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SEUNGKWAN (SEVENTEEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts 


SEUNGKWAN (승관) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment. He is also a member of subunits BSS and Vocal Team.


Stage Name SEUNGKWAN (승관)
Birth Name Boo Seungkwan (부승관)
Occupation Singer, Songwriter
Birthday January 16th, 1998
Active Years 2015–present
Age 25  (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height 174 cm (5’8.5”)
Weight 58 Kg (128 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type B


Early Life

– Seungkwan, born in Busan but raised in Jeju from a young age.
– He attended Seoul Broadcasting High School, where he graduated in 2016.
– His singing talent was recognized early on, as he had been participating in Children’s Song Festivals since elementary school which was recorded and uploaded by his teacher online.

Personal Life

– He has two older sisters, Boo Jinseol and Boo Sojeong (who debuted as a singer in October 2020).
– His biggest fear is being unnoticed.
– He is a fan of the Daejeon women’s volleyball team, Jeonggwanjang Red Sparks.
– Despite being the main vocalist of Seventeen, Seungkwan is also skilled at rapping.
– He has some interesting childhood experiences, such as attending a Buddhist kindergarten because his parents missed the enrollment deadline for a regular kindergarten.
– He has been nicknamed Mr. Mic, MC Boo, and DJ Boo.
– In elementary school, he won a prize in a calligraphy contest.
– His father ran a rail bike business in Jeju Island.
– He has a unique physical trait of not being able to cross his legs due to a narrow pelvis and a short Achilles tendon.
– He is talented at whistling and even recorded the whistle sound used in Seventeen’s songs himself.
– He is also proficient at skipping rope.
– As for his ideal type, Seungkwan looks for an easy-going girl with big eyes who can be like a friend to him.
– He has won the top prize in a children’s song contest during elementary school.
– Seungkwan has a habit of touching his temples when he gets goosebumps.
– Additionally, he is said to have lactose intolerance.


– His journey into the entertainment industry began when he joined Pledis Entertainment in June 2012.
– He auditioned with Kim Bum Soo’s “Last Love,” a song he felt personally connected to.
– Hemade his debut as a member of Seventeen with the release of the extended play “17 Carat” on May 29, 2015.
– In 2018, he showcased his vocal prowess by releasing the single “Kind of Love,” which was featured on the soundtrack of the series “Mother.”
– Additionally, he joined forces with his fellow bandmates Hoshi and DK to form the subunit BSS (BooSeokSoon).
– In 2019, Seungkwan expanded his presence on television by joining the cast of “Prison Life of Fools” and the talk show “Five Cranky Brothers.”
– His contributions to television continued as he released the single “Go” for the soundtrack of the series “Record of Youth” on September 7, 2020.
– On January 29, 2021, he lent his vocal talents to the soundtrack of the series “Lovestruck in the City” with the song titled “The Reason.”
– He also appeared in various television shows such as “Job Dongsan,” where he worked alongside Kang Ho-dong and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, as well as “Idol Dictation Contest.” Later, he joined the cast of tvN’s new badminton television show “Racket Boys,” alongside Olympic champion Oh Sang-uk, Jang Sung-kyu, Yang Se-chan, and others.

Magazines & Endorsements

– He has appeared in several magazines including; MORE Magazine, Korea x CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ, and STAR1.
– He has been endorsing several brands which includes; BRING GREEN, LANEIGE, and Cubeme.

Likes & Dislikes

– He has a preference for pastel colors and navy blue.
– As for his perfume preferences, he has recently been using Daniel Truth Symos, and before that, he was known to wear Hyeopjae’s morning breeze fragrance.
– He’s also a big fan of Wonder Girls and takes pride in remembering all the members’ birthdays.
– He really likes to play basketball.
– He likes rock and high tempo songs.

Food Preferences

– He enjoys foods like hamburgers, meat, cereal, and fruits.
– Some of his favorite foods include mint chocolate and carrot cake, and he enjoys drinking Americano.
– Interestingly, he’s a fan of goguma pizza (sweet potato-stuffed crust pizza) but is allergic to tomatoes and can’t eat cucumbers and melons.
– He tends to favor salty flavors over sweet ones.

Personality & Habits

– Seungkwan has various hobbies, including volleyball, calligraphy, basketball, and musical singing.
– He is known for being an emotional member who tends to cry easily.
– He is known for his enthusiastic and lively personality, earning him the role of Seventeen’s mood maker.
– He has a somewhat timid nature and often displays aegyo (cute behavior) in his actions and words.
– He’s exceptionally sensitive, often moved by fans at concerts and the meaning behind song lyrics.

Celebrity Friends

– He’s particularly close to his members, Daehyun from B.A.P, and Astro’s Moonbin, and is friends with several other K-pop idols, including The Boyz’s Haknyeon and Juyeon and Cravity’s Serim and Allen.

Major works

Some of his popular songs includes; “As it was”, “Still You”, and “Go”.


– He has won two awards including; Male Idol Entertainer and Rookie Awards.

Instagram: pledis_boos

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