though the company had instructed the trainees not to attend.
– As a youngster, he idolized SHINee’s Taemin.
– He shares a close friendship with B.A.P’s Zelo. (B.A.P’s Celuv iTV ‘I am Celeb’)
– During his middle school years, he served as the student council president for three consecutive years. Commuting between Seoul and Namyangju during his trainee period, he had to wake up as early as 5:30 in the morning.
– Hoshi was accepted into Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts as a 2017 freshman, pursuing a K-pop performance major in the Institute’s Division of Entertainment in Broadcasting. He graduated from high school in February 2015.
– He used to be afraid of needles and didn’t get his ears pierced until around October 2016 when he visited Joshua’s regular store. Now, he has 2 left earlobes and 1 right earlobe pierced.
– He maintains a keen interest in fashion and frequently explores foreign clothing collections online (Japanese Seventeen Magazine).
– There is also a red dot on the inside of his left wrist.
– He acknowledges the challenging period when friends and family inquired about his debut, a question he couldn’t answer himself.
– Additionally, he’s not very good at handling machines.
– His stage name, Hoshi, translates to “star” in Japanese.
– The significance of his real name is derived from “Kwon” signifying power, “Soon” representing innocence, and “Young” meaning glorious.


– Hoshi became a trainee at Pledis Entertainment in late 2011, and he underwent training for the following four years.
– In 2013, he made an appearance on Seventeen TV, an online reality show aimed at introducing Pledis’ trainees and showcasing potential members of the future boy group Seventeen prior to their official debut.
– In 2015, he made his debut as a member of the South Korean boy group Seventeen with their extended play “17 Carat” on May 29.
– Alongside fellow members Seungkwan and DK, Hoshi formed a subunit called BSS, also known as BooSeokSoon, which became a common nickname for the trio. The subunit released their debut single “Just Do It” on March 21, 2018.
– On April 2, 2021, he marked his solo debut with the release of his first mixtape titled “Spider.” He actively participated in the overall production of the song, including writing the lyrics and delivering a compelling performance.
– In 2023, Hoshi, along with his Seventeen bandmate Joshua, was cast in the reality show “Bro and Marble in Dubai,” which aired on TVING.
– He made an appearance in NU’EST’s “FACE” MV alongside Mingyu, Wonwoo, S.Coups, and Woozi.

Magazines & Endorsements 

– He has appeared in the promotional photoshoot of Naver x Dispatch in VOGUE Korea issue in August 2022.
– He also appeared in several other magazines including ELLE Korea, China’s SpotLiGHT Magazine, and ESQUIRE Korea.
– He is also a face of BRING GREEN.

Likes & Dislikes

– Hoshi has a distinct style, favoring oversized knitted clothing paired with rolled-up skinny pants and visible black socks.
– He has a soft spot for convenience stores as they offer heated lunch boxes (Japanese Seventeen Magazine).
– Tigers claim the top spot as his favorite animals.
– He has great admiration for SHINee and has a desire to meet artists like Chris Brown, Usher, Beyonce.
– He has a strong liking for Adidas.
– He holds a strong preference for the colors Black and White.

Food Preferences

– His food delights is kimchi fried rice, budae jjigae, soft tofu stew, bulgogi, and kong-guksu.
– He has an appreciation for Japanese cuisine, with hitsumabushi ranking as his favorite Japanese dish.
– He is not a fan of spicy food.
– His culinary preferences encompass sushi, okonomiyaki, ramen, sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu.


– He’s affectionately called Mr. Dumbbell, 10:10 O’Clock (due to his eyes), and Hoshi-tam tam by his peers.


– Hoshi is fluent in Japanese and possesses basic Chinese language skills.
– He holds a 4th Dan black belt in Taekwondo.

Personality & Habits

– An interesting quirk of Hoshi is his collection of bizarre photos of the members, with the most peculiar ones belonging to DK.
– Vacuum packing vegetables for convenient use used to be one of his pastime hobbies.
– Not known for being picky about food, he embraces a variety of tastes.
– It’s important to note that he’s lactose intolerant (Audio vLive May 2, 2020).
– Dancing stands as one of his hobbies.
– Voted by fellow members as one of the most hard-working and possessing the most aegyo alongside Woozi.
– He frequently experiences intense excitement on stage, driven by his uncontrollable passion for performing.
– There are occasions when he becomes so moved by the moment that he even sheds tears.
– He doesn’t appreciate it when someone interferes with his working process, preferring to maintain his own approach to his craft.
– He is known for boosting the group’s morale and mood during low-spirited moments, Hoshi adopts a more reserved demeanor when spirits are excessively high.
– He’s known for his considerate nature. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– He is known for sweating a lot.


– In March 2020, he made a personal donation of ₩50 million (US$42,694) to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.
– On October 29, 2020, it was announced that Hoshi had contributed ₩23.1 million in scholarships for financially disadvantaged students at Maseok High School in Gyeonggi Province.

Major works

– Some of his popular songs include; “Spider” and “Our Vacation”.

Instagram: ho5hi_kwon

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