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DINO (SEVENTEEN) Profile, Bio, and Facts


DINO (디노) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN under Pledis Entertainment.


Stage Name DINO (디노)
Birth Name Lee Chan (이찬)
Occupation Rapper, singer, songwriter
Birthday February 11, 1999
Active Years 2015–present
Age 24 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Height 174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type A


Early Life

– Dino is from Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.
– He went to Iribuk Elementary School.
– He was in Iribuk Middle School but later transferred.
– He attended Sangbong Middle School.
– He went to Seoul Broadcasting High School in the Broadcasting Contents Department.

Personal Life

– Dino’s MBTI type is ENFJ.
– He belongs to the Performance unit of SEVENTEEN.
– He has a Spotify playlist known as, “Joy, anger, sorrow & pleasure”.
– He has a younger brother born in 2001.
– He wears a 260mm shoe size.
– Since his parents are dancers, his father opened a dancing studio and taught him how to dance.
– Dino’s ideal type is a pretty girl who does aegyo.
– Even though his real name is Lee Chan, his name written in his tree house is Lee Joong Chan.
– He has his own dorm room now, but he used to share a room with Jun and Seungkwan.
– When he got cast he was receiving a daesang at Jeonju’s Youth’s dance tournament.
– When he was younger, he was the sort of person who would constantly stand at the front and give everyone duties at events.
– He made the “Flower” song’s choreography.
– He sees himself as a little giant.
– He had a sensation he was recognized because he was skilled at dancing at the time.
– He’s the one who said something at the conclusion of Seventeen TV Ver. 3 Teaser.
– He has a youthful appearance when he isn’t using makeup, but a sharp appearance when he does. That transformation attracts him.
– He prefers making someone laugh than laughing.
– He prefers a street-style look for his attire. While working, he likes to wear bright clothing, yet in private, he prefers to wear casual, loose clothing that is appropriate for his age.
– Some of his hobbies are watching movies and dancing.
– His sleep habits are the worst in SEVENTEEN.
– On days off, he tries to ‘do absolutely nothing.’ He spends a lot of time watching television.
– He wants to be taller.
– He says what he wants to say as he cannot handle it.
– He’s powerful because he’s the youngest in the group, and everyone worries about him.
– When people tell him he’s not good, he feels down as it is his weakness.
– He has the skill to always develop and grow, as he always looks towards future events and challenges to take upon himself.
– He strives to be more creative and to show his true colors.
– He ranked himself 1st, S.Coups 2nd and Wonwoo 3rd s best visuals in SEVENTEEN.
– His role model is Gaeko from Dynamic Duo.
– His stage name’s full form is Dinosaur giving it a meaning that he dominates the stage.
– He has a driving license and Mingyu helped him teach him how to drive.
– His opening line is, “This is SEVENTEEN’s little giant, the youngest Dino!”.
– Since Dino was in elementary school, he has learned various genres of dance, including broadcast dance.
– Because he was the eldest in his family, he said he felt very awkward when his hyungs treated him like a younger sibling.
– He is one of the members who possess SEVENTEEN’s identity of having a clear and refreshing voice.
– He has small hands and is the smallest among the members.
– He has a personality that actively works hard in everything.
– He chose ‘I love you’ as the words he most wanted to hear from his fans on his birthday.
– He is friends with Red Velvet’s Yeri and TXT’s Yeonjun.


– Dino is the Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, and Maknae of SEVENTEEN.
– He has a training period of 3 years.
– He started his trainee days in 2012.
– He has been on the covers of Dazed Korea, ELLE KOREA, and ESQUIRE Korea.
– He is an ambassador of Bioderma.

Appearances & Participations

– Dino has appeared in Orange Caramel’s Do It Like Me.
– He has appeared on Idol Radio, Idol National Singing Contest, popular music, Idol Star Athletics Championships, Superman Came Back, Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip, Creepy Tutoring, Visiting Teacher, and Idol on Quiz.
– He has also made his appearance on NCT‘s Night Night!, Lee Guk-Ju’s Young Street, This is Ji Seok-jin, a date at 2 o’clock, Jung So-min’s Young Street, Jeong Eun-ji’s Song Plaza and Choi Hwa-jeong’s Power Time.

Likes & Dislikes

– He adores Michael Jackson.
– Blue and white are his favorite colors.
– Sunday is his favorite weekend day.
– He is EXO’s fan.
– He likes hugging when he sleeps.
– He enjoys watching variety shows.
– His favorite show is Gag Concert.
– Cherry Blossoms are his favorite flowers.
– He likes wearing street-style casual clothes.

Food Preferences

– He loves fried squid.
– He likes eating things with spicy sauce.
– He hates cucumbers.
– He dislikes watermelons and melons.
– He likes apples and grapes.
– For dessert, he likes to eat yogurt.


– Dino has many nicknames including Chani, Little Giant, Oppa Lee Chan, Bang Chan, Idino, Lee Jung-chan, Michael Chanson, School Jjang, Mija-chan, Lee Chan Pink, The future of K-pop, Baby Otter, Blood Cheolin, Singer Sonja, Human Son Goku, Don Quixote, Mr Cha, Mr Gillett, Jeonghan’s brother’s baby, Mr Bagpack, Side Dish, Lee Dino, Maknae On Top and Lemondino.

Instagram: feat.dino

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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