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Ryeowook (Super Junior) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Ryeowook (려욱) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, radio host, and a member of the boy group Super Junior under SM Entertainment. He is also a member of the subunits Super Junior-K.R.Y. and Super Junior-M. He made his solo debut on January 28, 2016, with the mini album “The Little Prince”.

Ryeowook (Super Junior) Profile

Stage NameRyeowook (려욱)
Birth NameKim Ryeo Wook (김려욱)
English NameNathan Kim
OccupationSinger-songwriter, Radio host Actor
BirthdayJune 21, 1987
Active Years2005–present
Age36 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height170 cm (5’7”)
Weight58 kg (127 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Ryeowook (Super Junior) Facts:

Early Life

– Ryeowook was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– He went to Incheon Sangok Elementary School and Sangok Nam Middle School.
– He graduated from Deokwon Arts High School (Music Department).

Personal Life

– He is an only child in his family.
Eunhyuk revealed that when Ryeowook joined the group, the other members would intentionally not greet him because they resented a new addition to the group.
– He attended Inha University (Department of Theater and Film) and later pursued his master’s from Inha University Graduate School (Cultural Management)
If he could go back and tell his pre debut self something he would say “You are going to be the best so don’t be afraid.” 
– His religion is Catholicism and his baptismal name is Joseph.
– His most memorable moment was when Kyuhyun joined because until then, he was the youngest member in the group. (Clash Music)
– Along with four other members, he is one of the first Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.
– His fandom name is Ryeosomnia.
– He described his military as uneventful but a valuable time for self-reflection. He felt as if time had stopped while he was in the army. (The Korea Times)
– The things that have changed about him since his debut include his appearance, and the fact he used to do a 90-degree bow to other artists but now he receives that bow and he has become more comfortable about expressing his opinions during the album-making process. (Remember 15 Photoshoot Interview)
– He said he would marry Donghae if he were a girl.
– He is the shortest member of the group.
– He had a fight with Siwon because Siwon loves giving high fives but Ryeowook does not like skinship so he would not accept his high fives. (Knowing Brothers)
Yesung believes that he takes the best selfies in the group. (Seventeen)
– The member he would choose to go travelling with is Shindong. (LDF Interview)
– He described the experience of doing musicals as the feeling of living a different life.
Siwon said that Ryeowook is most likely to be the first member to marry. (Kwave Magazine)
– He has a very prominent mole on his right cheek, he tends to cover it with makeup.
– He purchased a new house for his parents.
– If the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is ever held in Korea, he would like to be a part of it. (MBC Radio Interview)
– According to Leeteuk, he always recommends different vitamins and supplements to the members. (CREA 2023)
– He has a KEURIG coffee machine in his home. (Ryeowook’s AGIT)
– He reads to gain inspiration for making songs. (Shopee Thailand)
– His traveling style is the same as Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk. (Anan Magazine)
– His most memorable memory after debut is Super Junior’s debut stage. (15 Photoshoot Interview)
– The turning point in his life was when he debuted. (CREA 2023)
– When he lived in the dorm, he used to give food to other members like fried rice to Heechul.
– Ryeowook’s ideal type is a Christian girl with wavy hair, short stature, singing abilities, and a good look in jeans.
– On September 29, 2020, Label SJ announced that he is dating Ari from Tahiti.


– Ryeowook is the main vocalist in the Super Junior.
– He is under Label SJ, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment created by SJ.
– He joined SM Entertainment after singing at the 2004 CMB Youth ChinChin Festival.
– He made his musical theatre debut in “Temptation of The Wolves” in 2011.
– He has appeared in many musicals including “Sonata of a Flame”, “Around Thirty” and “Agatha”.
– He enlisted in the military on October 11th, 2016, and was discharged on July 10th, 2018.
– He released his first self-composed track, “Love U More,” in 2009, co-produced by Sungmin.
– He became the first member to have a solo track on a group album with the song “One Fine Spring Day.”
– He had a training period of two months.

Likes & Dislikes

– He is a fan of Girls Generation.
– He likes sunglasses that have big shaped lenses. (Ryeowook’s AGIT)
– After a concert, he goes on walks and to cafes to sit down and relax.
– He listens to songs on shuffle. (Billboard)
– He likes to buy records and visit different LP shops whenever SJ goes overseas for a concert. (LDF Interview)
– He likes to go to the Apgujeong Rodeo. (CREA 2023)
– His favourite month is November because he likes to feel the cold wind while taking walks along the Han River and it is also the month in which he debuted. (Genie Magazine)


– He is good at multitasking.
– He can speak Korean, Chinese, and English.
– He was picked as the member who is the best at cooking along with Shindong because both love to eat a lot. (Seventeen)
– He has a ability to sleep up to 18 hours a day.
– He can play the saxophone, keyboard and piano.
– Yesung said that Ryeowook writes songs the fastest among the members. (Billboard Interview)

Personality & Habits

– According to Eunhyuk and Donghae, he is the best member to travel with because he has everything in his bag.  (VOGUE Taiwan)
– After Kangin, he is the second most outgoing member in the group.
– Shindong describes him as “mom” in one word because he is good at shouting like Shindong’s mom. (StarHub)
Seungkwan of Seventeen described Ryeowook as someone comfortable that you can rely on and a friend that will correct you when you are doing something wrong. (Seungkwan’s Elle Interview)
– According to Yesung, he is a sensitive person and a “tsundere”. (With Magazine)
– He drinks honey tea every morning to take care of his throat. (MBC Radio)

Major Works

– His popular songs include “The Little Prince”, “I am not over you” and “Where you are”.


– He won the “Radio DJ Award” at the KBS Entertainment Awards in 2015.

Instagram: ryeo9ook
Youtube: 려욱이의 아지트
Twitter: 9ryeong9

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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