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NCT New Team is an upcoming six-member K-pop boy group that is scheduled to debut at the end of 2023 under SM Entertainment. The group members consist of Sion, Yushi, Riku, Sakuya, Daeyoung, and Ryo. The group is the sixth and final sub-unit of NCT.

NCT New Team Profile

Debut 2023
Active Years 2023–present
NCT New Team Members Sion, Yushi, Riku, Sakuya, Daeyoung, Ryo
Genre N/A
Status Pre-debut
Label SM Entertainment
Oldest Member Sion
Youngest Member Riku
Former Members Jungmin
Fandom Name NCTzen

NCT New Team Facts:

– The group’s formation and debut were part of SM Entertainment’s strategy to continue introducing international units, specifically a Japanese unit.
– The group is also known as NCT 140 and NCT New Team.
– NCT New Team is not the final name of the subunit and the name will change after their debut.
– Their fandom color is “Pearl Neo Champagne” which is the same as NCT.
– The lineup for the group was finalized through the survival show “NCT Universe : LASTART,” which concluded on September 7, 2023, revealing the members Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jungmin, Daeyoung, Ryo, and Sakuya.
– Their activities are managed jointly by Avex Trax and SM Japan.
– The group’s debut was initially planned for the third quarter of 2023.
– Four group members are Japanese while two members are South Korean.
– The age gap between the oldest member and youngest member is five years.
– Jungmin left the group on October 2, 2023, to focus on his health on returned to being a trainee.
– Before their debut, the group is set to perform at NCT Nation: To The World events in Japan in September and embark on a pre-debut tour across 10 cities in Japan starting in October 2023.


Twitter: nct_official_jp
Instagram: nctnewteam

NCT New Team Members Profile

1. Sion

Sion NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Sion (시온)
Birth Name Oh Si On (오시온)
Position N/A
Birthday May 11, 2002
Active Years 2023–present
Age 21 (in May 2023)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A

Sion Facts:

– Sion was casted through social media. (NCT Lastart Ep1)
– He described Mokpo as a city with beautiful beaches.
– He is the type to plan out his day in the morning.
– He loves all animals like calves, cats, puppies, fox cubs, and penguins.
– Most of the members chose him as the member they are thankful for. (Lastart Welcome Party)
– When he is with friends, he laughs at everything.
– He likes listening to music when he is taking a break.
– His favorite artist is Kai (EXO).
– He played the bass guitar in elementary school but he thinks playing the drums is more fun.
– Sion’s MBTI type is INTJ.
– He speaks fluent Japanese.
– He believes he can express himself the best through dance.
– BoA complimented him that his vocals are very stable during a live stage performance. (NCT Lastart Ep3)
– He is the gentle caretaker of his younger members.
– The choreographer, Baek Jihoon, described Sion as someone who learns the choreography really fast and is quick to make the dance his own. (NCT Lastart Ep1)
– He is the oldest member of NCT New Team.
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2. Riku

Riku NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Riku (리쿠)
Birth Name Maeda Riku (前田リク)
Position N/A
Birthday June 28, 2003
Active Years 2023–present
Age 20 (in June 2023)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type N/A

Riku Facts:

– Riku enjoys watching animations and movies in his spare time.
– He is the group’s confidence builder.
– He did pop dance for 2 years in Japan. (NCT Lastart Ep4)
– He got the most votes as the most handsome member of NCT New Team. (Lastart Welcome Party)
– Ryo believes that Riku is the funniest member in the group.
– He enjoys genres related to dating and romance.
– His second older sister works as a professional dancer.
– He passed a global audition called Kwangya in 2022.
– He ranked first in “NCT Universe: Lastart”. (NCT Lastart Ep8)
– His favorite activities in the day are sleeping and dancing.
– His motto in life is “Enjoy the inevitable pain”.
– Riku’s MBTI type is ISFP.
– He was the last member to join the NCT New Team lineup.
– BoA described his vocals as charming and having the most unique tone in SM Entertainment. (NCT Lastart Ep2)
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3. Yushi

Yushi NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Yushi (유우시)
Birth Name Tokuno Yūshi (유우시)
Position N/A
Birthday April 5, 2004
Active Years 2016–present
Age 19 (in Apr 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type N/A

Yushi Facts:

– Yushi had been an SM Entertainment trainee for 5 years. (NCT Lastart Ep1)
– His personality is quiet and calm.
– He’s cheerful when he hangs out with his friends.
– He enjoys watching movies.
– His strongest suit is dancing.
– When he cannot get the choreography, he is the type to keep practicing until he gets it right.
– He likes all types of dancing.
– Sakuya chose him as the funniest member of the group.
– He said that he is the happiest when he dances. (NCT Lastart Ep1)
– He gets shy when he gets complimented.
– He said that learning something new that he hasn’t experienced before is the most fun.
– He is good at speaking Korean.
– Yushi’s MBTI type is ISFJ.
– Daeyoung chose him as the most handsome member in NCT New Team.
– He looks up to EXO’s Kai.
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4. Daeyoung

Daeyoung NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Daeyoung (대영)
Birth Name Kim Daeyoung (김대영)
Position N/A
Birthday June 21, 2005
Active Years 2023–present
Age 18 (in June 2023)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A

Daeyoung Facts:

– Daeyoung would want to be a history teacher if he didn’t pursue music.
– He can play the piano.
– He ranked 3rd in “NCT Universe: Lastart”.
– He is optimistic and always gives positive reactions. (Lastart Welcome Party)
– Daeyoung’s MBTI type ENFP.
– He looks up to Kyuhyun (Super Junior), and Jaehyun (NCT).
– He dreamed of being an idol when he saw Jaehyun in NCT 127‘s “AY-YO” music video during his first month of training at the company.
– According to him, the strength of his vocals are powerful high notes and delicate falsetto. (NCT Lastart Ep4)
– He really connects with the lyrics “Even if I walk today, I’ll run tomorrow,” from Park Hyoshin’s song “Home.”
– His motto: “Nonetheless.”
– Daeyoung was introduced in the fourth episode of NCT Universe: Lastart as an additional vocalist.
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5. Ryo

Ryo NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Ryo (료)
Birth Name N/A
Position N/A
Birthday August 4, 2007
Active Years 2023–present
Age 16 (in Aug 2023)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type N/A

Ryo Facts:

– Ryo is a big fan of BoA.
– He was cast at a NCT concert along with his sister but only he remained a trainee. (NCT Lastart Ep2)
– His goal is to do performances that are fun for those who watch it.
– He looks up to NCT’s Doyoung and Haechan as his role models.
– He would love to be an astronaut if he wasn’t a singer.
– He ranked fifth in “NCT Universe: Lastart”.
– He likes playing basketball and soccer. (Lastart Welcome Party)
– His favorite song by BoA is “My Love”.
– Ryo’s MBTI type is ENFP.
– His sister is a big fan of NCT. When he was confirmed as an NCT member, he promised to give her an autograph.
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6. Sakuya

Sakuya NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Sakuya (사쿠야)
Birth Name Fujinaga Sakuya (朔也)
Position N/A
Birthday November 18, 2007
Active Years 2023–present
Age 16 (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type N/A

Sakuya Facts:

– Sakuya is also called “Saku” and “Peach”.
– His favourite smell is the smell of a bakery because he loves bread. (NCT Lastart Ep2)
– The NCT song “Dancing in the Rain” is his favorite.
– His parents’ love for K-pop and their admiration for artists inspired him to pursue singing.
– He enjoys doing things like giving gifts and visiting the mart.
– He ranked 2nd in “NCT Universe: Lastart”.
– He got the most votes as the funniest member of the group. (Lastart Welcome Party)
– He values a letter and a panda doll named “Panpan” the most.
– He thinks of himself as a curious person.
– His favorite part of a song is from NCT 127’s “Paradise.”
– Sakuya’s MBTI is ENFP.
– He is the youngest singer under SM Entertainment. Previously it was Anton from RIIZE.
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Former Members

7. Jungmin

Jungmin NCT Tokyo
Stage Name Jungmin (정민)
Birth Name Lim Jung-min (김정민)
Position N/A
Birthday July 24, 2004
Active Years 2023–present
Age 19 (in July 2023)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type N/A

Jungmin Facts:

– Jungmin was cast through social media when the agency saw a video of him singing. (NCT Lastart Ep2)
– He wants to become a singer who is always prepared.
– His position was a vocalist in “NCT Universe: Lastart”.
– He is emotional and easily cries. (NCT Lastart Ep3)
– His keywords are “funny”, “drawing”, and “music”. (Lastart Welcome Party)
– Daeyoung chose him as the funniest member.
– He was considered the moodmaker of the group.
–  Jungmin’s MBTI is ENFP.

– He enjoys going to bed and watching old programs and news.
– He achieved the 4th position and made it to the final lineup of NCT New Team.
– On October 2, 2023, the company announced that he would be departing from NCT New Team due to health reasons and would return to being a trainee again. (Soompi)
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NCT New Team Photos:

NCT New Team FAQs

1. How old are the NCT New Team members? (oldest to youngest)

NCT New Team members’ ages and birthdays are as follows:

– Sion was born on May 11, 2002, and is 21 years old.
– Riku was born on June 28, 2003, and is 20 years old.
– Yushi was born on April 5, 2004, and is 19 years old.
– Daeyoung was born on June 21, 2005, and is 18 years old.
– Ryo was born on August 4, 2007, and is 16 years old.
– Sakuya was born on November 18, 2007, and is 15 years old.

2. Where are the NCT New Team members from? (ethnicity & nationality)

NCT New Team members’ nationality & ethnicity are as follows:

– Sion is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Riku is Japanese by ethnicity and nationality.
– Yushi is Japanese by ethnicity and nationality.
– Daeyoung is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Ryo is Japanese by ethnicity and nationality.
– Sakuya is Japanese by ethnicity and nationality.

All group members are Japanese except Daeyoung, Jungmin, and Sion.

3. What are NCT New Team members’ MBTI?

Following are the NCT New Team members’ MBTI types:

– Sion’s MBTI is INTJ.
– Riku’s MBTI is ISFP.
– Yushi’s MBTI is ISFJ.
– Jungmin’s MBTI is ENFP.
– Daeyoung’s MBTI is ENFP.
– Ryo’s MBTI is ENFP.
– Sakuya’s MBTI is ENFP.

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