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Joshua (SEVENTEEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Joshua (조슈아) is a Korean-American singer and a member of the Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment.

Joshua (SEVENTEEN) Profile

Stage Name JOSHUA (조슈아)
Birth Name Joshua Hong
Korean Name Hong Jisoo (홍지수)
Occupation Singer 
Birthday 30 December 1995
Active Years 2015–present
Age 28 (in Dec 2023)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Nationality Korean-American
Blood Type A

Joshua (SEVENTEEN) Facts:

Early Life

– Joshua was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.
– He attended Downtown Magnets High School.

Personal Life

– He recommends the song “pov” by Ariana Grande. (HMV interview)
– A funny incident when he first arrived in Korea was when he went to the Seoul Express Terminal Station with Seungkwan to buy ear piercings but he got off the station first and the train left. He didn’t know how to take a taxi and felt relieved when Seungkwan came to find him. (HMV interview)
– He has his own room in the new dorm.
– His life motto is “never give up” and “keep going till the end” (Going Seventeen Ep. 80).
– Joshua’s ideal type is someone who is kind.
– His mother runs an oriental medicine clinic, while his father is a businessman.
– While waiting for the results of his audition for Pledis, he managed to lose 8 kg within a month.
– When he laughs, the corners of his mouth slightly turn up.
– According to Woozi, his bedroom is known for being the cleanest room in their dorm.
– Among his celebrity friends are Eric Nam, Ailee, and BTS‘s V and Jimin.
– Joshua briefly flew back to America to take his final exam before officially joining Pledis.
– He thinks he is good at calmly and consistently enduring anything.
– He likes marathons. (ELLE Korea)
– His most memorable moment was when he spent a week in LA relaxing with members in his hometown during the promotions of “Don’t Wanna Cry”. (ELLE Korea)
– He would like to try a dress code with a cool style like the main character of the “007” movie series. (ELLE Japan)
– He is close with Jeonghan.
– He and Jeonghan once visited Pledis staff’s office during their trainee days while crying and expressing their desire to quit being trainees.
– According to SEVENTEEN members, Joshua has a tendency not to reply to messages in the group chat.
– He never thinks of himself as a gentleman and says it’s only what carats tell him so he thinks he should be one. (HMV interview)
– His church friends taught him how to play the guitar. (HMV interview)
– He has been to Fukuoka alone for two days and he did everything from hotel reservations to searching for gourmets.
– Growing up in America, he spoke Korean at home and English at school.
– Given a choice between “20” and “Adore U,” he prefers “20.”
– His hobbies include reading, sleeping, eating, singing, playing the guitar, and watching movies.
– He likes the Japanese dish Okonomiyaki. (HMV interview)
– He wanted to learn pottery but he couldn’t due to inaccessibility so he started beads handicraft as a hobby. (ELLE Korea)
– He loves the sea.
– He is a Christian (Catholic) and was part of the Praise Team in his church.
– His name, Joshua, has biblical origins.
– He shares a birthday (including the year) with BTS’s V and they’ve exchanged birthday wishes for two consecutive years (as of 2017).
– His goals include being a dutiful son to his parents and making them proud. His parents serve as his role models.
– He’s an only child.
– While his family resides in Los Angeles, his mom occasionally visits Korea to see him.
– Joshua thinks of SEVENTEEN as family. (HMV interview)
– He introduced himself as a member who can speak five different languages during Weekly Idol.
– He never learned hangul formally.
– He has to memorize the whole lyrics because his speed of reading Korean is slower than the speed required for singing. (ELLE Korea)
– He is a fan of EXO.


– He joined Pledis Entertainment and started training in 2013.
– He has a training period of 2 years and 2 months.
– Joshua is the lead vocalist and visual in SEVENTEEN.
– He appeared in “A-Teen” season 2 episode 7.
– He has been featured on the cover of several notable magazines including “1st Look”, “MAPS” and “Chicteen”.
– He appeared in ELLE Korea’s February 2022 issue alongside S.Coups and Jeonghan.
– He was street-casted by Pledis Entertainment staff when he attended a festival in Korea Town.
– He mentioned that if he hadn’t received a casting offer from Pledis, he would have pursued a career in business, following in the footsteps of his family.
– He made an appearance in the MV for labelmate Orange Caramel’s song “My Copycat.”
– Joshua is in the SEVENTEEN sub-unit “Vocal Team”.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite colors are Blue, Black, Brown, and Pink.
– Joshua likes going to Shibuya, Harajuku, and Omotesando for shopping when he is in Japan. (Elle Japan)
– He likes anime. (Japanese Seventeen Magazine).
– His preferred style is casual, and he likes shopping for clothes when he has the time.
– His favorite singers include 2BiC, Chris Brown, Usher, and Tupac.
– He likes watching horror movies.
– He enjoys watching “One Piece,” “Naruto,” and “Bleach.”
– Soccer is his favorite sport.
– He favors books over movies.
– He has a soft spot for fairy tales and enjoys British accents.

Food Preferences

– Joshua likes to eat shabu shabu, ramen, and all kinds of hot pots. (Elle Japan)
– He likes to eat sushi at a place with an Omakase course.
– He enjoys drinking wine.
– His favorite foods include sashimi, king crab, beef, chicken, and pasta.
– His favorite ice cream flavor is kiwi and vanilla.
– He doesn’t like spicy foods, raw clams, and eggplants.


– His MBTI is ESTJ (2022 – taken by the members) / ENFJ (2019 – taken by himself).
– His personality evolved from a shy one to a more open one after living with the members (Japanese Seventeen Magazine).
– He is curious about a lot of different things.
– Joshua was formerly known as the ‘gentleman’ of the group, but recently, he has transitioned into a fun personality, often making the members laugh with his energetic dancing and exaggerated reactions.
– He is not shy to chat with strangers. (ELLE Korea)

Instagram: joshu_acoustic

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